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  1. Well, I wrote a long and erudite answer (haha) to your reply but then decided "Why the hell am I bothering." and didn't post it. I've learned a lot of things from this forum over the years but if there is so little interest in discussions about "all things Costa Rican" or how things elsewhere in the world affect us in Costa Rica, then I'm out. I can take only so many, as you say, repetitive questions about how to acquire residency and where to live and how much does it cost to live. And where's a good place to eat in San Jose. 🙋‍♀️
  2. Well, with the lack of interest in this forum in all things Costa Rican, I have to wonder just why I check here every day. No one has any interest in any of the 10 topics concerning Costa Rica that I posted? That's just unfortunate.
  3. Paul, if you are "anxious to make a post" then why not start a discussion about some of the things swirling around Costa Rica and inside Costa Rica? 1. World Cup 2. Keylor Navas - Costa Rica team and Real Madrid 3. Situation in Nicaragua and how it affects Costa Rica 4. Is there more tourism this June? 5. Hurricane forecasts for 2018 and effect on Costa Rica 6. Costa Rica relationship with US 7. Costa Rican boy found alone in the Arizona desert 8. Will prices go up in Costa Rica now that so many trucks are stuck in Nicaragua? 9. What will happen with my gasoline-powered car now that Costa Rica is heading towards not using fossil fuels? 10. What do our forum members think is the biggest headline about Costa Rica in the past week? Come on, people. There's more to life than acquiring or renewing residency and questions about the Caja. 😁 Bonus question: Any good wildlife sightings this past week? (Yes, including snakes....)
  4. eleanor2

    Realestate law?

    I totally agree. You could get some answers here or some guesses or some experiences but a lawyer is the only one who can really answer your question.
  5. Uh..... rainforest....... clouds........ fingers crossed! Thanks marsrox for that great heads-up! I'm hoping for a clear sky. (Now if I could just shoot out that streetlight lol)
  6. "Short-term" is what I was alluding to in my post and not someone who is assigned here for several years. As far as I know, per diem expenses are paid only to people on some kind of temporary assignment or trip. But, I don't know if that is really the case. And frankly, I really DON'T (caps mine) see any correlation between these numbers and LIVING here. As we all know, living costs can be all over the place, depending on many factors. Obviously, Tom Brady and family would not have the same living costs as me.
  7. $147 for lodging and $109 for meals seems apppropriate for someone who is: - Temporarily assigned to San Jose - Staying in an American-style hotel such as the Marriott - Eating at fairly expensive restaurants and having a few drinks but really has nothing much to do with the cost of LIVING in Costa Rica.
  8. I got the same screen, T&V It does tickle me that a government website is considered "untrusted" - or - maybe that's redundant.
  9. Hahahaha... When I clicked on that URL, I got a message from my browser that it was "untrusted" hahahaha. A .gov website from the US. My first laugh of the day! Then I thought..... "well, hmmm.... maybe someone hacked into it etc etc etc...." With all the talk about privacy on the other thread, I'm hesitant. Still, it's pretty funny.
  10. I would say that if you use "rodapie," that you should make sure they understand that it's not just a baseboard since the word is, apparently, interchangable. I'm still voting for the photo....
  11. Can't help you with the term -- but when I run up against that, I just download a photo from the internet to my phone and show it. Plus, I've found that sometimes online translations don't always make sense to Costa Ricans.
  12. To me, the point of any country's financial situation is to learn to live with it. Unless you are a citizen of Costa Rica, you are not in a position to change anything, really. So I would say -- whatever your beliefs are about the current financial conditions in the country, adjust your budget accordingly, be very careful when buying property or opening a business (as we have said thousands of time here), have a "what if..." plan so you are not gobsmacked by a financial downturn. As foreigners, we can all sit around bemoaning the government policies of Costa Rica -- or just get on with life. Maybe for some people, it is interesting to research and know all the ins and outs of economic conditions, but I, for one, would rather watch the birds eating the bananas at my bird feeder.
  13. For me, AMCostaRica is just pages and pages of ads with a very few stories about Costa Rica, not all of them accurate, with lots of world news and news from the US that is totally unnecessary. TicoTimes is a bit better. There are quite a few online English newspapers - Q Costa Rica is another one - but basically, they take the stories from the Spanish language papers, translate them and then publish. For more actual Costa Rica news, read the Spanish language papers. La Nacion, CRHoy, Prensa Libre. Really, the best online newspaper is El Financiero.

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