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  1. Fibre optic cable is still being installed as far as I know. I did recently hear that it was being installed in Mal Pais. Exceeding your bandwidth allocation means exactly what it says. You have paid for x amount and you have used it already. I ran into that a lot when I purchased bandwidth from ICE. Luckily, I moved and was able to have cablemodem installed. Yes, it's fairly expensive. Download speeds are less then the 10gb I pay for. Streaming video is spotty. Given where I live, I feel fortunate to have internet at all.
  2. I know that I am very late to respond to this and yet, here I am. I ordered DSL, even though ICE would not confirm that it was DSL. They called it Home Internet??? Anyway, I was given an installation number and told that ICE would be at my house in one week. Four times I contacted them and that doesn't include the times I went into the office in Cobano. This is to say I waited one month and no one came to install DSL. Finally, a breakthrough and it wasn't ICE. The house we used to live in became available and it has Cabletica's services. ICE was for the most part great on providing what I wanted - on paper and their direct interactions with me were cordial and helpful. They just could not deliver. Oh, yes and when I went back to the office in Cobano to cancel the installation, they asked me if I wanted internet service????
  3. I've been experiencing the same issue with 8888 and consumo with ICE. I've also found that my username no longer works with ICE when I attempt to access info there. Since my Espanol is lacking I have to translate everything when I chat. I'm as yet to find anyone who speaks English on the Chat line.
  4. As a former cable technician for Time Warner, a mobile device technician for Apple, an all around IT technician for the University of New England, and the IT guy for the School of Business at the University of Southern Maine, I offer the following. I probably shouldn't be writing this today. I've been involved in technical service and customer service of all kinds, in multiple capacities since 1972. I've just returned from the ICE office in Cobano. The person who I have been working with was there and didn't even acknowledge me. He actually shook hands with two guys sitting directly to my left - but me - nada. He won't answer my texts anymore either. Perhaps it was the lies he told me regarding my installation appointments. Not sure. When you arrive at the office you have to take a number, so I did. That was at 10:56AM. My number was actually going to be the next one up but the numbers never changed. When 11:20AM arrived I told myself that I would give it five more minutes and then I would leave. I ended up leaving mainly because, yes I had to catch a bus but because when I looked up from my chair at 11:25AM there were no customer service representatives to be seen. They had all left their stations with at least 6 people waiting for appointments. What the heck? So what does this have to do with data restrictions? When my wife and I first went to ICE it was to obtain internet service. Little did we know that we had been offered a 10gb maximum data service. I thought it was unlimited. My poor grasp of the Spanish language. Very shortly after we found out it was only 10gb and that was only a few days after we plugged in the Huaweii device that creates a wifi access point for our devices.. I went to the ICE office in Cobano to find out what was going on. I found out in a hurry. We had already exceeded our maximum and no, we could not upgrade our service only move to a different service. It was probably because of where we live. It was then I was offered "home internet" service. That was four weeks ago. I have asked multiple times what home internet service is but the representative won't respond to my questions. I think it's ADSL. Oh, yes and even when they have offered you a whole array of speeds for the service; ultimately, we will get the slowest if we get service at all. I am not impressed and I would really like to be. I decided to see what I could find out about our installation appointment by going to ICE's chat. Not much. Even though the lady assisting us was nice and did her best to answer my questions, nothing was resolved. She said she tried to expedite our appointment, but never said she did. She also said she had to wait to find out when the technician would be in my area. I just passed at least 7 ICE shirted men on the side of the road about 2 km's from our house. They should just tell the truth. Lies don't seem to work well here. My last comment is this. We previously had Cabletica, cablemodem service here. It was great. The lady at the office was wonderful, the customer/technical service was great. Because we are now in a different location, that is about 100 ft to the other side of the house we were in, we are too far from the road for that service. It's really too bad. I still highly recommend Cabletica.
  5. TicoGrande, thank you for this information. For those of you with a decent internet connection running Mac OS X or those using iTunes on their PC - iTunes Radio offers a very nice collection of radio stations and the sound quality is very good.
  6. durphym

    Television in CR

    I'm writing from Montezuma, CR. Our house is the last one to receive cable on our road. We are extremely thankful just to get cable tv and cablemodem service. The customer and technical service we've gotten has been great from Cabletica. We just get basic service however, lots of sports. Do we care if many of the sporting events are broadcast in Espanol? Of course not. Very pleased to get the action. The funny thing about this is that we gave up cable tv back in the States. Didn't need it, didn't want it. Here we like it mainly because it helps with our learning Espanol and does help us to stay informed. We have to pay for cable tv to get cablemodem internet service so we're going with it and happy to do so. For those interested internet/tv costs us about $70.00 USD per month. It is true that most any event you'd like to watch can be seen over the internet. Ciao.

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