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    Prescription drugs-crestor

    Eleanorcr, yes I bought a years supply of Crestor. My wife also bought a years supply of her prescriptions. We spend February in Costa Rica so we need a supply to last till we return in 2018. She retires this year and our plan is to find a location we like and spend winters away from the cold and snow in the future.
  2. bcorio

    Prescription drugs-crestor

    Thank you for all the info. I did the shopping around at the different pharmacy and prices varied 20000 clones for a 30 day supply. I go on Medicare in April and even with my drug plan it was going to be $3.14/day for my Crestor . I came home with a years supply ,till my trip back to CR in 2018 and my daily cost will be $.93. Money I save pays for my wife and mine plane tickets. Then add her meds and that pays for our housing for the month.
  3. Is the cost of prescription drugs(Crestor) be the same at every pharmacy? Or will the cheapest be at Walmart in SJO? I know I do not need a prescription for purchase of Crestor in Costa Rica . Last year I bought it at a pharmacy near hotel and I bought 6 months supply and it was 50% cheaper than USA prices.

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