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  1. Hey all, I'm looking for recommendations for an older friend of mine, who's in his late 70s. He is considering trading Thailand for Costa Rica for his winter get-out-of-Alaska months and has asked me to help him find a beach community that has a decent enough population of expats that he'd be able to make some friends for going out for drinks and conversation. His lodging budget is about $300/week. Anybody have any good recommendations? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your thoughts everybody! As some guessed, the $300/week budget is just for hotel/condo/apt/whatever. I think it's a good idea to have him check out a few places for a couple days at a time, rather than committing to renting a place for an entire month without having been there. Those northern Pacific beaches are sounding like a good fit.
  3. I'm considering buying a car in San Jose and would like to have a vouched-for mechanic take a look at it. Has anyone had good experiences with someone in particular? Thanks!
  4. Thank you! Glad to hear of some personal experience with this.
  5. Hey all, My tica girlfriend was just approved for her B-2 non-immigrant U.S. visa. I am a U.S. citizen. We'll be traveling back to the States together to see my folks for Christmas, and then back to CR. Here's my question: When we arrive in the U.S., am I allowed to go with her in the non-resident immigration line so that we're together and I can verify anything or answer any questions? We have tickets to return to CR before the new year and I'll have those printed out. Anyone have personal experience with a similar situation?
  6. Hi All, In thinking about pursuing residency through marriage in the next few years, I have a question. One of the required documents always mentioned is a copy of the applicant's criminal record for the last three years, or a Police Certificate of Good Conduct, etc. I've seen it described a few different ways. Can anyone give some examples of what they used and what kind of information it included? Are there some crimes that are ok to have on a record? In the winter of 2013 I pled guilty to a hunting violation and paid a $500 fine. That's all that's on my record. Is that going to be a problem for me? Thanks, Seth
  7. Thanks very much - I appreciate all the helpful info and clarification. I guess in regards to working, if I was working illegally, it ended back in 2010 anyway.
  8. I was working for a U.S. citizen Ph.D. candidate who was funded through his U.S. university and various U.S. federal programs. He had all the necessary paperwork from Costa Rican agencies/government and hired whomever he wanted from whichever country he pleased and through the years worked with both ticos and gringos every year. There are many ecology/biology projects going on in CR with plenty of non-ticos working on them - many through volunteer programs where the 'volunteers' actually pay to play and that money goes back into the project. I was compensated some $600/month and had to know all 300+ bird species of the area by sight and sound, as well as radiotelemetry and bird banding procedures - though there are ticos out there with those skills, there aren't many. In any case, my boss's project eventually ran out of funding and I no longer work while in CR (aside from working on my own house and little farm projects).
  9. Thanks very much - I appreciate the e-thumbs up. That was something I meant to ask for clarification on - if I got married I wouldn't have to pay that ludicrous sum? I'd still be obliged to participate in CAJA though, correct?
  10. Greetings folks. After exhaustively reading through many threads, I believe I understand the current situation and regulations, but would welcome any feedback if I'm misunderstanding anything. My situation: I'm 32 and bought land and built a modest house over the last couple winters in a rural part of CR where I had been working on fully legal US-funded migratory bird research over the last 9 years or so. I've only entered the country for three months at a time on the 90 day tourist visas, and never stayed more than 180 days of any calendar year. Never had any need to do 'border runs' as I come down from October through December, go back to the states and visit family and friends for all of January, return to CR for February through April, leave to work in Alaska from May through September, rinse, repeat. As far as I can tell from what I've read here what I am doing is fully legal, as opposed to merely being 'not-illegal'. I acknowledge the risk of owning property and the house without legal residency but am doing all I can to eventually get residency, which funnily enough requires me living cheaply half the year in CR in order to save the necessary money, which I hope to have completed in 3 or 4 years. I believe 'rentista' will be my only option unless my Costa Rican girlfriend and I decide to get married. Am I doing anything wrong?

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