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  1. Thanks for all the input. Tom is a recreational runner. I strive to be an Olympian competitor. Problem is I keep slowing down at this stage of my life. No to Paseo Colon.Good to get the input on Santa Ana. we have been in that area a few times and got a good feeling there. Will try and spend a bit more time there the next time we come. Will also check out Pavas. We are not ones to do things impulsively. Knowledge is power. Nancy and Tom.
  2. Jessica: We meant Paseo Colon in San Jose. As recreational runners we are looking for some flat land to run around. The Sabana Park area seems like it would work for us but just wanted to hear from others in that area or some where close by; or to see if anyone had other suggestions. We think we may end up around Atenas, but to start out want to be closer in to the San Jose area. Thanks, Tom and Nancy
  3. We are anticipating receiving our pensionado status in 2 to 3 months. Yes we have been to Costa Rica many times and are studying Spanish to assist us in acclimating to the area and culture. Since it remains to be seen if we will settle in and be able to adopt this country, initially we are going to do a long term rental (3 to 6 months) around San Jose so we can take Spanish classes, use the mass transit and settle in. At this point we are looking around Sabana Sur, Sabana Park, San Pedro, Santa Ana, Escazu, and Paseo Colon. Would like input on any of those areas: 1.Is one any better than another and why 2. Are one of these areas flat or flatter than others (we are joggers), 3. Any reason we should not consider any of these areas? 4. Are there more expats in any of these areas than others. (though we don't want to live in an all gringo area either). 4. Don't want an area that is so far out that a person can't walk 800 to 3600 meters or so to get to a store, buy a coffee, etc .5. Any other thoughts on if a house, a high rise, a condo should be considered? And any thing else. thanks for thoughts. Tom and Nancy
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