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  1. Hi Julie, I sure hope we can fix this too. First time I have heard of it, but please contact me as we will need all the details, Thanks
  2. ARCR discount site

    The website is back up now. http://discounts.arcrmembers.net
  3. ARCR discount site

    Will be back up soon, as the site is being moved. No differences from the book though, Ryan
  4. COME JOIN US!! Event Date: 18-January 10 (Single Day Event) COSTA RICA INFORMATIONAL SEMINAR on moving to and living in Costa Rica! Join us on the IN LIBERIA to find out more about what it is like to live in Costa Rica and how to go about getting things done here. If you are moving to Costa Rica or plan an extended stay, this seminar will be invaluable. Seminars are ALL DAY running from about 9:00AM to 4 PM days, and you will receive a HUGE amount of accurate information on every facet of living in or moving to Costa Rica. We invite professionals from each field to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Hear what they have to say and ask them the questions. SOME OF THE TOPICS INCLUDE: * Costa Rican Laws and Regulations * Living in Costa Rica * Moving and Customs including Duties on imported goods * Health System in Costa Rica * Communications, Computers, Technology, and the Internet in Costa Rica * Buying, Selling or Renting Real Estate * Title Guarantee * Banking in Costa Rica * Insurance in Costa Rica Contact ARCR by phone at 506-2233-8068 or by email at seminars@casacanada.net for more information and or make your reservation. Space may be limited, so please reserve early. This is especially true during the high season (December to June) Seminars are FREE to ARCR members. Members pay only $40 (total) to cover the cost of the buffet lunch and coffee break in the hotel for both days. The cost for non-members is $65 per person (including lunch) for the two day seminar, but if you join ARCR by the end of the Friday seminar, $25 will be deducted from your membership fee.
  5. Driver's license

    Actually Paul is correct in his information, which he obtained from me, Your Foreign License is only valid as long as your Tourist Visa is valid (UP to 90 days depending on your passport and the entry stamp)
  6. Residency Documents

    It is very possible that that particular consul did not receive the updated memo from Migracion, changing the validity of documents back to 6 months. Communication to the consulates is not always the strong suit of the government.
  7. Luv 2, Did it go through? I will email you to confirm, rcp
  8. Membership Renewal?

    Not a bad idea paul. I have thought of it, but maybe it should be implemented....
  9. Membership Renewal?

    Hi Andy, Just phone or email the office on both counts. We do send out a notice of membership with the magazine, but if we don't have the address you won't get it either. If our new software works well, by next year email notices will be able to be sent as well.
  10. Happy 40th birthday, Ryan!

  11. Once children have reached the legal age, yes they need to renew directly, of course if already a permanent resident this is easy.
  12. Forum

    Hi Laura, Probably too specific a topic for our forums. However there is a new site that will be created and you gave me a good idea, as this may fit there.
  13. Medical Insurance

    Normally the spouse is also a member, but the additional member is only $10 per year. The whole family (dependants) would be covered regardless....
  14. In theory $1000 income couold be valid, but at this stage the ONLY proof of income accepted must come from a financial institution, and often they won't write this letter, especially if the money is not with them.... however sometimes they will find methods that allow them to write it... (guarantee to the bank from the employer??...) There are only a few areasw affected by not having residency, the most hassle being leaving every 90 days. You theoretically cannot have CCSS medical (government health care) nor a Celular line, and so on. Somee of this can be worked around....
  15. History

    The ARCR started in 1984. This forum is but a few years old. We are still changing