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  1. House has sold, passports have been renewed, and tickets have been purchased. Moving towards the end of August 2017. Don't know what we are going to do once we're off the plane . Details to be worked out. Probably AirBNB and hotels for a couple of weeks while we explore a bit, then maybe a longer-term rental.
  2. Stoic

    Who celebrates US holidays?

    We joked about how most everyone in our area gets into the Halloween spirit, putting up all those big scary spiderwebs all over their yards We aren't really into holidays, will probably only do Christmas.
  3. Well, this month we have been renting a home outside Grecia that has Wifi included. My wife logs on to NFL Game Pass via her laptop. 1st couple of weeks she just watched on the laptop. We recently found one of our HDMI cables in our luggage, so now she runs that from laptop to TV and gets a good picture. This week we are moving into a long-term rental up the road. So now the adventure will be to get internet set up there
  4. Anyone here get NFL Game Pass in Costa Rica, or maybe you've found some other way to watch NFL at home? My wife is a fan, and I'm wondering if that is something she can keep enjoying, and what the cost might be.
  5. So we are in CR now. Wife got NFL Game Pass. Something like $124 for the season. She can watch any NFL game live. I think the service is more expensive in the USA, and a game has to end before it becomes available for viewing. Here, she can watch a live game, pause it, and return to it later. When any game is over you can watch a condensed version if you like. Pretty good deal.
  6. In Grecia for the month. Love the weather.
  7. Looks like we will be based in Alajuela for the first week, as we make some trips out to Atenas and surrounding towns in search of a good fit.
  8. Heck yes I am nervous A lot of it is wondering how long it will take to find a community we are happy with. We have two children and I really want them to make good friends quickly and get into a routine. I think we'll be leaving 20-30 boxes of stuff behind, but they aren't really things I am in a hurry to bring down. Mostly I just want my family to settle in without too much stress.
  9. Geez, you got all that in 2 checked bags?! We will be moving down soon (hopefully in a couple of months). Yesterday I was looking at my cast iron skillet and wondering if I could work some cast iron into the luggage Friends and relatives are going to have to bring us the rest of our stuff visit by visit.
  10. Wow, interesting process. My family and I are heading down there soon and will likely try a "non-typical" approach to residency. Might need YOUR lawyer
  11. We're moving to CR this summer and hoping to be on a finca away from the crowd before long. North of Arenal sounds nice, and quiet : )
  12. Nice update. Funny, we had a Tonka once. What part of the "north" are you heading to?
  13. Stoic

    La Sele v EE UU

    It was nice to finally see some goals, and against a very good Colombia team. I was wondering if they even could score anymore.
  14. Stoic

    Moving from Nebraska Where do we Start?

    One thing you said that stood out to me is you were ready to make a big move, but you did not specifically say you were dead set on CR. I'll be moving my family to CR next year. I have a lot of friends/family there, and that's something my wife insists on having before we make such a big move. If it weren't for that, there are probably at least a dozen countries I'd find preferable. One thing you might want to do is be sure you consider how many options you have in terms of where you COULD go. You also said the only thing tying you down to the States was family. That's a good situation to be in. For me, the ability to earn enough money to support the kind of lifestyle I'm happy with is what ties me to the US. When we move to CR, I expect our income will drop to about 1/3 of what it is now. That's because we won't be able to have regular jobs in CR for a while, and even then the pay would suck, IMO. We'll be living on pretty low self-employment income. If you have the money thing down, that's a BIG deal and should make the transition much much easier.
  15. Stoic

    Help getting started for CR

    You might be able to find a company in CR that will hire you. They would handle the paperwork for your work visa. A larger company may have competent attorneys in their network who know how to navigate the system. That work visa probably would not give you any kind of residency. Probably your salary will be much, much lower than your U.S. salary. As far as your being more qualified than a Tico for a position, or less qualified, or if you have skills that others do not have, that is for the potential employer to decide, then the bureaucrats will make their determination. Realize that there are guidelines in English you will find easily enough on the internet, and then there's actual legislation in Spanish that is a little tougher to find. The stuff in English is a good starting point, and unless you speak Spanish well you should probably stick to that and then hire a good fixer to push through it. I'm talking about the traditional ways of getting temp or perm residency, not a work visa. Seeing as how you are looking to be an employee, I think your best bet is to find an employer who wants you bad enough to find a place for you. Note I am not a CR resident. Really I am just a guy looking to leave the U.S. and because of family and legislation specific to my situation Costa Rica is tops on my list.
  16. Yup, you could cover the grate with a thick piece of plastic (or metal) and silicone it to seal the smell in. You could also anchor the plastic to the box with masonry screws. Or after putting down the silicone and plastic, put something heavy on top to weigh it down. Just have to make sure the water that is supposed to go down the grate doesn't pool where you don't want it to.
  17. Consider: 1. It's primarily a drainage box (which is why it has a grate versus a cap), meant to collect water away from the house and funnel it downhill. 2. The decision was made to run your wastewater into it because why not. It saved running separate wastewater pipes all the way to the public sewer lines, septic tank, or quebrada. This way they just had to run short pipes to the box. Saves materials and potentially having to dig and cover. 3. They figured it's not toilet water just soapy water, so no harm. If there's a P-trap between the box and your sink, smells shouldn't come through. One of my concerns might be snakes, bugs, or rodents coming through. Easy enough for one of those to get swept into the box and wriggle their way through a P-trap into the house. Fixing it "right" would require re-running pipes to the right places. So, pipe, T's, elbows, couplings, glue, mounting brackets, some digging, and maybe a permit. Other "fixes" would be draining less food down the sink, or pumping water into the box manually now and then to flush out the box. You could also re-route the grey water lines. Instead of running right into the box from the house, you could have them tap into that 4" line that comes out of the box, maybe a few feet further downhill. There's still digging involved, and parts, but fewer than doing it the right way.
  18. I could see if the box had bacteria working in it to break down what goes in, but seems like the grate messes that up. Maybe the box is used to collect bigger/heavier pieces so they won't clog the pipes going downhill. Then the box is checked every so often to see if it needs to be cleaned out. My initial thought is the box serves as a drainage collection point from around the home. Basically the actual purpose of the box is to collect water from around the house. The kitchen water goes into it instead of "Y"ing into the runoff pipe, or instead of having two long sets of pipes running away from the house. Or with the heavy rains you get, it collects enough water at times to really flush out the pipe? When you're not getting good rain, maybe you can cover the grate. The only thing that makes me doubt that is the grate and box seem so clean in the photo. Newer house?
  19. Stoic

    What to bring

    I searched back a little ways for a thread title that addressed this and couldn't find one. Anyway, might be good to have a newer one. What kinds of property would you advise people to consider bringing with them? In my case, I am currently in the middle of selling our stuff. I can keep some things on family property in the States, so I have low-to-no-cost storage as an option. I've thought about keeping a lot of my TOOLS instead of taking a big hit when selling them. Might build in CR down the road, or possibly go into building/remodeling as a business ( I have experience in it). Things I am considering buying more of (or not selling if I already own them) are: all kinds of tools and building/maintenance supplies rain gear ice chests, coolers large plastic storage containers large flat-screen TV? computer gear, home office stuff medical/health things like the things you keep on hand for upset stomachs, headaches, scrapes and cuts, ear aches, dental, etc We have friends and family who can bring down a few things as they come to visit, so mostly I'm wondering about what NOT to sell. That said, I'm sure others might like to not limit the input to just that. Thanks.
  20. Stoic

    What to bring

    I can appreciate the coffee filter thing. I'm not sure what things I will miss from my current way of living, but my guess is there will be many. Even so, that doesn't concern or matter to me near as much as what the things will be that my family will need to adjust to. It's good to hear from many different people. Folks that move to CR by themselves might deal with different things than a couple might, or those with children. Someone that's set aside a ton of money or earned a pension might look at things differently than someone who goes there with barely enough, or someone who is fine with just an SS welfare payment every month. Different strokes, and it's good to get the varied input because we all come from different places.
  21. Stoic

    What to bring

    Haha, funny that it came out today! For cheapskate fishermen like me, getting to the water is the most expensive part.
  22. Stoic

    What to bring

    Yes sir. I certainly wouldn't have thought knives, and towels slipped my mind though I'd heard it somewhere before. I started a Google Docs list Lucybelle, grits is on the list now Wife needs her fix of that stuff. One thing I forgot was sunscreen. I heard that was expensive in CR.
  23. Earlier this football season I told my wife to sign up for an NFL Game Pass trial. I'd heard it was available outside the USA for less money. However, I wasn't sure about quality/price/availability in Costa Rica. Anyway, I think she liked it. My pick? If I were betting I'd go with Carolina, but would really like to see Peyton go out there with that stiff neck and pick up 2nd SB win.
  24. Stoic

    What to bring

    Yes sir. It helps. I like the idea of towels and cloths as packing supplies. Duct tape reinforcement, and kitchen gadgets. We made a trip there when my oldest was 2. We were walking around San Jose. It was too hot to be carrying a warm little kid around, so we started looking for a stroller. Just a small inexpensive thing. Haha, we went ALL over the place and couldn't find one. A couple of stores had strollers, but even the cheapest ones were WAY beyond what we would pay. So, I think if you're moving to CR you ought to consider that you may be doing more walking than you're used to, and maybe plan for that. Strollers, quality walking shoes? Might be things you'll wish you had right off the bat.

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