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  1. Newbie here

    Thanks for the tips, I was actually looking at Alejuela when planning the trip.
  2. Newbie here

    BC Gal thanks so much for that info! My dogs are use to carriers, they actually like to lay in them during the day when we are working so I know they will be fine in them. I feel better knowing that the black out dates are not for them flying in cabin shew that is a huge load off!
  3. Newbie here

    Oh I can't wait to see how your dog fairs the flight. I am nervous to take mine on a plane. I am sure as long as they are right in front of us they will be fine I refuse to have them travel any other way. Let me know if you have any tips after traveling with your dog. Thanks Ron, I will check into that! I usually get military discount as both myself and my husband were military and still get the perks however, the military fare isn't always as good as what I can find without that discount.
  4. Newbie here

    I read somewhere there could also be black out dates for some airlines for allowing dogs to travel, not sure how true that is or what airline. I have two of the cutest dogs that I will be having them travel in cabin with us, my only upset is they have to be in seperate kennels, I think they would be more comfortable and at ease together but, must follow the rules unless the airline is super nice and will allow it. I can't wait to introduce a beach to both of them!
  5. Newbie here

    Hi Nancy, I am originally from Philly, so you can agree keeping away from those east coast winters will be a blessing haha Thanks for the tip on Adventure Inn, I was teetering on if I should go through a travel agent or just book myself. The Adventure inn sounds like a great place for us to stay! We also have two small dogs we will be bringing when we move, not for the week long trip they are both mix chihuaha's.
  6. Newbie here

    Thank you for that site, that is awesome!
  7. Newbie here

    Thank you everyone for the great tips and suggestions! I have read about it taking longer than usual to get to places, not just because of terrain, but also because of there is no street signs. I cannot wait to visit, and even more so to move there!
  8. Newbie here

    Well we love both the beach and mountain views. Both my husband and I love nature and are open to anything. I have read just about everything on "The Real Costa Rica" blog, that is how I found this forum. We currently live in city setting, and would probably like something more rural. We do like a little night life but, prefer to do stuff like hiking and things that involve nature. When we come in September we will be there for a week, sadly I can't stay longer due to work and school. We will have our 19 year old daughter with us when we visit however, she is a lot like us with enjoying the sites and nature. Having someplace to get a good beer would be nice As for living there legally, I have been reading up on all that is needed, but I am sure I will still have lots of questions as that time aproaches.
  9. Hi everyone! My name is Dianna, my friends call me Dee. My husbandn and I are taking our first trip to CR this September for my birthday. The plan is by next August to leave the U.S. for good and move to CR. Our trip in September I want to try to get more of a feel for life in CR, can you recommend citis, or area's we should check out? My husband is from El Salvador so I will have my spanish speaking trasnlater with me, and I am in the process of learning it myself. Any recommendations you can give would be greatly appreciated!