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    What I Love About Living In Costa Rica

    Noo, i could not find out what it was anyway. And the natural oil seems like a good plan for me. For the rest i will rely on the animals to eat the mosquitos.
  2. RainbowNine

    What I Love About Living In Costa Rica

    Thanks for the tips ! I'm gonna find EPA cos i would love to have a zapper again. and also try rubbing the oil on my skin. The mosquitos are not that bad, but i sit outside from 5 in the morning until bedtime. And yesss the biting ants, i got one bite that made an allergic reaction for me, all bumped up, swollen lips and breating difficulty, so i have pills and an epi pen in the emergency kit now just in case. So far have not seen a scorpion yet, but i guess when i do and it does sting me, i could react not so good. I think my body needs some training before i get a little used to it. I don't reakt to mosquito bites as much anymore and also been bitten by more ants without going allergic. Although i learned that there are many different kind of ants, i used to think there was only one, but they are an interesting species and clean up the mess. It is fun watching them carry a dead fly or something. And i love the birds that eat mosquitos, also the bats and the lizards, When i see the lizard poops on the porch in the morning, i think, what a nice way to present mosquitos. I love watching them hunt too, so i guess, it is also good to have a few mosquitos, than there is lizards and bats, and birds, to watch them have a good time eating them.
  3. RainbowNine

    What I Love About Living In Costa Rica

    There's many things i love about living here. And i also love that i love eating rice and beans now, it has made my life much more simple. In reading this topic i think i have to read up more older topics. For smaller things, I hoped that there were plants that repel mosquitos. Like the kind of citronella plant or bayleaves. I have no fear of snakes, cos few weeks ago, there was the fer de lance on my porch in the late evening. My husband told me to be afraid, but i made a nice close up picture and it did not get annoyed enough to bite me. He thinks i'm crazy. Since my problem is, i cant find a mosquito zapper in this country. The thing looks like a tennis racket but goes on batteries or charge up. They sell them a lot in Dominican Republic and they work good, any mosquito zapped to dead, cant come back the next morning. This forum takes a bit getting used to. Its very handy for information, which is very usefull. There is not much chit chatting (or how do you call it, the talking about anything, complaining or crazy talking and such) going on, which was the case very much on DR1 forum where i got my information when i lived there. So i come here once a day when i have my coffee in the morning, to read up if there is anything i need to know. And i wish you all a sunny day with a great view, and a some afternoon showers.

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