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  1. Hi Laura,

    Long time, no see!   Welcome back to the Forums....

     So... I did a quick Google search and found this online article about ServiEntrega in La Nación from around 2013:

     Servientrega anuncia su llegada a Costa Rica  [ https://www.nacion.com/economia/servientrega-anuncia-su-llegada-a-costa-rica/E5EIEBXNHBGV7KZFITZJGQVS24/story/ ]

    . . . but no confirmation of where exactly in CR or when ServiEntrega might have been going to open up shop.

    Also at the same time noticed this:

     Las franquicias Servientrega y Redservi ingresarán en Costa Rica   [ http://www.100franquicias.cr/Noticias/2016-06-21-Las-franquicias-Servientrega-y-Redservi-ingresaran-en-Costa-Rica.htm ]

     I didn't search further, but per these two articles ServiEntrega is likely operating somewhere in CR.

     A bit more Googling may turn up where they are located.

    Or.... Perhaps one of our other Forums Members may know whether ServiEntrega is currently operating in CR.

    OK    HTH

     Paul M.


  2. TeAmo,

    Eleanor's suggestions above are on-target for how to scope out possible rentals.  She is right about 'Word of Mouth' being 'KING'.  It really is.

    One thng she didn't cover is the fact that if you visit the local supermarkets or corner pulperias, or even the little offices where people go to pay their utility bills, etc., you will often find a little bulletin board in there where locals have tacked up notices for their house or apartment that's for rent, along with a telphone number.  That can be a very good source of info for locating a place to rent.

    OK — HTH

    Paul M.


  3. As for me, my take on the 'bars thingy' is that I never have found them to constitute any sort of 'jail' since I have the keys to enter and leave my dwelling whenever I choose.  And like Eleanor, I find that I've gotten to the point where I do not notice them.  Plus it is great to be able to leave my doors and windows open to enjoy the nice breezes that CR offers, and yet still feel secure.

    ¡Unos pocos más de mis graniticos de arena!

    Paul M.


  4. 3 hours ago, jamesofomaha said:

    heard that with car insurance if you wreck your car it's not cut and dried/easy like back home. They try not to pay and take a long time to pay when they do so. And with no car rental policy in effect (providing a rental while you wait for money to get another one), what do you do for 2-3 months while you wait for the car to be replaced?

    Fortunately, James, there are ample taxis, plus many inexpensive buses & routes with frequent service to most everywhere in the country –unless you happen to be way out in the boonies where the bus frequency may often be much reduced.

    OK — HTH

    Paul M.


  5. Thanks Savannahjo, for those kind words about the Forums.


    Happy New Year to you, too, and to all of our Forums Members, as we march forward into 2017.


    The Forums would not be the useful place that it is if it weren't for our members.


    Collectively they are a font of information, knowledge and wisdom, as well as being a storehouse for many amazing experiences about Costa Rica.




    Paul M.


  6. Though it is about to change one must really become familiar with rental law in Costa Rica. It is different than in the US and in CR the tenant has certain strong rights, partially hamstringing the landlord.


    While the rental laws are inscribed in CR's Constitution, they seem likely to be going to undergo some revisions soon as was recently reported in the news, although it is not known yet exactly how or how much the rental laws will be revised.


    Still I believe that it is most important that the OP learn everything s/he can about rental law in CR before taking the plunge of renting out a newly purchased property.




    Paul M.


  7. Wow, I'm sorry that your preferred candidate/party lost, but after 8 miserable years it seems that the U.S. citizenry pulled on those reins and said "whoa there Nellie, that's enough of that!"


    We'll see what the next four years brings. He may not be my ideal, but the alternative was even less so.


    No, no need to beat any dead horses Colin, true.


    But I was not complaining about the election result per se, rather it was mostly about the public's lack of involvement in running their own government -pretty much other than when it's election time.

    Mr. T. -may not have been my choice either- though he could turn out to be a happy surprise –or a surprise at least. He's got some l'arnin' to do first though about governing, that seems clear.

    And as Eleanor said he's scary in many ways. But we will have to wait to see what actually evolves or whether he is held in check by the system.

    We shalll see . . .



  8. Eleanor,


    I can't blame you for saying that's delusional. But you'll please notice that I used the words 'ideal wish' by which I think you can grasp that I am not holding my breath!


    The US Public abdicated its role in governing the country by electing others in to do it for them and then allowing various of those elected to pursue their own agendas and not those of the Nation.


    The Public nowadays has stuff like sitcoms and social media to solace them as a way to occupy their time.


    And so it goes.



  9. Just wondering how many of those who insisted that they would leave good ol' Unka Samland if their candidate did not win actually have current passports which would allow them to do depart for foreign shores.


    I'm curious, too, how many with that same intention who don't have pasports realize that they have to have one to follow thru with their emmigration.


    And if they all actually do apply for passsports how much of a lag-time is that going to create to receive a passport?


    Enquiring minds, and all that rot . . .




  10. Gail,


    Tom's advice about starting out in a B&B is really very good advice. You can find B&Bs which are well within your budgetary range and stay as long or as briefly as you need as you beging to explore the town.


    And while you are at the B&B you can will be test-driving the town and meeting people and trying out businesses. Then once you've made a few acquaintances you'll be able to start to ask the questions you want about where to stay longer-term and who might be a reliable and helpful agent/person for you with getting thing set up.


    The best thing about this way of 'starting up' in CR is by that being in a B&B that takes most of the pressure off of yout find some place in a hurry, and that in turn can allow you some welcome bargaining room during your efforts.


    Good luck with your upcoming advernture, Gail.




    Paul M.


  11. What I last heard, Dana, was that if a US citizen were to go to the embassy and ask to renounce his citizenship that the embassy personnel would tell him to go home and think about it for a few days before returning and asking to formally file a request.


    And the filing fee that Eleanor (I believe) mentioned which is assessed has recently been hugely increased to, IIRC, somewhere between US$2K to $3K bucks!


    Then if your request is approved I'm almost positive that you are required to surrender your passport. You will also be assessed somethng like a 30% surcharge on all your US asssets & holdings as a penalty for renouncing your citizenship.


    After that, even as an ex-citizen, the IRS requires you to file taxes with them for up to ten years after your renouncement.


    All that sounds to me purposely off-putting on the part of the US. For me I'd have to reallyreallyrealy hate the US to renounce my citizenship (cuz I'm way too cheap to just surrender all that money to them).


    Anyway, that's my opinion of the whole shebang. [sigh]




    Paul M.


  12. Eleanor,


    Will you live long enought after renouncing your US Citizenship to not have to pay US taxes, I wonder?


    Many folks aren't aware that if a person renounces his or her citizenship from the US that the IRS will continue to assess taxes on the party's income for up to ten years afterwards!


    Also, there are significant sanctions placed on one's monetary & other assets in the US upon renouncing citizenship. That is around 30% of the value of the equity that is assessed, from what I read. A pretty big bite, that.


    Anyway, good luck if that is your intention.




    Paul M.


  13. Magnífico, Lucybelle y Epicatt, gracias por contribuir con sus opiniones y sugerencias.


    Com mucho gusto, Rodo... No vale nada la información si no la ofrecemos uno a otro!



    Te agradezco mucho, Epicatt, voy a probar "French in Action", Espero ser tan hábil utilizando el francés como tú lo haces con el español. ¡ Excelente progreso !


    Estoy seguro que 'FiA' vaya a ayudarle mucho -y es cierto que pronto. 'French in Action' es un poquito repetetiva al principio, pero después de dos o tres episodios empieza la narativa/historia.


    A propósito, mis estudios de francés fueron en la universidad aquí en la Florida hace 40 años, pero de vez en cuando después de mirar este programa (FIA) siempre me da buena sorpresa qué rápido es que mi oido se agarra las palabras y el ritmo del francés. Y además es igual con el español: hay que practicar -siempre, durante toda la vida!


    Y es muy semejante 'Destinos' a sus principios: Después de la 2a lectura se pone el programa en tren de su historia. Creo que Lucy o qualquier persona con aun un poquito de español puede aprovecharse de ella y mejorarse la comprensión del español.


    ¡Buena Suerte!


    Paul M.


  14. Saludos Rodrigo,


    Gracias para aquellas sugerencias que sirven ayudar al estudiante aprender y practicar el español. No sabía nada de Duolingo pero ahora voy a investigarlo.


    Hay otro programa util para practicar el español que se llama 'Destinos'. Se presenta en forma de una serie de telenovelas que permiten al estudiante acostumbrarse el oido al español hablado. Cubre varios accentos mundiales en el proceso. Es para el estudiante intermedio, pero serve para alguien que tiene fuertes ganas de aprender el idioma. Y es posible mirar los episodios en línea. Se encuentra aquí:




    Y para Ud., Rodrigo, he aquí otro programa, también en forma de telenovela que es muy semejante a 'Destinos' para aprender el francés. Se Llama 'French in Action'. Este se ubica aquí:




    Espero que esta información valga la pena . . .


    Hasta pronto!


    Paul M.


  15. I've won twice in CR.


    Once years ago a chance that paid off about $4.00 US.


    The second time was about four years ago that paid something like $29.00 US.


    I think I have played CR's lottery only about five times ever.


    That makes for a much better return than the Florida Lottery which I played in the past more times that than I can possibly remember.


    ¡Pura Suerte!



  16. Dear Unsigned.


    Well the Powerball Jackpot is listed on their site this morning (JAN 12th) at $1.4 Billion! So with that much to win Jessica shoud be able to buy a couple of elections, locally anyway, and possibly have a bunch left over afterwards to play with.


    The jackpot is so large that the billboards along the roadways here in Florida don't have enough slots to fit the whole Jackpot amount into so they're maxed out, showing $999 Million.


    Haven't decided if i'm gonna buy a ticket yet, since Jessica seems primed to win, anyway. [ G ]



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