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  1. Your message got thru to on here & I can see it, Terry. Maybe they're all watching soccer right now with a grim determination. Paul M. ==
  2. Epicatt2

    Shipping to the USA

    Hello Todd, If you will search the Forums for threads posted during the last week to ten days you will surely find the info you need.. There was a discussion about this very thing and it should provide the answers you are asking for. Cheers! Paul M. ==
  3. Epicatt2

    Ship? Cargo? Checked bags?

    A CR-based shipper that one might chose should surely be aware of that duty exemption benefit on used household goods. But if the shipper is not aware of it then it would certainly be worth askng around to other shippers, Lucybelle. Cheers! Paul M. ==
  4. ¡Güipipía!, Eleanor . . . ¡Qué alegría! Estás en hora buena: Vos sos verdadera tica, por fin. PM ==
  5. It does look quite promising for Costa Rica, this group of minds that the president elect has picked. Hoping that it bodes well for the country over the next four years. Cheers! Paul M. ==
  6. Your translation of the spanish text matches very well in both its sentiment and meaning, Induna. Thank you for the thoughtful effort. Interested parties should now be able to determine from that how they will need tp procede. Much appreciated. Paul M. ==
  7. David, Would t there be, I'm wondering, anything stopping the indivual/applicant, or his attorney, from making a request for a copy of the document (say, birth certificate, in this case) originally accepted by La Migra, getting it authenticated by a notary, and then submitting it to TSE? That would seem to fall under the ægis of that 'Excessive Paperwork' law which was discussed here recently. Just curious as to why that law's intent would not apply. Paul M. ==
  8. Marsrox, Hoping that all goes smoothlly with the process. We will all certainly be waiting 'with bated breath (& hook')* to learn the outcome of this! PM == [*With apologies to Marshall Barer & Princess Winnifred!]
  9. Whoops — You beat me to it, Eleanor! What you've said is essentially what I was going to suggest to Marsrox. Dealing with the TSE offices in Chepe sounds like the most productive idea. Fingers X-ed for Marsrox. Paul M. ==
  10. Epicatt2

    household products

    It prolly wouldn't hurt, either, to ask for this product in a few of the local ferreterías. That sounds like something that one of them ought to carry, and might save you the traffic hassle to get to an EPA, etc. OK — HTH Paul M. ==
  11. Epicatt2

    We're back baybee!

    Hurrah! — Welcome home, Lucybelle! I know you're both elated to be coming back!! Keep us posted on your progress, won't you? Cheers! Paul M. ==
  12. There was a law passed some years ago that directed itself toward this problem of being asked for a particular document or documents from persons during trámites when that document was already on file somewher else in the system. It was to keep parties dfrom haivng to get subsequent copies of the same document and moinimize the proliferation of (the same) documents. Don't know where to find the language of the law but prolly Induna can. (Sorry to pass the colón.) So it's correct that if La Migra has an apostilled, or notarized and consularized copy of one's Birth Certificate, for example, a copy of that one will suffice to present for elsewhere. OK — HTH Paul M. ==
  13. Epicatt2

    Drivers License

    Hello DrRick & Welcome to the Forums! Just curious, though, as to what you were charged for the translation of the license. Also, were there more than one office which offered translations (and did they charge different prices)? Was there a line waiting for translations? Did they offer translations of other documents, too? (Stoppng now at five before this turns into 20 Questions !) Paul M. ==
  14. Eleanor– It's interesting to read this article (below) which is reporting that CR Legisltive officials are (finally) seeking funding, as a loan, no less!, –some 6 months after the incident– to help those areas devastated last October (2017) by Hurricane Nate. Amazing to recall reading here on the Forums how your local funding efforts so quickly swung into play –immediately after this storm happened and its damage occurred– and how successful that effort was in raising a significant amount of funding. And yet at that very time how the CR banks, etc. gave you such a hard time with accessing those funds so that they could be distributed locally to those who were in need and suffering from all the horrific damage! This somewhat less than timely effort does rather boggle the mind . . . Paul M. == A.M. Costa Rica | Vol. 18, No.413 | April 13, 2018 | Friday Legislators seek a $20 million loan 
to assist victims of tropical storm Nate ==

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