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  1. My kids will not be joining us, so my husband and I have the option to go where we want and pick what is best for us. Both of my kids, who are now grown and on their own are excited to see where we end up.
  2. It is interesting reading this, as a lot of sites will depict CR as being so much cheaper than the US. I as well thought it was a cheaper place, and may need to check out the boonies area induna lives in. Panama was one of our choices for places to move, as it is much easier/cheaper for becoming a resident since US is considered a friendly country to Panama.
  3. That's what I thought. There is up and down sides to this. The upside is someone else does all the hard work, the down side is I have to pay someone which cuts into profit. Darn the double edge sword.
  4. Awsome! Now since my business is selling jewelry would having a kiosk of my product be ok or will that require a visa or for me to have a tico do it?
  5. Anyone know if Bliss was successful? I currently have an online business, so I am curious if this worked out.
  6. I think you and I have the same vision as to why we are looking to move to CR. Currently I feel all I do is work and life is just passing me by. I am lucky if I get to spend an hour some days seeing my husband because our schedules are always so packed. I want to shred the work load as much as possible and enjoy life more. No more letting it pass us by, time to enjoy everyday and not stress over work so much!
  7. Dee&Lou

    Possible tsunami may affect Nicoya Peninsula

    Savannahjo that is good to know, I read over the weekend that the volcano was spewing ash. Has there been any actual eruption or threat of one?
  8. Dee&Lou

    Possible tsunami may affect Nicoya Peninsula

    I haven't been to a beach in YEARS! I will def keep that in mind when we visit! Now September needs to hurry up!!! haha
  9. Dee&Lou

    Possible tsunami may affect Nicoya Peninsula

    Do you think a tsunami will hit CR? It's funny I worry more about natural disasters than personal safety...I guess growing up in a big city not trusting many does that to you.

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