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  1. Pete McFeet

    Local car rental

    Search for "Another Car Rental Option" on this forum. Andres at Faith Car Rental has been very helpful.
  2. Pete McFeet

    Beekeepers In Costa Rica?

    Try Jungle Mike's Butterfly Farm in Pilas de Bejuco. He's got a Facebook page. He keeps bees as well and is super knowledgeable. Bear in mind that Pilas is WAY off the typical tourist path. You'll need a 4x4 and plenty of patience to make the trek. I think Mike called them "cat bees" and they make delicious honey.
  3. Pete McFeet

    Another Car Rental Option

    My wife and I just returned from our annual trip to Costa Rica. I had contacted Andres at Faith Car Rental as suggested by !Mark!. It turned out that Andres didn't provide our vehicle out of Liberia, but instead referred us to Target Car Rental. All worked out very well, with both agencies. I would not hesitate to use either agency again. Andres was very helpful in the planning of our rental, and Target was completely professional, with no surprises on drop off day, as I had experienced with another rental company in the past. Two thumbs up to both companies!
  4. Pete McFeet

    Another Car Rental Option

    I reached out to Andres this morning about reserving a car for my trip in September. I wasn't sure if they serviced LIR. Turns out they do! I hope you don't mind that I dropped your name, Mark. Thanks for the info. We got burned by Alamo last year and vowed not to use them again.

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