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  1. If you haven't lived in an country/area for at least 1 year a person is foolish to buy. Take a close look at Craigslist ads. There is plenty of stuff for sale. Purchasing a property that may take years to sell if necessary is not a good idea. The only exception to the rule would be is if you have so much money it really doesn't matter if you get stuck with your purchase.
  2. I generally live in Panama but almost moved to CR originally. Costa Rica is more beautiful than Panama for the most part. Panama fortunately understands where it's bread gets buttered and realizes the importance of foreign investment. Of couse Panama has plenty of screwed up laws as well. I really was interested after seeing so many beautiful places for sale in Costa Rica Craigslist. After reading further in this forum and refreshing my memory as to why I chose Panama I decided it's just not worth the hassle. Going to purchase in Panama and maybe move/rent in Costa Rica. Pura Vida
  3. So I have started looking at the forum and refreshing my memory regarding all the "expat rules" of Costa Rica and I have decided I want nothing to do with Costa Rica real estate. It's a beautiful country but you really don't want to own anything, just rent.
  4. Hello folks, I am the latest newbie looking for some input from the resident locals. I am currently in the initial exploratory phase (kicking the idea around) of possibly, possibly, possibly, looking to purchase a beach area rental somewhere in Jaco Beach. Do know I have been living in Central America for over 6 years and speak decent Spanish and I have a pretty good idea of what I am doing. It looks to me like real estate in Costa Rica has come to a standstill. . But anyways, I am interested in a place I could purchase in Jaco beach (area, I am flexible) that I can make a decent ROI. I want a place that has good potential for short-term rental. I would like to know if anybody could make any recommendations regarding a good management company or person that could keep the place rented? This would have to obviously be somebody trustworthy as well if that is even possible? I graciously ask for any and all input on the idea I have. Like I mentioned, I generally live in Central America and have been to Costa Rica numerous times. I do realize playing the real estate game is an absolute minefield. Thanks
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