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    Hola desde Canada! My Fiancee and I have finally made the decision to move to CR. This has been a topic of discussion for 5 years now; and instead of moving to rural Ontario (Canada) to farm and have an off road business with cabins to rent, we will be doing it in CR. We have travelled there on 4 occasions, each time visiting numerous locations on both the pacific and caribbean side, never staying in large touristy areas as we do not like that sort of thing. Last year we made the decision to sell our cottage, this fall our rental property, and in 2 years time our current residence will get sold. One we have sold off everything, we will again visit CR to look for property. We are sold on the Cartago region, looking for 150-200 acres with dwellings and peace and quiet. Next summer we will visit CR for 4 weeks and stay in the Cartago region in the green season, as we have not been during this time. We want to be sure we love the area before buying there. Once we settle on property and purchase, back to Canada to get paperwork in order, get shipping in order, get pets ready to travel etc. We plan on getting temp residency with the purchase of our property as investors, as we will no doubt be spending 250,000.000 American or more for what we want. So far, I feel like we are on the right track and absolutely can not wait to immerse ourselves in the Tico lifestyle. So far we can understand some Spanish and speak some, although it may not be proper it always gets our point across. During the next 3 years we plan on improving our Spanish both written and verbal. Once we have settled down in CR we plan on building some small cabinas on the property, cutting some off road trails and prepping the property for our small business. We will have enough money set aside to live off for the first 2-3 years while we apply for perm residency. I am writing this in hopes that some of you have some improvements w ecan make on our plans/timeline etc...any criticism is greatly appreciated. We plan to use ARCR for as much info and guidance as we can as it gets closer to the move. For now we are not members but plan on becoming next year to have even more questions answered. Gracias por tu tiempo.

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