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  1. I have an old corporation that is up-to-date on its tax liabilities but has zero assets and no activity. In other words, it is just sitting there in a useless state and I don't need it. Can I just ignore it until it goes away or am I obligated to follow a procedure to eliminate it? Thanks.
  2. Form D-140 asks for a Código de la Actividad Económica in Field III. 24. Does anyone know the correct code if the corporation is only a holding company for the house you live in? How about if there is no activity at all; i.e., it is not a holding company for personal property or it is simply non-functional? Thanks.
  3. I was wondering if anyone knows how to recycle used laser printer toner cartridges in Costa Rica. Somewhere in the San Antonio de Belén would be preferred, but anywhere will do. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the good info. One final question concerning the Hoja de Delincuencia. I think Heredia would be most convenient for us. Do we go to the Tribunales de Justicia near Avenida 2 and Calle 1?
  5. Thanks Rick. I hadn't heard about the Consulate registration. She is an American citizen. Does she have to go to the Embassy to register or can it be done online? Also, where does she actually go to obtain the Hoja de Delincuencia?
  6. Hi...My wife is due for residency renewal in January. According to our lawyer, a Hoja de Dilencuencia is required (along with proof of CAJA membership). However, when she called to make her appointment at BCR she was told the Hoja de Dilencuencia is not required at this time. Does anyone know this for sure? I don't want her to show up for her appointment without all of the appropriate documents and sometimes you don't always get the right information about government protocols in Costa Rica. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know what the financial obligations are for an employer of part-time domestic help who resign on their own initiative? I may be wrong, but I assume it would be different from the obligations incurred by terminating an employee. Thanks in advance.
  8. Steve R

    Sick Days

    Is anyone aware of the Costa Rica labor laws as they apply to sick days for domestic help? Specifically, if a domestic worker supplies a note from a doctor confirming a short-term illness, must the employer pay for the sick days not worked? A citation from the Cosata Rica Labor Code would be helpful.. Thanks.
  9. I am aware that Costa Rican minors traveling internationally without the supervision of a parent require a permit from Immigration to leave the country. Does the same rule apply to non-citizen resident minors as well? Thanks.
  10. My neighbor is a Costa Rica-born doctor who retired here in Costa Rica after spending nearly 30 years in medical practice in the US. He has been receiving a pension through Morgan Stanley which has been electronically transferred to his offshore account via Banco Interfin. He informed me that he was told by Morgan Stanley that they can no longer execute electronic transfers from the US to Costa Rica because of new provisions in the US Patriot Act that took effect on December 31. According to the doctor, apparently Costa Rica has been added to a list of countries that are restricted from receiving electronic transfers from the US. This seems very odd to me and I am wondering if anyone knows about such a situation. Thanks.
  11. According to the CR Embassy web site, dogs can enter CR as long as they have a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian, and endorsed by a Veterinary Service (VS) veterinarian, plus a rabies vaccination certificate. The health certificate can be no more than two weeks old. The costarica.com website, however, indicates the additional need for a quarantine permit issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Control ("Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganaderia" (MAG)) in Costa Rica. The process for obtaining this permit is fairly complicated. It is not even mentioned at the Embassy site. Can someone clarify the requirements? We want to be able to bring our pet dog with us right off the plane and not subject him to any confinement time away from family, if possible. Thanks.
  12. Steve R

    Hotel 1492

    Would appreciate any input on the Hotel 1492-Jade y Oro located at Ca. 31, Av. 1/3, Barrio Escalante in Los Yoses. Thanks.
  13. Our house near Houston goes up for sale shortly and we (I, my wife and our 12-year-old daughter) are currently gathering up the documents required for residency in Costa Rica under pensionado status. Not knowing how long it may take for the house to sell, I am wondering about when to initiate the application process. Is there a problem if we apply for residency now but don't actually relocate for a while? How long do we have between approval of the application and the time we must actually take up residence? Thanks.

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