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  1. I am a pensionada with CAJA insurance through ARCR. In the US, I had Advance Health Care Directives, such as "Not Not Resuscitate" and refusal of some types of life support, plus a Health Care Power of Attorney for a friend to make decisions for me if I am incapacitated. How do I make such arrangements here? Any help will be appreciated.
  2. lcporter

    Recycling drop off centers?

    Why Monteverde? How soon?
  3. There is no recycling in my area (Monteverde) except for paper. I have been a conscientious recycler for over 30 years and cannot bring myself to put these materials in the trash, or to burn and bury. I drive down to the San Jose area several times a year and would like to know of a location where I could drop off my recyclable materials. Any suggestions?
  4. Omitted from my previous post. SKY satellite service. Sales and info phone # 2205-51-51 Website: SKY@SKY.com.mx Louise
  5. I live in a rural area where cable is not available so I am not familiar with calbe offerings. I use SKY satellite service. It has a wide selection of US programing plus all the premium channels such as HBO and Cinemax. TIVO is an option. You can check on availablilty when you arrive.
  6. lcporter

    SS Checks

    My SS check is deposited directly to my Banco Nacional account. The form to request direct deposit is available at the US Embassy.
  7. lcporter

    Moving to Costa Rica from Oregon in Feb. 09

    I moved to CR from Newport, OR in 2006. I used and highly recommend Charlie Zellers as being honest, knowledgable and very helpful. Go see him while here in December. While you are here, check out the automobiles available here. Bringing your current vehicles can be very expensive -both shipping and import duties. May be better to buy here.
  8. Need to know the regulations covering the receipt of vegetable and flower seeds mailordered from the US or UK. Same for bulbs. I would be using the ARCR mailing account.

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