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  1. If you haven't lived in an country/area for at least 1 year a person is foolish to buy. Take a close look at Craigslist ads. There is plenty of stuff for sale. Purchasing a property that may take years to sell if necessary is not a good idea. The only exception to the rule would be is if you have so much money it really doesn't matter if you get stuck with your purchase.
  2. lookingaround

    Info On San Isidro de General

    Very cool, thank you.
  3. lookingaround

    Info On San Isidro de General

    Internet reliability will come with time. I sure the internet will be fine in Costa Rica manana.
  4. lookingaround

    Info On San Isidro de General

    I know I will have to take my time with this move. Luckily I am right next door and can crossover driving basically whenever. The internet here in Panama is pretty decent. I live in a small town out in the middle of the country (300kms from Panama City, Panama) and I have a fairly reliable cable modem and can get 20mb down if I wanted. Will probably make a temporary move to the Chiriqui providence, next to Costa Rica, and then start exploring my options.
  5. Thank goodness for friendly borders.
  6. lookingaround

    Info On San Isidro de General

    I just checked out Agua Buena, interesting location. Never been through it. Was also checking out google pics, looks nice. Is there an expat community? When time gets closer and I start visiting again I will probably stop by a few of the major internet providers and just ask them where I should live if I want to stay connected.
  7. lookingaround

    Info On San Isidro de General

    Hi Induna, I would really appreciate meeting up. Beers on me . I am going to have to look and see where Agua Buena is on Google maps. For the first 5 years I lived in Panama I was a perpetual tourist. Major pain in the butt, but at the same time I got to know something about Costa Rica. Got a passport full of stamps to prove it, lol. Since I had to renew my passport so frequently I have crossed into Costa Rica through all 3 crossings including Rio Sereno. I've stayed in Puerto Viejo, San Vito, spent the night in Paso Canoes a couple of time, Golfito, Puerto Jiminez, Dominical, and even threw a pool party at a hostel in San Jose. I look forward to meeting you. salud
  8. lookingaround

    Info On San Isidro de General

    Having lived in Panama for about 7 years my expectations are generally low and that is why I use the term "fairly reliable", . As with any expat that has successfully lived in one of these countries, low expectations equals happiness. I would think though that worse case scenario, if I had to, I could live somewhere near San Jose to get decent internet. I figure with all the offshore gaming going on in San Jose there must be some level of decent internet. It doesn't need to be blazing fast and I could live with 3-5 mb as long as it doesn't cut out every couple of hours.
  9. lookingaround

    Info On San Isidro de General

    Hey CRF, was this recently? I know that even the same town can have different issues with internet reliability in Central America. I saw a small house for rent on Craigslist that mentioned it had access to 10mb DSL. Any feedback on electric outages? If things work out I would be looking to get some type of residency in CR. I hope maybe I could make a deal with the owner of a house to get DSL or some other type of high speed installed until I could get residency. As always I appreciate good observations.
  10. lookingaround

    Info On San Isidro de General

    So I am in the process of checking out Costa Rica. Currently I am a resident in Panama. Used to have a friend that lived here in Panama but moved to San Isidro a couple years ago. He said he really enjoys it. Unfortunately it seems that I have lost touch with the guy. I would really like to meet, talk, and get info on the San Isidro area. If I were to actually make such a move I would need fairly reliable high-speed internet since I work remotely. Any input or opinions or suggestions of other places relatively close to the Panama border would be appreciated. I might even be interested in San Vito. Gracias y Salud
  11. I will be finding out within the next 6 months and will make sure to update the thread.
  12. Thank you Induna for taking the time to find out.
  13. I kinda have a feeling that Costa Rica isn't worried about a Panamanian registered and owned vehicle traveling from Panama to Costa Rica. From the USA or Canada I can understand but that's not my situation.
  14. Sorry, didn't realize perpetual tourism discussion was not allowed, my bad.
  15. Perpetual vehicle tourism kinda is the goal but even some limited use would be good. I will need to check into this further. I did have plans on starting a new corporation here in Panama and if I put a vehicle under the corp I might get some extra freedoms?

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