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  1. Hello All, So I am planning a road trip from Costa Rica to Panama in July (from SJ -> Pavones -> cross border (Paso Canoas) -> Bocas del Toro -> cross border (Sixoala) -> Puerto Viejo -> SJ). I am a CR resident and own my car outright with all proper documents. From what ive researched, these are the needed steps: 1) get vehicle exit permit (Permiso de Salida) from the National Registry office in Costa Rica; 2) bring original Vehicle Title (Certificatdo de Propiedad); 3) buy liability insurance once on the Panamanian side??? Step 3 is where my questions come in: CR liability insurance isnt recognized? How much is the Liability insurance for a week? How complex is getting this insurance at the Panamanian side border? any feedback, links, advice would be greatly appreciated. Pura Vida.
  2. Hello, Thank you all for the feedback. I think we are going with Tigo, as they offer a solo internet package. 8mbps (realistic is probably ~4mbps) for $35. However, we have had trouble contacting them. I am sure all will be situated after the holiday. I will keep you posted. Thanks again
  3. Hello All, I just moved to San Jose on Monday and am looking to set up internet in my newly rented apartment (en Moravia, close to Club La Guaria). I am working at Lincoln School. I have heard about Japi, tigo, claro, and ICE (Kolbi). Goal is to get land based, high speed internet. No need for TV package as I will be streaming. Heard mixed reviews about Japi. Not sure if i trust the service. Please provide recommendations, experiences, and potential steps to setting up internet (residency required?). Gracia por todo, Dr. Andres Paz

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