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  1. I sympathise! We are also a young canadian family planning our escape to paradise. I think that I can write a 1000 page book on what is wrong with life in north america . I'm sure you can write a few pages too. Costa Rica is amazing but not very residency friendly. Alot of money and paperwork and money and waiting and...money. Can't bring any of your belongings because you will be taxed on them. Add the shipping costs and it is just better to buy your stuff here. Especially cars. Can't work locally until you are permanent resident which can take up to 4 years. If you really feel that you need to leave Canada soon you should maybe look at Panama. Alot less $ ( 5K + 2K for each dependent) and you can get a work permit. Here is a link with some info http://www.internationalman.com/articles/the-easiest-country-to-obtain-residency-panama You would also be a short drive away from Costa Rica. Road trip!