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  1. That's actually a very good suggestion, Induna. Those 3-wheelers get dozens of miles per gallon! Plus he's got extra parts for them, too! Hope Newman is watching and will chime in. Cheers! Paul M. ==
  2. Maybe getting some starts of suitable forage grass that a horse (or burro) can eat and plugging it around so as to gradually (or faster) edge out the stuff that is not good for forage would ultimately net you a less expensive horse cost by reducing much of the horsefeed expense. ¡Solamente dos más granitos de arena! Paul M. ==
  3. Maybe a horse might be in order to get you to town and/or to the bus. (Horse prolly could stay with a sympathetic in-town neighbor while you went off on the bus.) Horse could help carry the groceries, etc., back home after a trip to town and he'd also be good to help keep your yard cropped down. Just a tico type idea. Cheers! Paul M. ==
  4. As for me, my take on the 'bars thingy' is that I never have found them to constitute any sort of 'jail' since I have the keys to enter and leave my dwelling whenever I choose. And like Eleanor, I find that I've gotten to the point where I do not notice them. Plus it is great to be able to leave my doors and windows open to enjoy the nice breezes that CR offers, and yet still feel secure. ¡Unos pocos más de mis graniticos de arena! Paul M. ==
  5. Fortunately, James, there are ample taxis, plus many inexpensive buses & routes with frequent service to most everywhere in the country –unless you happen to be way out in the boonies where the bus frequency may often be much reduced. OK — HTH Paul M. ==
  6. Wouldn't if be just as simple Dean, to have the letter sent special delivery (if available) c/o General Delivery to your nearby post office? Then you can just go in in a few days and ask for it by showing your passport. All that said, since you say that already you have a 'workaround' in the form of a friend's 'loaner' p.o.box, you should be In Like Flint! ¡Buena Suerte! Paul M. ==
  7. Induna, a few points . . . When you apply for your residency and you documents, etc., are all accepted and you receive your 'comprobante' you are then considered 'en tramite' until you receive your 'resolución' awarding you your residency. And no, while 'en tramite' you may stay in the country 'til you are awarded your 'resocución' granting you your residency. But in either of those two statuses one cannot work. Only after you have maintained your residency in good status for three years and then apply to upgrade to 'permanente' status and once that is granted can you work ing CR> One last little point: The costarricans legislators themselves came up with the term 'turista perpetuo'. I saw it printed in La Gaceta. And somewhere here on the Forums is posted (twice, on separate occasions) the language from La Gaceta that addresses residency and tourista visas, both in spanish and english. I know that they are somewhere on here cuz it was I who posted them. But search as I tried I could not locate them. Possibly someone else will be able to unearth them and post them to this thread. One thing that was stated in the language (ref above) in La Gaceta, about tourist stays and overstaying one's tourist visa, was specifically that "there may be sanctions" for overstaying one's visa. OK — HTH Cheers! Paul M. ==
  8. James, regarding PT-ism . . . not sure exactly why you brought it up in this thread at this late date. I hadn't noticed anyone else here who has mentioned it anytime recently. (But perhaps I missed something new in this topic.) Anyway I would suggest that you read through our Forums Rules & Guidelines which are linked at the bottom right corner of every Forums page. (Note numbers 3 and 7.) While PT-ism is not very often talked about on here it does get discussed occasionally. What is not acceptable (per the Forums Rules & Guidelines) is promoting PT-ism in any way. Regards, Paul M. Forums Moderator ==
  9. Hey D, Don't get stressed-out by all the upcoming planning for your trip south. As an example . . . For me, when I remember back to just before I applied for my residency, the thought of trying to get all those needed documents together seemed like it was going to turn into a major mountain to climb. But after making the request for the first document which arrived quickly, then sending it off to the CR Consulate for authentication (as one had to do back in 2006), and waiting for it to come back in the mail, which it did in about a week, well, I was much relieved. After that obtaining the other several documents just went like clockwork and suddenly they were all back in my hands about a month before my flight south to make my resiidency application. Getting all those documents went so smoothly that I was indeed surprised that things went so quickly. So when you start making the arrangements for your upcoming trip south, if you will ahead of time do the things that you need to in preparation for the trip then everything should fall right into place so that once you're there you will wonder why you worried that much. Even so, I'm sure you will prolly have more questions in the coming months so please, ask away. There are folks here on the Forums who'll have useful advice and suggestions for your trip. ¡Buena Suerte! Paul M. ==
  10. Okay, thank you for that info, STW. I knew Charlie had many contacts in the US with whom he could arrange transport. What you say that he arranged for you sounds like it really helped simplify things a whole lot. How nice that that part of the move was so well taken care for you! Cheers! Paul M. ==
  11. STWoman, Remind me, please, where you shipped from in the States. That info eludes me momentarily at this writing. How did you get your items to Charlie in the US? Were you close enough to drive 'em to his warehouse in Port Manatee? Or did you have to have them packed up where you were and shipped onwards to CR? Paul M. ==
  12. Hey Stoic, Good luck with the house. Just a suggestionon the books: Consider using Charlie Zeller for some or any of the books if you don't have enough friends & family coming to CR to get all of them brought to you. Charlie has a decent rate for shipping used books or household goods: 2.5 cu ft carton = $35.00US (need to verify) 5 cu ft / 90# carton = $90.00US (max 90lbs for this size) Here are his contact numbers & info: Tels.: 506-2431-1234 / 506-2258-8747 Office Hours: M-F / 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tollfree: 1-866-245-6923 (from USA) Email: shiptocostarica@racsa.co.cr URL: www.solutionscostarica.com/relocating/ [NOTE, Call him during his office hours, CR time. If he's not in –he may be in Pto. Limón clearing someone's shipment that arrived. In that case his secretary who speaks some basic english can let you know when to call back. I recommend using Skype in case you must try several times; it's much cheaper. Once you get ahold of him you will find him very helpful.] == His office/warehouse in west central Florida at Port Manatee: Pack 'N Stow Ineke (Port Manatee = his sister; works at the office there) cell - 813.313.9411 Charlie/cell - 813-313-9057 (when in Florida) bus - 941.981.3880 If you or friends & family are or are going to be anywhere near Port Manatee, FL, you can take things to there warehouse yourself; just call ahead to be sure they are in the office. I'm in Tampa so it was very easy for me –about 40 minutes– to drive my stuff down to the warehouse. I have sent stuff using Charlie's services several times to CR & everything arrived safely with nothing broken. Remember your items will be traveling by sea so plan to get your stuff to him well ahead of time. I took my stuff to the warehouse about three weeks before my flight to CR and dropped them off. They showed up about ten days after I arrived, easy as pie. Plus they were delivered to me at my apartment in Alajuela Centro with no further charge. Sorry this got so long, but PM me if you have further QQs! Cheers! Paul M. ==
  13. Hi diceallion, Congrats on your concerted efforts in preparation for your planned move south! Let me suggest that you come while the kids are on summer break from school. That should make things simpler on the north end. As to the south end, that time of year would be the start of the rainy season and would offer the opportunity for you to see how that works, since it is very different from what we experience in the temperate climes. Sincein CR it most always rains in the afternoons you can go out early in the day (it gets full light by 5 am or so) and so you will have six to eight hours until the rains start around 1 to 2 pm. to explore and get things done. But the rain won't be every day, maybe two to four days per week in June and July. The later into the rainy season that it gets the more days per week it tends to rain, so by September it would prolly be raining 4 to 5 days per week, occasionally more. My reasoning for suggestion that you come during the rainy season is that it is so unlike what we experience in the temperate climes that if you cannot cope with the rain patterns during that seaon you may want to rethink your choice of CR for relocation. Mind you I am playing a bit of the devil's advocate here since I don't exactly know how much you already know first-hand about Costa Rica, so forgive me if I happen to be a tad out of line with my suggestions. Regards, Paul M. ==
  14. Interesting, CMGal. Seeiing your post I thought I'd juat chime it with this little narrative: When I first came to CR in 1976 I stayed at the (old) Pensión Otoya in San José (50 mts N of the Hotel Europa in downtown SJ). It was a lovely old place and was charging only $3.25US per day for a room with shared bath. Such a deal!! I stayed there for 20 years off & on, every time I came to Costa Rica. until it was sold and peremptorily buldozed to make way for a bus parking garage. [sigh] But the owner told me when I checked in that very first time in 1976 that for the price they had stopped serving breakfasts that year because there had been a bad inflation and milk had gone up to a dollar a gallon! So everything old is new again: Costa Rica is still getting expensive after all these years! Cheers! Paul M. ==
  15. Thanks Savannahjo, for those kind words about the Forums. Happy New Year to you, too, and to all of our Forums Members, as we march forward into 2017. The Forums would not be the useful place that it is if it weren't for our members. Collectively they are a font of information, knowledge and wisdom, as well as being a storehouse for many amazing experiences about Costa Rica. Regards, Paul M. ==