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  1. ... we are growing it and have 9 ripening outside. .... It needs to be hand pollinated, though. When you eventually get a garden going here, I will make sure you get some plants if you want some.

    I'll take you up on that.


    Does it seem to grow well in your area? Do you have trouble containing it? Pest problems? Have you tried germinating/growing from seed?






  2. ... I also have used the Giant granadilla...



    [sorry, this topic is drifting. Maybe TG will split this part off to form another thread about passionfruit.]


    Where did/do you find the giant granadilla. Are you growing it yourself or in the féria near you?


    I didn't know that there were any available in CR.


    There are 30 some-odd Pasifloras with comestible fruit.


    Have you seen the great treatise on passion fruit? It's "Passion Flowers", by J. E. Van der Plank, ISBN: 0304342165; Cloth; pub. Cassell, 1996.


    There are several copies on ABE Booksearch at




    and several copies on Amazon.com at




    It is a very thorough book, well researched and with excellent color photographs of flowers, leaves, and plant habit.




    Paul M.


  3. Being in CR I have been working with local fruits. None are as good as I would like but I will keep trying. I will start some new berry wine on Sat. we shall see.

    Someone a few years back was trying to market a Passionfruit Wine in CR. Don't know if it ever hit the shelves of the stores there but those who had sampled it said it was pretty good.


    So sabo, Passionfruit (parcha, granadilla, maracuya) might be worth playing around with.


    Certainly in season it is plentiful and inexpensive enough maybe to warrant experimenting with.


    Solamente mis dos granitas de arena . . .




    Paul M.


  4. Laura,


    Here are two other newspapers you may like to check out. They are both, comparatively speaking, 'rags' when examined side-by-side with La Nación (or even AM CR, for that matter).


    But..... They are great for practicing one's spanish as they are written at maybe a fifth-grade level.


    Al Día - [full of 'sensational' reportage and sometimes raw photos of car wrecks, etc.]




    Diario Extra - [more sensationalism and what we might in the US consider less than P.C. photos]



    I look at these every once in a while as they give, oddly enough, an interesting picture of the seamier side of CR. But let me say that neither of these for me would make a palatable news-diet for long. But to browse thru them every so often can be interesting and useful in a strange way.


    Okay, Laura, if you visit these sites keep in mind that not every article or photo is P.C., so please don't think the poorer of me for suggesting them.


    ¡Pura Vida!


    Paul M.


  5. ... en Español no he encontrado mucha informacion "realista" por parte de otros residentes.

    Hola de nuevo David,


    Se me ocurrió que hay versión del sitio de ARCR (que fundó estos foros) que existe en español.


    Puede visitarlo a:




    Aquel sitio puede proveer un montón de información con el asunto de ganarse residencia a Costa Rica.


    Que tenga suerte con esto...




    Pablo de Tampa


  6. Charlie,


    You asked for a place to stay. If you are still deciding, let me recommend a B&B in Alajuela called Vida Tropical.


    It's a good value for the money and includes a great breakfast every morning. Plus you get to talk with all the other guests around the breakfast table each day and share ideas and adventures with them. It is a great place to start and end your visit to CR plus there are even better rates to be had lodging with them for weekly and monthly stays.


    One thing that makes Alajuela a practical place to stay is its proximity to the airport. It's only about 3 to 4 kilometers away from the airport, while San José is about 17 or 18 k. from there. Once you clear the airport and customs you just grab an ORANGE airport taxi and $4.00 later and about 8 minutes you are at Vida Tropical and prolly already checked in.


    Alajuela is an ideal place to explore San José and the western parts of the Central Valley on day trips. It is the second largest city in Costa Rica and has most everything you will need, without the congestion and heavy traffic of San José. But to get to SJ when you need to only takes about 25 minutes on one of the frequent buses that cost about US 65¢ one way, making for easy access to and from the city. And when you are ready to fly home you are already almost at the airport in Alajuela, which is one of the great conveniences of staying there.


    Here is the URL for Vida Tropical:




    Hope this is useful information for you.




    Paul M.


  7. I use You Tube all of the time so I will use You Tube to look up musicians from Costa Rica.

    Hi Laura,


    Just to save you from having to do a search, here is the song "Soy Tico", a subtitled version of it, showing the Spanish lyric:



    I find it to be a simple but lovely song that explains much about the Tico mindset.


    BTW, once you get to the page where this link takes you you'll also find several other videos of this song, but with different images illuminating them. They make for some nice slide-shows of the country.


    And if your Spanish is far enough along I suspect you too, will be moved by this song, as was I.


    Hope you enjoy it too.


    ¡Pura Vida!


    Paul M.


  8. Does anyone know where online I can purchase music of famous singers and musicians who are Costa Rican?

    Hola Laura,


    If you are in CR and the Central Valley, check in Universal in San José Centro. They have a large selection of music, some of which is local talent.


    Online you could try eBay and chance a search for keywords 'costa rica' and 'folkloric' or 'tipica' or 'national' or 'singers', etc., or some combination thereof. There is also a site called 'La Carretica' at




    which used to have Tico-style music CDs offered on it, as well as other tico items, foodstuffs, etc.




    Paul M.


  9. ... estoy pensando mudarme a Costa Rica. Mi Ingles no es muy bueno con lo que no puedo seguir bien los foros y las noticias de este site , en Español no he encontrado mucha informacion "realista" por parte de otros residentes.

    Si algun residente que hable español quiesiera contacatr conmigo seria estupendo.

    Lllegue a Brasil con poca informacion y no quiero que me ocurra lo mismo en costa Rica.

    Buenas David,


    Permite que sugiera a Ud. que haga contacto con ARCR (Asociación de Residentes de Costa Rica) cuya website se ubica a




    Cuando llega al sitio de la asociación, escoja el botón encima a la derecha, 'Español'


    Hay mucha información allá en su sitio, y los que trabajan en ARCR hablan Español, igual como Inglés.


    Espero que esto le ayude.


    Buena suerte,


    Paul M.


  10. Hey there again Laura,


    I prolly know that very same person who is a medical transcriptionist in CR.


    If the MT that you would be doing will be for a company set up outside of CR and you are telecommuting to do the job, that means your pay is rendered outside CR which, for either Rentista or Pensionado status does not break the rules under either residency status or working in the country. And just to be on the even more safe side, you could have them EFT your pay into your financial institution back home.


    So then, because you are doing work for someone outside CR and your pay is rendered by a company that is also outside CR that breaks no employment laws in CR in the eyes of the CR Govt/Immigration.


    Then, although you are typing the transcriptions while you are physically in CR, all the rest of the enterprise happens out of the country, so the CR Govt/Immigration doesn't have a notion that it is going on, anyway.


    All you would need here is a high-speed connection so that you will be able to download the work to be transcribed and to then upload it in finished form back to the customer/company.


    For further info and clarification on this I would really encourage you to contact Ryan at ARCR.


    And, since you are entertaining the whole idea and won't actually be coming here 'til your hubby retires, you would have time to train for the field before actually making the move to CR. Plus that way, once trained you could enter the field back home and already have a job before you ever start making final plans to move to CR. Then once you finally get your residency you will already have a MT job you are doing and you just bring your fingers and keyboard to CR and continue doing what you did back home.


    But seriously, do discuss this with ARCR to avoid any unexpected little hitches that might pop up.


    Good Luck!


    Paul M.


  11. ...I hear there are poisonous "Viper Snakes...and Poisonous Frogs",... not to mention the Spiders... What do you do for Protection?



    It is far less likely one will run into all the nasties that you mention when one is living in an urban setting. Unless you are planning to live in the jungle or on its fringes, it should not be a primary concern.


    IMHO you are far more in danger from the terrifying Tico drivers than from those beasties. (But one can take buses to avoid them for the most part.) [ G ]




    Paul M.


  12. Not sure if you are aware but right now comet Holmes is now 8X larger than the sun and the mainstream media isnt reporting much on the subject strangely enough.

    Hello All,


    As far as the mainstream media is concerned Comet Holmes is by now old news and, as nothing about it has changed dramatically, there is 'nothing newsworthy' for them to capitalize on.


    For those of you interested, here are several links to Comet Holmes with information about it:









    The third link includes a video of an interview with Jack Horkheimer of the SpaceTransit Planetarium in Miami explaining the comet and its recent activity in the heavens. As always, Horkheimer presents things in a very understandable way.


    Hope this offers some useful into about the comet.


    BTW, if you are in a bright city area you may have a difficult time seeing the comet very well with the naked eye, if at all. I suspect that in the darker areas that can be gotten to in Costa Rica one might get a better look, but better hurry... Comet Holmes is now moving away from us again and won't be back for another 6.5 years.




    Paul M.


  13. What is an S.A.?



    An S.A. is a Sociedad Anónima or 'Anonymous Society'. It is equivalent in many ways to a corporation.


    One uses S.A.s in Costa Rica to hold property (cars, houses) or as a place to house a business.


    By putting those things into S.A.s one shifts the liability of ownership sideways, so to speak, onto the S.A.


    Another benefit of setting up an S.A. is that one transfers the S.A. to another person and, if the S.A. is holding (owns) your house, then there are no transfer fees or taxes on the house, as it was the S.A. that changed owners, not the house.


    My explanation of what is an S.A. is rather basic, I know, but that should still give you some sense of why people choose to use them.




    Paul M.


  14. I’m not interested in arguing with, OR BEING INSULTED BY, less-than-informed individuals.


    DonA, TicoGrande, Epicatt2, gringatica2003, TicoVille, jdocop, and others: you all owe me an apology.

    Sorry. No apology offered to you (William) from me (Paul).


    The problem I see here is that your replies tend to off-topic and to being excessively long.


    These forums are to discuss Costa Rica and topics attendant to it.


    Potential destruction of the world, etc. is not germane to these forums in general and, frankly, there are other sites that welcome that sort of dialogue/monologue, where your comments would be better placed (my opinion).


    I fail to see why certain folks have what appears to be a pathological need to interject irrelevant topics where they are not appropriate other than to draw attention to themselves.


    William, you seem to have the ability to do extensive research. You could apply it to stuff that's on-topic to Costa Rica and integrate yourself and your responses. I doing so I'm sure your imput would be welcomed here.


    'Nuff Sed!


    Paul M.


  15. In the future, all weird posts from whack jobs will be placed here for reading and commentary!

    De nos bueyes, TG...


    Love this new forum. Glad you started it. Now when I feel beside myself I've some place to post.


    But maybe what is really needed is a new and improved website, perhpas called




    It would be especially suitable for anyone with multiple personalities as they would be allowed to register more than once and also to reply to their own posts.


    I feel sure that some of the threads have the potential to simply boggle the mind....


    ¡Puras Tarjetas de Coser!


    Pablo de Tampa


  16. After more time than I wanted to take, the ads are back! I am doing daily testing so they will come and go.

    Realizing that you are testing the site, this is not a complaint, just a comment...


    This morning when I sent a message to another member the formatting buttons were missing above the text window, replaced by a couple of ads.


    Now, composing this message, several minutes later, that did not occur.


    And yes, things are loading rapidissimamente with the ads in place. (But your animated penguin icon is still doing the molasses thing.) I've monitored all my computer's usage levels and they remain normal, and everything is running full tilt, while your icon is not. I wonder if any other readers here have noticed this slowdown with your pengüino?


    Paul M.


  17. ... It's also amazing how many forget my name despite the mnemonic device.

    Hello again Kenn,


    Here's a device you might try...


    A couple of years ago I was in CR at the time there was a little orchid exhibit in San José being put on by the national orchid group (the ACO). One of the new members was there to help with thing and he made a specific point of correcting the person introducing him, announcing that his name correctly was Juan Rolando.


    It wasn't five minutes until someone in the area called across to him, calling him Juan. He ignored them completely and went on with whatever it was that he was doing at the time. After several calls to him with no response from him, the person suddenly 'remembered' his name and as soon as they called 'Juan Rolando' he responded, nice as could be.


    Might work for you.




    Paul M.


  18. Cain,


    I think you've answered you own question:


    The easiest think to do to keep your own name it to link it with something that is recognizable -and pronouncable for the Ticos/Latinos. And 'Barbie & Ken' does the trick. And I am sure the Ticos recognnize you for who you are anyway, plus you have provided them with a way to remember how to pronounce it correctly. I'm also pretty sure that none of them dwell on 'B&K' afterwards, but just get on with things.






  19. ... my card was not accepted, i have plenty of open balance. Maybe i did something wrong. ... Do yall do a renewal mail out!!



    If you are not in CR and can't go to their offices, Why not phone ARCR and ask directly? They should be able to tell you why your card is not going thru or offer you an alternative.


    FYI sometimes emails don't get thru with RACSA and phoning is more direct and immediate.


    When you call, the receptionist Célia speaks english (as do the others), and she should be able to direct your call to whomever you need to talk to, or will be able to suggest when to call back. Célia is always pleasant and helpful. You could ask for Anabelle or Octávio in membership, or even Ryan if they are not available, but someone there should be able to help solve your problem.


    As to calling costs, if you have high-speed internet I would recommend downloading Skype onto your computer. It is free and the cost to call CR is about 6.4¢ per minute, which is quite inexpensive, so even if you wind up having to call back it's not a big chunk of money to do so. (You might need a headphone w/ mike to hear best with Skype, but that is all.)




    Paul M.


  20. ... It's looking more and more like we're simply going to sell many of the furnishing we've accummulated ...and pack the other stuff in boxes to take with us on the plane.



    I don't know what your final destination in the US is but if you are near a port city and you are not in the huge hurry to get home you might be able to pack everything up and take it with you on a freighter, traveling as passengers on the same vessel.


    I know it can be feasible to do so southbound after cargo such as bananas is offloaded, for instance here in Florida, and the vessel is returning empty to, say, Costa Rica. Then the captain may welcome some cargo rather than return empty.


    Northbound may be possible but the ship may tend to be full already, but who knows... Might well depend upon how early one gets one's foot in the door -er, hold, as it were.


    Just a thought...




    Paul M.


  21. ...You don´t know how many people out there had their belongings lost or damaged due to poor service on the side of the shipping company.

    ...Or held ransom for 'extra costs' at the point of delivery.


    Hi again Paco,


    One thing about Charlie Zeller is that he honors his quote. This has been verified in posts over the years on this and other sites by various people who have used his services.


    It might be useful to touch base with him once more to see maybe whether he might be able to help you figure out some ways to minimize the shipping costs you are facing.


    I'll keep my fingers X-ed for you.




    Paul M.


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