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  1. Thank you all for your replies! I am anxiously awaiting our cedulas and cannot believe this day has finally come! Your wisdom has helped me so many times along the way! I think I'll stick with San Jose to be safe. I feel like this is a "I'll believe it when I see it" type of situation - I'm so nervous that something will happen between now and the time we pick up our cedulas. We'll see!
  2. Additional question - if we have all received our acceptance letters after the residency process being completed in San Jose - can we go to the Immigration Office in Liberia to finish getting our cedula? Thank you for your time!
  3. Hello! I am looking for a dentist in the San Jose area that has their own cerec machine to make crowns in their office for cosmetic dentistry. I know of Dr. Luis Kaver... but would prefer someone not so flashy and expensive. I searched the forum and a lot of the dental questions were several years old - so I thought I'd throw a new post out there! Any help is much appreciated!
  4. Ahhh! That's what I was afraid of. Our residency hasn't been accepted yet, so I don't have the CCSS card. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thank you for clarifying!
  5. Hello all! As I muddle my way through this crazy residency process, I need to reach out once again for help! After having a sweet baby in San Jose in May, we applied (my husband, myself & 2 other children) for vinculo residency in November. We received the residency approval letters for both my son & my daughter... but not yet for myself or my husband. We're going to pick up the ID cards next week and the letter tells us to bring our (their parents) CCSS social security cards. Does anyone know what that is? They can't be asking for our US social security cards, are they? Any help is much appreciated! No, we haven't been working with an attorney - so I have no one else to ask.
  6. Given everyone's responses, I think we will bring everyone for the trip to pick them up! Thanks for the feedback! One other dumb question - on a costa rican government website, I saw that you are supposed to bring 2 costa ricans with you to "testify" for you. I've NEVER heard that before now but don't want to get held up because I didn't have 2 friends there. Has anyone ever heard of this?
  7. Good Evening! I know this is probably a dumb question---- but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway! We received the Acceptance or Resolucion Letter from Immigration stating our children's permanent residency was accepted and they are residents of CR. My question is - do they have to go with my husband to pick up the documents from immigration? I know we have to pay for the cedula... so I'm assuming they will have to have a photograph to use for the cedula. Can we pre-take the photographs and just send them with my husband--- or do they need to actually be present to pick everything up? Thanks in advance! Hopefully this isn't a dumb question...
  8. Oh my goodness that must have been so frustrating! I am nervous because we received my children's letters... but not the letter for my husband and I. We only submitted them in August - so I was really surprised to see theirs come through so quickly! Congrats on getting your cedula!
  9. Thanks for the response. We have done this without a lawyer and so far, it's been quite easy. I sent the document to Tiger Translations to have them translate it for me--- I'm just not a patient person and was wondering if anyone knew. The letter references canceling the $200 deposit and paying $300 and $98. I guess we'll see what the translated document says.
  10. Hello! We've submitted our residency papers for Vinculo residency. We received an email today that were still working on translating - but from the "jist" of the email, it seems like it's approved and they want $300 more. We've paid the initial deposits of $200 and $50 per person when we submitted papers. Does anyone know if they ask for more money upon acceptance of the residency status? Thanks so mucvh! Erin
  11. Good Evening! We applied for Residency via Vinculo on November 8 of this year. 2 adults and 2 children.... my 2 children's "status" on the website has changed to RESOLUCIÓN FIRMA while my husband and I still stand at Solicitud Recibida. I know that we have to update our Police Records (get them apostilled and translated).... but I'm curious as to my children's status. I searched the blog and found several postings about RESOLUCIÓN FIRMA.... but wonder if anyone can provide a clear picture of what that status means? Thanks so much! Erin
  12. This may be a far-stretched request.... but does anyone have the list of official translators? When I go to the website (http://www.rree.go.cr/?sec=servicios&cat=atencion-personal) for the ministry of foreign affairs, the list takes me to a blank page.
  13. Hello! We submitted our Residency Application last month after having the birth of our little Tica in San Jose. They accepted our applications, however, we found out we needed to have our Police Records apostilled and translated and the STEP (US Travelers program) document translated. For our first round, we used Tiger Translations in San Jose. We had a wonderful experience with them... however, are looking for a reputable company closer to Migracion for the other documents. Does anyone know of a reputable Translation service (english to spanish) near Migracion that I can have these 3 simple documents done? Thank you! Erin
  14. Another note... the STEP document needs to be translated to spanish for submittal with the Residency Application. We tried to turn it in in english and were asked to get it translated. This happened to us 2 weeks ago.
  15. I was afraid of that. I messed up big time... thanks for your help!

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