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    Moving large breed dogs

    Thanks costaricafinca, I'll look into the airline requirements further. I know my largest dog will definitely be cargo but the middle girl might make it for checked baggage - I'll have to see. I've heard it's very expensive if you need a broker. I know there are also international pet relocation experts here, also costly, but I'll look into that option as well since I think they have people who help on both ends (and I'll need help!) I wouldn't consider a move without the dogs, so whatever it takes. We have a lot of ticks here too so I'm used to checking pretty diligently and I do use a treatment, but those bot flies sound pretty nasty lol! I don't think my dogs have encountered snakes, frogs or toads much here so it will be interesting... I had a few tree frogs and toads around the yard, and garter snakes hiding in the woodpile, but none are poisonous of course and the dogs didn't seem to bother with them. Squirrels and rabbits on the other hand...
  2. PaulaB

    Moving large breed dogs

    My two big dogs are used to running free since I take them to the off-leash park quite often - they enjoy other dogs and like the socialization. I've only been brave enough to let my little one off leash in the past week and she had a blast, just loved it and was so proud of herself! I would be afraid of them running free there because of scorpion or snake bites and such, but that's likely just me being overprotective and underestimating their instincts... although Lucybelle, how awful for both your dog and your stepfather - wow!! $20,000?!! Happy to hear your dog had a relaxing journey to the USA! I can only hope that mine will be as comfortable with the process. It's good to know that I can check for vets that offer kenneling. Mine don't like it much either, although right now they stay at a small kennel/boarding place in the country where they have horses and chickens and a huge property and they love that... much different from vet kenneling but hey, they'll be safe and cared for. Thanks for the info Eleanorcr! I'll definitely look more into Samara and other places on the southern Nicoya peninsula, and once I've decided where I'm going I'll post an update to get more information and tips before I travel later in the year. Thank you!
  3. PaulaB

    Moving large breed dogs

    Fortunately my dogs have all been quite healthy so I don't have them to the vet very often - primarily just for their shots (rabies, DHPP, and bordetella if I'm going to have them in a large kennel facility, which is rarely) and I get my tick and heartworm treatment from the vet as well. The larger female tore her ACL and required surgery about a year ago but otherwise they've been great and they are 6, 7 and 9 years old. I haven't determined where I'm headed yet but have narrowed it down to the central valley, Nicoya peninsula or central Pacific coast . I'm planning a visit in November or December to spend a bit of time in a few locations - possibly around Grecia and Quepos as a couple options, but I'm still very much in the planning stage. Is it challenging to find pet-friendly rental, especially with 3 dogs? I'll be looking for simple living - I'm a farm girl who's spent plenty of time working on my own house, has not had cable television for most of my life and love nature, the ocean and the outdoors so I'm not looking for luxury by any means. That said I want to be able to have relative access to necessities and not be too isolated since I'm on my own. My Spanish is very limited right now but I am working on it!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum. I have been planning and working on a future move to Costa Rica since I visited in 2010 -- it started as a daydream but now I'm looking at making it a reality. I've been doing plenty of research - thank you to everyone in the group because there is so much valuable information here - and one thing I'm struggling to get a handle on is how to move my 3 dogs. One is a male 85# Rottweiler/Shepherd mix and although he's the biggest baby he may get classified as a 'dangerous breed' based on airline regulations, which would mean he has to travel separately as cargo. I know this involves a different type of reinforced kennel, process and documentation, so I'd love to hear from anyone who has gone through this. My others are a 60# female lab/hound mix who should be able to go as checked baggage and a little 7.5# chihuahua/miniature pinscher cross who can travel in the cabin. I moved from where I live in Winnipeg, Canada to Montreal in the past which involved flying with a larger dog on my own and it was tough, so I can't imagine how I can handle three along with luggage etc etc. I've considered that I may have to plan multiple trips but then don't know what to do with the dog(s) that are there in Costa Rica while I'm away in terms of kenneling - are those services available? Also, what is the availability and quality of veterinary care like? Is it only in major centers? Thanks in advance!

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