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  1. Thanks for the info. Will definitely investigate further.
  2. Thanks for the info eleanorcr, much appreciated. My wifes best friend is a realtor in MA, so I'm guessing we'll have realtor, but I totally agree. Do you have any places you enjoy that you would highly recommend? Thanks.
  3. Thanks costaricafinca, long term rental is another great option to not lock us in to on location until we find our perfection. The dollar is definitely a killer right now when searching for homes. 35% more in our case. Of course, the real price of the real estate is another matter altogether with the way some deals are worked and the relationship between sellers and agents. Its a different ball game for sure.
  4. Thanks Eleanorcr, we plan on gaining residency via buying real estate, but we are definitely looking at a fixed maximum amount as we will need to keep our initial costs reasonable in order to retain a long term stay there. I have noticed many rules and regulations on titles, etc. There seems to be much paperwork an pre planning to do , but well worth the price of admission. We have friends in MA , both tico and canadian which has been somewhat helpful. We do find MA a little busy, although I can see the amenities are great for tourists and those who require everything at their fingertips. We would like a place away from it all, but an hour or so drive to amenities would be quite acceptable. Part of the joy of Costa Rica for us, is the ruggedness of some areas, the peace, and even the power outages! Being there is a constant reminder of what it means to slow down, breathe and remember what is important......and all the while surrounded by stunning beauty.
  5. Thank you for the information. We have heard many say that renting long term is the way to go. Unfortunately for us, with our current careers, we don't have the option of a long term rental ( month at most every January). Our lives leave us with very distinct choices of keeping CR a once a year treat or going all in and taking the plunge. We are banking on selling our home here and enjoying our lives while we are still able to fully immerse and enjoy all that is CR, before we are too old to fully immerse and take it all in. In terms of amenities, we found San Juanillo to be absolutely stunning yet very rustic and rugged and having to drive 20/30 minutes for groceries to the local mercado was not an issue. We believe that the experience of just being there, better learning the language, the culture, the pace is of the utmost priority. The pace that many warn of, is the pace that we both are looking forward too. We hope to possibly spend some time in Ojochal on our next visit to CR and meet some of the residents and speak with them about their experiences. Thanks again.
  6. Good day folks, my wife and I ( Canadians ) are thinking of making the leap. Still unsure as of time frame yet. We have been to M.A. numerous times now and most recently to Nosara/Ostional/San Juanillo area. We are absolutely in love with the country as many are, and are also not under the guise that a vacation will match LIVING in a different culture an pace altogether. Have noticed that much of the real estate in Ojochal is very tastefully done with much green space and apparently there is a small Canadian contingent there. Is the reason behind the less expensive real estate with better bang for your buck ( as opposed to M.A./Nosara) due to how far off the beaten path it is? What are the amenities like? Any input would be greatly appreciated as we are not taking this big step lightly. In reality for us, due to our careers we either keep up with the 1st world 9-5 until it buries us, or we make the leap of faith to paradise. Thanks , Gordo y Becca.

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