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  1. Happy 40th birthday, Ryan!

  2. Jesus, Su idea es posible, pero hay competencia. una compania no cuesta tanto (alredor de $400-600) La primer cosa sera come Usted piensa establecer residencia aqui, para que puede quedar legalmente en el pais.
  3. Greetings to all, Excuse me Tim for a second, but in this particular instance, and as the actual owner of this board, I just wanted to add the 'last note' I have never understood, on this board nor any other, why people get so worked up over a topic they don't have any interest in. If a person is not insulting anyone, nor posting thousands of posts about the same topic, then I feel that among adults one can decide what they wish to post. If another party does not like the topic, then why can they not just ignore it.?? There may be someone else (as in this case) who has interest, and they have the right to read it, the same as you have a right not to. If someone wishes to post a well thought reply, or engage in a 'Discussion' with an opposing point of view I also see no problem. However outright arguments are annoying to most of us, so I certainly hope that we don't have to continue seeing this sort of horsepucky, for if this board degenerates into argumentative posts, be assured I will pull the plug.
  4. Wettest in recorded history.... but I wonder if it was really the wettest ever? You should have seen by our house in Heredia, one day the entire road was about a 2 foot deep river for about 3 miles.... up the mountain (I live in the mountains of Heredia) About a 30-45 degree incline or greater. I felt really sorry for those getting off of the bus that day....
  5. Hi Steve and others, -------there is a link to a website containing both complaints and defense of the project, so people should investigate thouroughly. As stated here, obtain your own lawyer in ANY Real Estate transaction.
  6. Gracias Canadian (nombre por el pais o la cerveca no say!) Yo mande su post a Tim para que el puede hacer los cambios! Disculpa me castellano...
  7. The opinion of some of the developers and others there is the same as everywhere...."If you build it, they will come...." One of the towers we know being planned, some 250 units, has already presold some 100. In total I understand there are (amongst various projects) some 1300 units planned for Jaco. Will they all sell? Who knows. Will depend on price IMHO. They say tourism is down? I think it is based more on number of hotel rooms now available compared to 5 years ago. At that time Costa Rica was just breaking the 1 million visitors per year. Last year saw 1.4 million visitors, yet the hotels are complaining of lower occupancy. That can only mean a)more rooms or b)tourist are staying in places other than hotels. Anyone else noticed the huge number of backpacker hostels that have opened up?
  8. Thanks all, but a little bashing never hurt me. If I can it will serve to make us look for problems there might be to try and improve the office. I am well aware we can't please everyone, and I won't try, but we will try to give the best service we can.
  9. Actually it is quite easy. email us with specific questions directly to arcr@casacanada.net, or come and see us. In regards to Financial or Real Estate matters I deal with them directly, and can direct you to specialists based on what your needs are. It is best NOT to post personal financial questions on this board, which is a public forum. I am not an Expert in these fields, but am quite knowlegable regarding whats available and who you can talk to, Sincerely yours
  10. This all depends on who you talk to. Every government is taking measures to increase security, and Costa Rica is among them (not entirely by choice either) Reforms to immigration are necessary, based in relation to the crime situation being caused by some groups. Any new law has bad implications while the bugs are ironed out. However the government has made it very very clear that they want and need foreign investment and foreigeners. This is what we call a catch 22 in many aspects. I am not in fear as many others seem to be. Has anyone out there yet read the 400 page tax proposal? anyone?
  11. An important aspect to your question is whether you are looking at beachfront property or not. If so you need a lawyer familiar with Maritime Zone Law. In either case ask for references. We use Jose Carter ( jfcarter@racsa.co.cr ) for Beach or surrounding areas.
  12. New clothing would pay duty, so first it should be packed like used clothes (no price tags, etc) in the hope customs won't notice. Most packages do arrive intact, and clothing is not generally on the list of things they look to take (either here or in the US)
  13. Delboy, You already have some solid answers here, and using a corporation or not comes down to choice. The advantage as mentioned is when you sell, and liability protection. However be very careful with a corporation. I like to talk to people in person normally, but in short, make certain YOU provide the names of all directors (people you KNOW and TRUST) that only the directors that you want have power (individual or combined with another) and that you obtain the 6 corporate books and all legal documents. In regards to register value, follow your lawyers advice, as they will know what is reasonable.
  14. ARCR could look into the situation, but we would need the details. If your lawyer doesn't like it, and knows their stuff (you trust your lawyer?) Then Listen to them and be safe.
  15. disafortunadamente no, y es muy dificil obtener una credito como extranjero...
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