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  1. There's always the TICO TIMES online edition. The TT Online Digest can be signed up for and is sent every weekday save for holidays in CR. The TT is the longest continually operating English-language newspaper in Central America, in operation since the mid-50s. HTH Paul M. ==
  2. No Gayle, you weren't dreaming it. Go here: http://costarica.usembassy.gov/service.html In the Left Hand sidebar click on Passport Then click on ADULT - PASSPORT RENEWAL and a dropdown window will open in which the basic requirements are shown. And when you scroll down about 3/4 of the way in that dropdown window there is a link for requesting a appointment. Click on it and there's a button to make an appointment with. HTH Paul M. ==
  3. Terry has summed it up succinctly, so let's not contiune to debate this point further. This thread while it contained some interesting and even helpful advice and suggestions for some, has outlasted its usefulness. It is therefore now closed. Paul M. Moderator - -
  4. Do you believe that there will be a further appeal of this decision, BC Gal? Or is that court Canada's highest Court sand cannot be challenged? It seems to me that if the Canadian Government withholds a percentage of expats' pensions for living abroad and if they pay taxes that they should be accorded the right to vote. That's my thought here, but then I'm estadounidense, not Canadian. Regards, Paul M. ==
  5. I agree... Ducks would foul the water unless there is frequent turnover of the volume of the pool's water. Without sufficient turnover of the pool's water, the increased fecal matter from the ducks will promote algal growth making the pool turn green. And the owner may not have to 'bring ducks'. They may come on their own if they discover the pond. Regards, Paul M. ==
  6. That medical invoice at $153,000 for a person with no insurance, would have been equal to 4.68 years of my entire salary from when I worked for the State of Florida at USF, Eleanor. Glad I opted for the BC/BS insurance we were offered as employees there. That way for this snake bite my 20% co-pay would have only been $30,632.20 ! That's outrageous and totally screwy. This puts the CAJA payments into some sort of perspective, I suppose, but except for excessively long waits for certain scheduled tests, etc., with the CAJA, the CAJA maybe is not so bad a deal, at least pricewise. Regards, Paul M. ==
  7. Hola sporto, and welcome to the Forums. You have goten some good, general advice so far. Word-of-mouth is one way to go about fining a place. Spending some time first in various places/areas that you think you will like is part of the way of making a choice although it may require moving around several times to check areas out. Once you have found an area that you like then you can rent somewhere that is temporarily suitable and continue to 'settle into the area'. Once you are more certain that a particular area is for you is when to start looking in earnest for a more permanent place there to rent. Now, that said . . . If you would like a cooler area you might check out Cartago the old capital of CR. It is at a slightly higher elevation than SJ and so is a little cooler. and perhaps a little less rainy. And you shouldn't need a/c in Cartago. It's a fairly large city surrounded by farming areas. One of the primary crops around the Cartago area is papas (potatoes) and folks from Cartago have the nickname of 'paperos'. The famous Basílica de La Negrita (in which the icon of CR's patron saint resides) is in the east end of town and further east a few kilometers east of town is the Jardín Botánico Lankester, a wonderful, famous botanical garden with lots of orchids. There is also Volcán Irazú, a popular tourist destination to the NNW of the town. Except for those three attractions Cartago is not really all that tourist-oriented although there is an annual pilgrimage to the Basílica by many thousands of Ticos in (I think) August. But that lasts only about three to four days. Cartago has a very nice Mercado Central (central market) and it and the town offer most all of the things you will need to stock your pantry and to maintain a rental house or apartment, plus it will be cheaper to rent there than in many places in SJ and the Central Valley. There is also a huge shopping mall with cinemas (TerraMall) west of Cartago on the road back to SJ. Cartago is about 45 minutes east of SJ and there is good and frequent bus service between Cartago and SJ. HTH Paul M. ==
  8. Does anyone know whether La Nación is blocking all issues or do they become free after a certain span of time has elspsed (days?, weeks?) and then can we access those older issues of La N without a subscription? Not sure about the 15 issues free per month thingy and I haven't had time to snoop this out for myself. Cheers! Paul M. ==
  9. La Nación only last week instituted a 'pay gate' on the newspaper. I wonder how long that will last. Asi es tiquicia . . . Paul M. ==
  10. The easiest way would be to find another gringo-a to accompany you –one who doesn't expect to bring along a guest & so that way get your 2nd (Canadian) friend into the festivities as that other gringo-a friend's guest. Or at least that's what I would consider doing. You could phone and ask, to be sure waht would be permitted. Cheers! Paul M. ==
  11. So Tom, why not use the PM function where the two of you would be able to exchange various sensitive ideas in relatve privacy? That would assuage your stated concern, wouldn't it? Just FWIW . . . . Regards, PM ==
  12. Hi Newman, It likely depends upon how much moolah you plan to send. It prolly would be a sensible idea to phone the (main) local WU office in CR and to ask them. Also maybe contact the Embassy in Pavas to inquire. Those are the things I would do if I wanted to know. Cheers! Paul M. ==
  13. Well maybe no symphony, Eleanor, but I'll bet there's a more than a few guitars around there where you are and prolly a couple of mariachi bands or marimba conjuntos in the vicinity. They would serve me just as well in lieu of a symphony, if it were me in your chancletas! ¡Pura Vida! Paul M. ==
  14. And some folks insist that those who live way out in the boonies, like you do, are impoverished, Eleanor. Guess it is actually you, though, who has the last laugh about that. (All that and occasional 'cow time', too!) Cheers! Paul M. ==
  15. Thanx for that little update, Colin. Wish I'd known he was there. I was only at the Grecia féria once, a number of years ago, and on that occasion I waited in the car for my friends since they were just going to 'run in & grab a couple things'. PM ==
  16. Tom sounds like he was a well-kept Grecian secret cuz I never remember hearing about him. Mostly I came to Grecia with a friend to see another friend & we all would go to La Galería Steakhouse, now also gone, alas. Cheers! Paul M. ==
  17. As far as I can see Newman, what you've written is something that concerned ARCR members such as yourself should take up directly with ARCR personnel at Casa Canadá. We must remember though that Costa Rica as a sovergn entity may enact whatever rules she chooses. We should also keep in mind that we residentes are essentaily guests in Costa Rica and therefore should act accordingly. Regards, Paul M. ==
  18. Hello Ron, This is not the aspect of this thread that I was responding to. Please do not change the subject away from the point I was addressing. ¡Pura Vida! Paul M. Moderator ==
  19. Gentle Forums Members, The answer to this argument is to not snipe at one another here on the Forums, so let us please ensure that this thread does not descend any further towards name calling or become anythng less than a polite exchange. Uncivil exchanges only prove off-putting to a significant segment of the Forums membership. Members of course are welcome to pursue any argument with one another -heated or otherwise- off-list, via the PM function. A better action in response to this proposed Federal ID card would be for concerned US citizens opposed to it to write their elected representatives in Washington D.C and insist that they oppose it. Our elected officials in Washington do listen to letters they receive. If a letter is too much trouble for you to write, then telephone them. They maintain logs of incoming calls and that input is saved and also factors in to their decisions. Regards, Paul M. Forums Moderator ==
  20. I promise you that that was indeed the situation when I worked for the State of Florida, State University System (SUS) at USF for thirty-five years before retiring. I started in 1972 at $90.00 per wk. I did not break $10.00 per hr for twenty (20!) years with them, and finally ended with a salary of only $31,000 per yr at the end of my tenure with them. At the time I started working for them back in 1972 a single mother with 2 children in an entry level position was paid so little that she was able to apply for and receive Food Stamps. When I ended my tenure in 2007 a single mother with 2 children at entry level was sstill able to apply for Food Stamps! The Dept of Education of the State of Florida of which the SUS is part of is still the lowest paying governmental entity in Florida. That's cheap! Regards, Paul M. ==
  21. Missy, FWIW I don't jog, but back when I used to visit/stay in San José off & on over a span of several decades, I walked everywhere and I wore a lot of different types of shoes bought in the US and with many of them I discovered that I had to be very careful walking around because between the composition of the soles and the composistion of the city sidewalks –which changed, often in front of each new property one walked past, it was not uncommon to encounter a slick patch. And because of that the sidewalk, as you passed along, might be made of concrete then tile, then brick, then ceramic or terrazzo, etc. in an ever-changing sequence. And also if it was rainy or had recently finsihed, one or the other of those surfaces might prove to be very slickery when wearing my US-bought shoes. I learned to be very cautious after I slipped & fell a few times! And that didn't take into consideration the odd discarded mango skin along the way which might as well have been a banana peel! I eventually found that most of the footwear sold in & for CR & Central America market have soles that seem to take all those slippery surfaces into account and therefore afford very much better traction, as compared to my US-bought shoes. Just thought I'd pass that along to consider. Regards, Paul M. ==
  22. OK — Thanx for that. I seem to have missed this article in La Nación earlier. Paul M. ==
  23. Just FWIW, Mitzi Stark has an article in today's TicoTimes online edition covering the Chili Cook-Off in Atenas. HERE's a link to Ms. Stark's article. Wish I coulda been there. Paul M. ==
  24. I don't know whether Norman and his crew from Jalapeños participated this year. Have you heard that he's getting ready to open a new eatery, a Colombian place, with arepas and other Locombian food! Looking forward to trying it out. It's not open yet -no date set- but soon. When I asked when he said he's taking his time. Cheers! Paul M. ==
  25. Savannahjo, Where did you see this, please? Could you maybe provide us with a link to the article containing the reportage? It really needs an attribution. Regards, Paul M. ==
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