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    Exit Visa Questions

    Ah! A quick phone call to ARCR resolved this question. $46/person at the airport the day of the flight pays for the overstayed visas and obtains an exit. Thanks!
  2. urlgirl

    Exit Visa Questions

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help me. My family and I have been here for about a year (a little over) on an overstayed tourist visa. We were trying to work something out where we could stay, but in the end that didn't happen. So, we're leaving, going back to the U.S. this week. My question: what can we expect at the airport regarding exit visa charges or headaches? I'm not crazy about going to immigration to get an exit visa, and I've been out through the airport a few times. I know how that part works, generally. Complicating our situation, however, is that we have our young daughter with us (both parents are with her) and I've heard rumors that we may have a problem leaving because of that. Can someone please set me straight? Thanks!

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