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  1. Suggesting in unsubstantiated fashion that China has committed an act of war by manufacturing a global virus and that they should be retalliated against with a nuclear attack is not sensible.  Not sensible when that report has be shown by Snopes.com to be false.

    Spreading such unfounded concerns can only cause unnecessary panic in sectors of the public so should not be encouraged without verification from reliable sources.


  2. REMINDER!  Be civil when posting replies!

    Replies are welcome, but if a member cannot reply in polite fashion to another member's post then s/he should just not reply.

    Abusive posts will absolutely not be tolerated so, members who cannot make a civil reply may be placed on moderated status, suspended from posting, or even removed from the Forums without further comment.

    Thank You – Moderator
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  3. Newman, how do you substantiate your claims here? 

    You cite no reliable news source to verify that any of what you have posted is fact.

    This pandemic is nothing more than a very serious health concern and as such it is a wholly non-partisan organism:  The virus doesn't care who you are, whether you are black, white, green, male or female;  it is an equal opportunity, non-discriminatory, infectious organism.  

    As such it makes no sense for some malicious entity or faction to release an infectious agent which would also infect and kill them as well!

    Please stop with the consipracy theories, Newman.  So UNLESS you cite some reliable sources to back your statements up this thread is closed.

    Thank You – Moderator
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  4. Dennis,  it might help a little if you could project yourself into thinking like a squatter does; he is a tico after all.  That could help give you some insight and or ideas for how to proceed.

    And cutting down your trees on your property could, in the eye of CR law, actually be tantamount to improving a part of your property for the squatter's use even if it appears that part or all of a property is being used by a squatter without any protest from the owner. In such an instance a takeover of it can eventually be effected.

    The building inspector should be able to tell you where la Muni is and taxes do have to be paid on a property.  The Registro would be another place to check.  You know your own propertiy's ID numbers and from that you should be able to find the adjacent property and its registered owner.



  5. Do not delay Dennis!   This is a problem which needs to be dealt with immediately.

    A squatter gain rights to a property by 1] the amount of time s/he is on it AND,  2] if they've made any 'improvements' to the property.  

    Cutting down trees is considered by the CR Govt. to be an improvement even if you don't consider it so.  Furthermore to retrieve one's squatted upon property from squatters who have made such 'improvements' one must pay the squatters for those 'improvements.'

    Do not Dawdle, Dennis! / Do not wait 'til Monday!!  Take action now and it is probably highly advisable to get the advice of an attorney whom YOU trust implicitly.  You must protect yourself and your property, ASAP.

    Fingers X-ed!

    Paul M.




  6. 56 minutes ago, David C. Murray said:

    . . . . try going directly to the local police  . . . .

    Yes, and it it a time-critical situation.  Eventually over time they can gain rights to remain on & even own the property.  Too bad for the owner –and for the neighbors!

    It is imperative that you act quickly because the longer that the squatters remain on that property the more rights CR Law allows for them  to stay there, eventually permanently!  You would likely benefit from engaging a lawyer if the local police won't remove them.

    You might also want to contact ARCR and ask for some suggstions for how to proceed.  But do not dawdle about dealing with this.  During the first several weeks of 'occupancy' is the easiest time to dislodge squatters.  Again, don't dawdle!

    Good luck!

    Paul M.


  7. 10 hours ago, Thereminator101 said:

    I have a general question about contacting the ARCR through their information. First off, I've  called their new number 506-4052-4052 from the US without respsonce...is there a specific area code I'm missing? (001?)

    Try this alternate number:  (506) 2220-0055

    If you're calling from the US try using Skype.  It's fairly cheap though you would have to first sign up (free) and then buy some SkypeOut Minutes.  BTW, the number I pasted in above is the one I use to reach the operator at ARCR.

    Also check their office hours on the ARCR website and remember that CR is on Central time but does not observe DST.  Also there are quite a few holidays in CR and you may have inadvertently called them on a day that they're closed.

    And, no they may not answer emails promptly -or maybe at all if you're not a paid member.  (This non-response to emails seems to be epidemic in CR, tho not sure why.)

    OK – HTH

    Paul M.

  8. Hi Kim,

    I chose to maintain a checking account in the US (where my SSA pension was deposited) when I went to CR.  I eventually opened an account at Banco Nacional (BN) and after six months I was allowed to deposit personal checks from my US bank (credit union, actually) in my BN account.  In the beginning there was a 3-week float before the funds were released to me so I just deposited it far enough ahead of time that the money would become availabe to me at the time I needed to use it.

    After about three months I went in to the Plataforma in BN and spoke to a customer service person at that desk about shortening the float time.  He went into the back and after about 20 minutes came back out and told me that my checks would now clear in ten days.  After that my checks were clearing in 5 to 7 days.

    I was told that I could deposit up to US $900 per month via my personal check with no charges or fees assessed.  Over that cumulative $900 amount per month there would have been a deposit fee of around US$40.  I never deposited more than US$700 per month and could retrieve my monies using my International BN Servibanca Debitcard which BN issued to me per my request at the time I set up my account.  (BTW - You will absolutely wantto specify that you want an International, not Domestic Servibank Debitcard if you decide to go the BN/personal check route.  That's because the domestic card can only be used for things purchased inside Costa Rica.)

    As far as needing an apostilled SSA statement of earnings, you can get one in spanish by making an appointment (by email) with the US Embassy in Pavas.  The SS Desk will issue you a letter on official SS letterhead, in spanish.  That will be suitable for La Migra, especially if you were to go to the primary office in La Uruca.  I pointed out (very nicely of course) to La Migra that the letter was issued by the US Govt on the official US letterhead which made it as official as humanly possible so that it did not need to be apostilled and they finally accepted the letter as true and official without me having to arrange for an apostille.  BTW, you can have the SS letter apostilled at the Embassy but they charge US$50 to do that.

    OK – HTH

    Paul  M.

  9. Hey! This is a really nice book, Eleanor.  Not sure why you waited so long to publish it.

    I started reading it last night and am enjoying it a lot.

    Back in the mid-70s I visited Cedar Key with a Tampa friend who was an avid birder to go birding with her and saw the village before the gentrification you mention had begun.  From my experience on that long ago visit it is plain to me why you liked it so much.  It was truly a quaint comfy place back then.

    Paul M.

  10. SW, this is all so weird...

    That link worked for me twice yesterday but today it isn't working and Wikipedia says 'no such page'.  Feh!

    So I visited Wikipedia just now and did a search there for 'Vehicle Identification Number' and ''lo, the same page that I got when the link was working yesterday came up.

    So I copied the URL in the address field and here it is:


    That should work for you.

    Finger X-ed!

    Paul M.


  11. 2 hours ago, David C. Murray said:

    I've been told by a couple of reliable sources that cars imported to Costa Rica from Asia weigh 200 to 300 pounds less than their brandmate U.S. models. Since they look the same inside and out, one wonders what's missing. Friends bought a new Kia sedan here in Costa Rica in 2012. It looked exactly like the U.S. version, but while the U.S. model had six or seven air bags, the Costa Rican one had two. For me, that's a strong argument in favor of bringing a vehicle from the States.

    Great example, David.  And for Martha, who is considering importing an SUV from the US:

    It has long been known that certain automobile brands/models from the US are different from those same brands/models marketed in LatinAmerica.  These latter are built for the the LAmer market and are different than those for the US.

    This is not necessarily a good or a bad thing, but whoever is considering importing a car from the US to CR should at least take into consideration the possibility that the local versions of the parts may not be compatable with the US model and whether the US parts can be readily/easily gotten  in timely fashion.  Obtaining those parts can take a considerable amount of time to arrive and there have been reported instances where the wrong part was sent and then re-ordering the part is necessary.

    Meanwhile that US model car may be undrivable for an extended period of time while awaiting the needed part or parts.

    OK — HTH

    Paul M.


  12. On 8/25/2018 at 3:35 PM, MarthaU said:

      I want to by a good used SUV no older than 2015, low milage, great condition, no accidents, . . .

    Hi Martha,

    There's a expat gringo who has an auto service & repair buisness who also does vehicle sales and re-sales, mostly from other US gringos.  

    His business is Auto Shop Santa Ana and his name is Allen Dickinson.  He might have just what you need as his inventory is always changing.

    Here is the contact info for you:

    Allen, 8502-6305 (English)
    Joaquin, 8815-7668 (Spanish)
    Email = < allendickinson70 @ yahoo.com >

    I have no financial or other interest in this business but have met Allen and he is afriendly, honest fellow.

    OK — HTH

    Paul M.


  13. Hi Laura,

    Long time, no see!   Welcome back to the Forums....

     So... I did a quick Google search and found this online article about ServiEntrega in La Nación from around 2013:

     Servientrega anuncia su llegada a Costa Rica  [ https://www.nacion.com/economia/servientrega-anuncia-su-llegada-a-costa-rica/E5EIEBXNHBGV7KZFITZJGQVS24/story/ ]

    . . . but no confirmation of where exactly in CR or when ServiEntrega might have been going to open up shop.

    Also at the same time noticed this:

     Las franquicias Servientrega y Redservi ingresarán en Costa Rica   [ http://www.100franquicias.cr/Noticias/2016-06-21-Las-franquicias-Servientrega-y-Redservi-ingresaran-en-Costa-Rica.htm ]

     I didn't search further, but per these two articles ServiEntrega is likely operating somewhere in CR.

     A bit more Googling may turn up where they are located.

    Or.... Perhaps one of our other Forums Members may know whether ServiEntrega is currently operating in CR.

    OK    HTH

     Paul M.


  14. TeAmo,

    Eleanor's suggestions above are on-target for how to scope out possible rentals.  She is right about 'Word of Mouth' being 'KING'.  It really is.

    One thng she didn't cover is the fact that if you visit the local supermarkets or corner pulperias, or even the little offices where people go to pay their utility bills, etc., you will often find a little bulletin board in there where locals have tacked up notices for their house or apartment that's for rent, along with a telphone number.  That can be a very good source of info for locating a place to rent.

    OK — HTH

    Paul M.


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