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  1. Hi VeggieCRgal! The southern zone is very beautiful! If you are looking for rentals you could check out the following website that specializes in the Southern Zone - puravidaconnections.com - they have a listing for rentals and homes for sale. Good Luck and Pura Vida! Nancy
  2. nancyt127

    What to bring

    Thanks for the links and the reminders about Dioxins. I think next time I visit Costa Rica I will bring unbleached coffee filters. Small things and changes can make a big difference in our lives and our well-being. I also think and want this forum to be a "safe place" where one doesn't have to be critiqued or reprimanded for having different wants, needs, and ways of expressing one self. That is a sure fire way to stifle participation and shut a lot of people out of this forum.
  3. Hi Rachel, As someone who is new to traveling with a pet by plane and staying in a foreign country for extended periods of time with her small shih tzu, I totally understand your anxiety and concerns. When I travel to Costa Rica with my dog Chloe we stay in the mountains in San Isidro. Chloe a New York City dog has roamed around freely (within reason) on the Finca and so far she has not had any problems other than her environmental/seasonal allergies. I check and bathe her frequently. I am cautious about her mingling with other dogs. For years I gave her Frontline Plus for fleas and tics without any problem and my new Vet in Brooklyn, NY tells me Frontline Plus is ineffective for flea control! That was a shock for me. So, as someone else mentioned, picking the right meds and maintaining regular application is very important. I haven't heard negative reports from other pet owners in Costa Rica about flea problems. Before your trip or soon after you arrive , I would get the names of a couple of Vets nearby if you haven't already. So far my Tico husband and I take day trips by car so Chloe can come along. By the way I completely understand how your husband feels about leaving your "baby" at home. Enjoy your stay!
  4. The phone # for Florida USDA APHIS office is 352-313-3060 - email address vspsfl@aphis.usda. If I were you I would contact the VET in Florida way before you need them because depending on the VET and whether or not your dog is a regular patient of the VET , he or she may require that they witness the application of the medications required for the travel certificate which is important if you want to get your certificate less than 10 days prior to travel. Initially, (but no longer) my VET required that he witness the application of the medication which required me to make 2 appointments with my VET. Glad I don't have to do that anymore!! Good luck! Nancy
  5. I think you need to locate a USDA APHIS office in Florida that will certify the form that Rosa attached in her response. You can get more information from the Florida Vet and or call an APHIS office for a Florida location if you can't find the information online. Nancy
  6. Thank you very much! I will do that. Pure Vida!! Love your profile picture!!!
  7. nancyt127

    Adoption in CR

    I think that is very sad that it is so difficult to adopt a child. I also think there is an age limit of the adoptive parent (s).
  8. Buenas Dias! Can anyone on this forum recommend a good vet(s) for my small dog in the Southern Zone in San Isidro, Perez Zeledon - a good animal vet that also issues travel certificates - Muchas Gracias!!!! Nancy
  9. That is a very good suggestion versatile! I always wondered about the Costa Rican lottery tickets that I see people selling in the streets. What do you think of those? How do they work? Good luck power ball players!!!!
  10. I got my tickets!!! Here in New York City there is Powerball fever - people who don't normally purchase tickets (such as myself) are buying! Tomorrow Night - is the drawing!!!!
  11. Hi BC Gal! YES - that is the form!!! Thanks for mentioning about printing on legal paper. Thats very interesting and strange that they would request legal size unless the information doesn't fit on letter size. According to my Vet in the USA I am also required to give her different medicine than I did in December 2015 - A dewormer (which my dog had a bad reaction to), her usual heart worm medicine and a different flea and tic medicine (not frontline). Do you live close to Perez Zeledon in San Isidro? My husband's finca is in Tambor 45 minutes from downtown San Isidro. If you are located close to me do you recommend a vet in the area and any pet sitters? Thanks and Best wishes to you too -
  12. costarica finca - muchas gracias!!! Awesome link - costa rica law.
  13. Hi Eleanor, Yes, that might be another option. If that is possible that might be my best option. I really have to figure this all out as time goes on. My last trip to Costa Rica the immigration officer in Costa Rica asked me if I had a return ticket. She didn't ask to see it. I just don't know how long I can do what you mention without it becoming a problem, Thanks for your input!
  14. Thanks everyone! I appreciate your responses and warm welcome! My husband returned to Costa Rica a year ago, since his arrival I have been traveling back and forth - living with him in Costa Rica anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks at a time. I hope after we register our marriage in Costa Rica that my 3 week and eventually 2 month at a time stays with him in Costa Rica cumulatively counts towards the living with him requirement. I am unable to live in Costa Rica full time at this stage because I own a home in New York and also enjoy life with family and friends in New York as well as a warm, nature loving life in Costa Rica with my husband and his extended family. A special HOLA to all the dog lovers on the forum! I have never witnessed my 8 year old dog Chloe run so much as she does on the finca in San Isidro.

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