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  1. Alex Maisiura

    Finding job for non residence( contracts from Canada)

    First of all, thank you all of you for your replies and advice which is based on your own experience. I really appreciate it. I know that it's just a beginning of our research about Costa Rica. First of all, I would like to mention that we are not planning to sell all our property in Canada and just move for permanent life to Costa Rica, at least for now. We just want to give it a try and move for a couple of years or more to see how is goes. And we are not planning to do it right now or in a couple of moths. It might take a year or longer to prepare our self. And we think that would be better for our child as there is always "warm" weather. Our plans: 1) Find a place where we would like to live in CR. 2)Find a job: Plan A: ( Unfortunately, my company doesn't have any affiliation in Costa Rica which means I have to find a company who is going to provide me work by Visa permit on 1 year at least, which is really hard as per all your words. Or working Remotely from CR on some Canadian/USA Companys. ( But that type of job is more suitable for Programmers). Plan B: Find any job for the start. (But, as you saying that I can not job if I don't have PR in CR. Then I have to try Plan A) 3) In case If I'll find a job in CR and if I will be 100% sure that is going to work for me. 4)Then we are rent out our condominium for the time while we are going to be away. 5) Sell our car as we still paying for it. 3) Pack our stuff. But that all just a thoughts for now. I have created a short list of our priorities: 1) Live not too far from the Ocean ( no more than 1:30hr driving); 2) Live not too far from medical and shopping facilities; 3) Reasonable access to an international airport; 4) Close to daycare and Schools; 5) Permanent Access to the Internet; Thanks again,
  2. Alex Maisiura

    Finding job for non residence( contracts from Canada)

    Everyone prefer his/her own way. So of you like it why not, right? Like I mentioned previously that we stayed couple times at Quanecaste but never went further. We did a small research and hear a lot of good feedbacks about places to move, such as: Heredia; Santa Ana; San Ramon; Cartago; As I have a family I'm worry about them more: How much money do we need for living out there on 3 persons? What about Schools and daycares? ( privet or public ) How fluent we have to be on Spanish? Where is better place to get more detail information about how and where? Any advise will be appropriated. Thanks!
  3. Alex Maisiura

    Finding job for non residence( contracts from Canada)

    Thanks Induna. May I ask a question, for how long you live in Costa Rica? And which part of Costa Rica you can recommend for live?
  4. Hello there, I would like to ask you some questions regarding Costa Rica Permanent Residency and general life out there. My name is Alex and I'm live in Canada, Toronto. Me, my wife and our two years old child are planning to stay in Costa Rica for few years. We are all Canadian Citizens. We have visited Costa Rica couple times for the past four years. We stayed in Guanacaste for about 3 weeks. 1) What is the practice of finding a job in Costa Rica without residency ( is it a practice to find a job directly from Canada ?)maybe USA companies 2) I am currently working in IT field, my wife is a retail manager and as from your practice are they hiring foreign experts? 3) what about medical insurance and prices for that for non-residence people? Thank you very much for your time.

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