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  1. Hello eleanorcr! Sorry for the delay. I JUST noticed a can get notification when there's a response to a post. I love your feedback and advice, especially since you are an entrepreneur. Obviously, I have to become extremely familiar with my market and potential customers and that will involve total immersion into the people and culture. I don't take that for granted. I will take your advice to heart and adjust how I articulate what it is we do. Nothing worst the being or sounding "salesy". Frankly, it's really not my personally and I am not the "pushy" type. I rely of showing others what worked for me and not on a sales pitch per se. Did you speak Spanish before you moved to CR? Are you still renting cottages?
  2. Thank you induna. I guess I'll keep searching for others entrepreneurs who have moved from the US and hopefully learn from their experience. I will continue to researching.
  3. Thank you costaricafinca my intention is to create online training course. I have no problem with Immigration or anyone else classifying me as "working in Costa Rica". Right now, my goal is to learn as much as I can about the people and culture in order to create an offer that adds value. Usually if I am able to do that the money follows. I am looking forward to my first visit in July. Thanks again for your feedback.
  4. Thank you both for you feedback. Great food for thought. Eleanorcr, I haven't gotten as far as considering pricing and making it a free event is not out of the question. I'm not sure at this point. So, there's no "expat enclave" eh?!?? ...that was too funny The goal of a seminar of this time would be to show participants how we've created an online business that will finance our move from the US down to CR. Hopefully I can provide inspiration for others to do the same. We create online, video-based training courses based on your existing knowledge. Induna,coming from the US I understand how scammy the "mark money at home using the internet" can sound. That might be why an in-person presentation using our own experience might be helpful. Your idea of working with a Costa Rican partner is exactly how we prefer to do business. We can't see this happening any other way. I will consider and research the suggestions you both have made. I really appreciate your thoughtful responses. Best regards!
  5. I have several thoughts about how to find customers for your photography business. I own an online business and my wife and I will be visiting CR in next few months in preparation for moving from the USA. Two ideas for finding customers: 1. Pay per click advertising on Facebook. You can create an ad campaign that targets people interested in that type of art. 2. Load your photos on 123rf.com or shutterstock.com, etc. You get paid a %.when your photo is purchased. Coincidentally, I posted this link earlier today. I would appreciate your thoughts. http://forums.arcr.net/index.php?/topic/11480-do-you-think-this-business-idea-will-work/#entry113062
  6. My wife and I plan to move to Costa Rica so we'll be visiting in the next few months. I had a thought, why not investigate the possibility of doing a live seminar/workshop when we come down for our first visit? Our business specializes in: Book publishing (primarily for brand development and for creating opportunities) Online course creation (for passive revenue generation - we like to call this Monetizing Present Knowledge™ Communications training (I am technical and my wife is a triple certified corporate trainer and professional coach) In preparation for moving out of the USA, over the last few years we have changed our business model to one that’s 100% Internet-based. My thinking is perhaps ex-pats, or even local folks, might be interested in learning how we created a pretty decent passive income selling information via book publishing and online courses. I started researching LinkedIn and Facebook trying to find groups, but can you make any suggestions as to who we can reach out to brainstorm this idea with? Are there any business networking group there you can suggest? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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