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  1. windsorje

    Dental Implant Info Requested!

    For what it is worth, a few years back I had some dental done in CR and it was a good experience. I had arranged to have some fillings and/or extractions done, along with upper and lower bridges made. I was prepared to pay what I considered to be a fair price. Once in CR, before I went to the tourist dental clinic, a local dentist in Curridabat was recommended to me. Dra. Pacheco did not speak English, but her daughter Maria was fluent. (María José Rodríguez, the daughter, is now also a dentist). A couple of years later I had more work done by them and I never had a complaint about their work or price. I spent less for my dental work, plus a month in a Spanish language school and my flights, than I would have spent on the same work in the US. And she was cheaper than the tourist dental clinic by far. Dra. María José Rodríguez: drarodriguez.ortodoncia@gmail.com Dra. Pacheco: verapachecov@hotmail.com
  2. windsorje

    Is My Old BCR Account Still Open?

    It took a 2nd series of emails to determine the old account is closed. I'm not surprised, but I had to ask. Now my question is can I open an account as a tourist, before I start the process of establishing residency there? I know it is not really necessary to have a bank account that early on, but I do intend to spend a lot of time there before I bring the family down to get used to their new environment. I fell in love with the Pura Vida long ago, but it has taken years to reach a point where I could convince the wife that CR was the place to be.
  3. windsorje

    Is My Old BCR Account Still Open?

    I have been exchanging emails with BCR regarding my antiquated account all day. I have yet to verify the status of my account, but maybe you should try sending an email to your bank's customer service department. Just a suggestion.
  4. In 2006 I successfully opened a savings account at BCR while living and working temporarily in San Jose. Now I am readying to return to CR and I will need to have a bank where I can conduct personal business. My question is, can I reasonably expect the old account to still be open? There was a small deposit remaining in the account at that time, but it has been more than 10 years since the account has had any activity. Yeah, I could call BCR and ask, but I don't have the account number and my Spanish is not that good. It may come to that, but I am looking for your opinions first. Thanks again.

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