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  1. Thank you all for your responses. I have spoken to one of my banks here and they said they will only wire transfer out of the US if the transfer is initiated by the bank in Costa Rica. I am having my doubts that I would be able to make that happen so I will need to research further to find an avenue. I have heard of other writing checks form their US accounts and depositing them. I have issue with this as the time it takes for a check to clear is fine (assuming it normally isn't months, LOL)as the type of purchases that take the larger amount will not be on impulse. Most of the time I am able to "roll with it" it's just with larger amounts of money and an unfamiliar set of expectations I was trying to get some footing so that I can reduce the frustration on my part. My experiences in the past , as a tourist, have always been excellent so I am going to keep that in mind and see how things go. Thanks all.
  2. Hola ! new to the forums. I have found a wealth of information on residency but one piece of critical info seems to always be missing. I am trying to figure out the mechanism people use to get their money from a US bank account to a Costa Rica bank account. I am not referring to the day to day stuff as an ATM seems a perfectly easy way to go. I am mostly talking about , for example, the $60,000 that is required for rentista, or if you want to buy a car or other large purchase occasionally. If anyone can help please let me know. Not sure if "PMs" work on this forum but if that is better than posting then please do. I understand why there are regulations but it seems that no one wants to talk about legitimate means of moving money larger than a few hundred dollars. Thanks and Pura Vida

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