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  1. We were not asked for a pension letter when we applied for CAJA. They based the income on the requirement of pensionado/a temporary residency of $1,000 US per month. We filled out the form provided for monthly expenses. It was all straightforward, fast and efficient with friendly helpful staff. When we went to the second office (the same day) to register for CAJA with our receipt showing we had paid our 1st month we were asked for a copy of our marriage certificate which we produced. Again very helpful and efficient.
  2. We went directly to CAJA CCSS(Pensionada/o) and pay $49 US (27,000). I agree with the posters who suggest that you go to CAJA before you sign up with ARCR. We are in the Cobano area. Great news regarding residency approval!!!!
  3. Thank you all for this information. After seeing the article in Tico Times today regarding the weather advisory due to the heavy rains we thought it best to be checking daily before we head off too far from home. Much appreciated.
  4. I thought I had seen links to a Government website on previous travel posts. I have searched and and can find nothing. I know there is Waze but was hoping for a bit more road and highway information. Any assistance appreciated.
  5. For many of us who need to withdraw from our foreign debit cards - (which this topic covers) to deposit into our CR banks accounts and/or for our day to day monthly expenses it is going to be expensive and time consuming. Eleanor I know it doesn't apply to you as per your post: "I have no "foreign" card of any kind so that is not an issue for me." As a Canadian my pension cannot be direct deposited into a Costa Rica bank. I now have to go to a BN ATM (only bank in town) - maximum 50,000 per transaction - 4 times a day for 3 or 4 days - 4 per day X $5 per my Canadian bank transaction fee and that is a lot of $ and driving to town etc. I have checked with BN today for alternatives. Debit transactions in the branch is 4 % for amounts over 150,000 colones or $10.US for any amount under 150,000 colones. I am going with the in branch debit withdrawal with the 4% fee. I think the 4 smaller ATM withdrawals per day x multiple days - all the same amounts might be worrisome for the security folks at my Canadian bank? What used to cost $5 CDN per month now is $40 US ish for BN and hopefully just $5 CDN. Not complaining about CR. Just sharing. Pura Vida.
  6. Rosa

    Border crossing with least hassle

    We kept a copy of our Comprobantes with our passports for our 2015 re-entries into Costa Rica via the Penas Blancas crossing - they were well scrutinized but no tickets out of Costa Rica were requested or provided.
  7. We bought a HP scanner/printer at our local small town Monge store for 22,000 colones. It has more than paid for itself in the past 18 months. We liked the security aspect of not printing in a public place as we are printing personal docs. Printers have memories.
  8. Air BnB was a Vancouver B.C. news story yesterday on the Canadian Global News. The story was about the renting out of rooms/suites etc. without paying the taxes etc. The government and city is wanting to change that as soon as possible.
  9. This is very challenging and more expensive for Canadians as their monthly pension payments cannot be directly deposited to a Costa Rica bank.
  10. Would the recently apostilled marriage certificate (also translated) be required for renewing Caja prior to renewing residency?
  11. We had no problems with Immigration or CAJA with me (female) being the Pensionada with the pension. No one hesitated or asked any questions as to why it was not my husband.
  12. You might want to try your local INS office. We got their reasonable health insurance (like a travel insurance) policy until we got our Temporary Residency with our CAJA. We did not need a medical exam and there was no registration fee. Thankfully we did not need to use it but we felt it was well worth the money for peace of mind. The 'what if's' we were in a car accident, fell down a cliff... etc. was risk we were not comfortable taking.
  13. Rosa

    Hotel in San Jose

    Hi, We recommend the Apartotel La Sabana. It is walking distance to the Embassies. The staff are wonderful. The rooms very nice. I had suite #1 last month when I stayed there. It has a separate kitchenette looking over the pool and gorgeous courtyard with a nice sitting area outside the front door just for you. We stayed there a year or so ago and enjoyed our stay. Breakfast is great - pool side or you can sit indoors. Great service.
  14. We got 3 months on our temporary Carnet (prior to receiving our Cedulas) which was changed to 2 years when we received our Cedulas and went back in to have our Carnet updated. We both have the same dates. This was six months ago.
  15. costaricafinca wrote: 'When you renew your cedula for the first time, after one(1) year'. Our first cedula, which we received fall of 2015, is for two(2) years.

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