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  1. I paid for a membership today.  How long before I get a membership number and can utilize this site fully?

    1. Epicatt2


      The FORUMS are only sponsored by ARCR but are a separated entity from ARCR.

      You will need to apply for FORUMS membership and read & follow the instructions exactlycarefully.

      Then it can take sevaral days for your membership to be approved since it must be vetted manually.




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  2. How long will I be a "new" member?

    1. Epicatt2




      It is based upon how many posts you make over time to the Forums. The number of posts is actually programmed into the software that runs the Forums program, so your 'new' member status will change by itself at the point you pass one or more of the levels (i.e., numbers of posts).


      Hope this helps.


      Paul M.

      Forums Moderator


      PS - I see that you've met Clea!


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