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  1. Thank you for all the responses. How do you go online to check your own status? Sorry for my ingorance, but did not know you could do that.
  2. We applied for pensionado status using ARCR's attorney R. Pacheco in June 2016 and still have not been finalized. I have communicated with Mr. Pacheco but he keeps saying we just have to wait. Is that really all we can do - wait? We are having to make border runs to keep our driver's licenses legal/current, but feel like 14 months is way too long.
  3. I have been told by the USA Social Security that I need to apply for a replacement card because my city of birth was entered incorrectly in their system. I must do this before they will process my request for Social Security funds. I tried filling out the online request form for an appointment and did not hear back from them. Is there another way to make an appointment with the Social Security office at the US Embassy?
  4. Grandma Gail

    Wages owed for work finished

    I sent one last email, quoting some of your comments, and listing the multiple "alternate facts" he had told me. In his reply he told me to come pick up the $$ owed at any time. We will see. Thanks for your input everyone. It helped greatly. Lesson learned!
  5. Grandma Gail

    Wages owed for work finished

    Thank you all for the input. I have rechecked my notes that I took during the interview, and find more things that were promised that did not happen. I am going to reply that I expect to be paid on the 30th of March for hours worked, and if I am not paid, I will go further. One interesting thing...I was to be paid $10. per hour, but in colones/cash with the "you don't worry about it" line. For the 3 hours I worked, and got paid for, I was given 15000 mil - which does not equal $10 per hour.
  6. I want to begin by saying I made a mistake. I accepted a job teaching English at a local language school. I was paid in colones for teaching a 3-hour Saturday class. The next Saturday I worked 6 hours, and was supposed to be paid on March 30. Yesterday I quit the job for multiple reasons, mostly involving misinformation presented at the interview, but also decided that I could not deal with knowing I could be deported if it was discovered I was working under a tourist visa. I told the supervisor that I would come back on the 30th to pick up my remaining pay, and he said, "since you resigned, you are no longer on the payroll, and the accountant will not pay you until the end of the school bimester, which is 6 weeks from now." Is this how the "system" works in Costa Rica, or is this man reacting in anger?
  7. Grandma Gail

    Financial investment in CR

    Thank you for the input, and support. Based on the tone of the negative responder, it seems like he has not found the Pura Vida of Costa Rica. Sad.
  8. Grandma Gail

    Financial investment in CR

    Thank you for the replies. Is the value of colones affected by the USA market?
  9. Grandma Gail

    Financial investment in CR

    Looking for input on investing in CD's from CR banks. Our financial investments in USA have only averaged 1.5%. But Costa Rican banks advertise 5-7% depending on length of time for the CD. We have applied for Pensionado status, and do not foresee returning to USA to live. Any experience in CR financial investment welcomed. Thanks.
  10. My husband and I arrived in CR the end of June 2016, and began the pensionado process through ARCR' office and attorney. all our documents were accepted, and we have temp. status, waiting on CR to process. We have a USAA bank account in the states, and our financial person deposits funds in that USAA account when we tell him funds are needed. Then we draw $$ out of an ATM when needed. But we have not been doing this regularly (monthly) because we had extra funds available in our account when we arrived in CR. I have read multiple forum postings, but am still unsure of the answer as to whether we need to open a CR account and have our "pension" funds deposited there each month. Please advise if you are sure of the answer. ? Will we have to have proof that $1000. a month is being deposits into a CR account, or will our USAA account suffice?
  11. Grandma Gail

    Local car rental

    We are renting a home in Palmares, and have no car. However, we were wondering if there are "local" car rental opportunities for short term car rental. Anyone have any info on this? Not wanting to go to the airport, etc.
  12. Carol, we have decided to go the "no car" route, so no drivers licenses needed. Thanks for the reminder though.
  13. I have posted a few times in the past few months about moving to CR. Well, my husband Dan and I arrived Tuesday night, ready to begin our new Pura Vida lives. The only bump in the road so far was that our 5 bags of luggage, containing ALL our worldly possessions, was missing until this afternoon. Which leads me to my praises to ARCR. Paul- the Real Costa Rica - led me to the ARCR web site, which led me to wonderful information while preparing to move. Saicy, at ARCR, starting leading me through the residency process 4 months ago. She was amazing in every way. Thank you. So, today, 2 days after we arrived, we met with Saicy, and the the attorney, at the ARCR office. By 3:30, Saicy had found our luggage, and had it sent to our hotel, we filed all the necessary apostilled paperwork we had brought with us, gotten our fingerprints/pictures taken, and completed our portion of the residency process! No 90-day visa issue for us. Tomorrow we head to the house we rented from David in Palmares, and begin the ex-Pat life. We have already received way more in services than the $100. fee to join ARCR. Thank you all my forum "friends" for getting us off on the right foot. Pura Vida. ❤️
  14. My husband and I arrive in CR the end of June and need a rental property beginning July 1, 2016 for a few months. We would like to be in the Central Valley area, in one of the towns in the mountain areas, like Grecia. We will not have a car in the beginning, so it needs to be in town, or walkable (less than 2 klms.) We only need one bedroom, one bath minimum, furnished, and HOT water!! Our budget would be $800. US dollars a month maximum. Any shared knowledge of properties available, real estate agents, etc. would be greatly appreciate. We had thought we would treat ourselves to the month of July in Puerto Viejo, however just heard from the landlord of the house we put a deposit down on that there is NO water there, and none expected to be released by the city. So, we are back to looking. Our original plan was to rent in the Central Valley area. Thank you in advance for your input.
  15. So, our "pension" is from our own investments (inheritance) verified by our investment company that we will have $1000. a month for life, based on the income generated from that. Is that acceptable?

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