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  1. Yeah, a local technician (in Jicaral) fixed the problem, because I couldn't afford to wait. Frigidaire products have become a no-go for me, too! Happy Thanksgiving, too!
  2. Hi, does anyone have experience with Frigidaire support? I had a problem with my oven and the fridge and tried to contact them: a nightmare. First of all, they only offer direct phone support (0800 052 1672) which can be reached by landline phones, which is quite stupid thing to do in Costa Rica. Then I sent them an email to serviciocostarica@electrolux.com). No reply! After that, I contacted Frigidaire in Canada twice. Again: no reply, just an automated email that someone is going to contact me within 48 hours. How bad can customer service get? Or do they make a difference between first and third world countries? Cheers, Joachim
  3. Yeah, but normally you start your business when you apply for residency. Before you get your cedula and are entitled to join the caja, a year or more will have passed. So normally you will already have your first financial statement ready, when you need to present it.
  4. As far as I know, the percentage is based on your income, not on the investment. So, if you have a Ltda they will take your annual fiancial statement in order to calculate the fees. Divide the net profit by 12 and you got your monthly income as a base for the caja. For example, if your monthly net profit is above 1,718,805 colones, you currently pay 10.69% for health coverage plus 6.93% for disability & death (this part being optional). So far the theory. I will let you know, what reality is like in a few month's time

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