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  1. That is a very good suggestion versatile! I always wondered about the Costa Rican lottery tickets that I see people selling in the streets. What do you think of those? How do they work? Good luck power ball players!!!!
  2. I got my tickets!!! Here in New York City there is Powerball fever - people who don't normally purchase tickets (such as myself) are buying! Tomorrow Night - is the drawing!!!!
  3. Newbie here

    Hi Everyone, Just want to give an update about plane travel with my dog in cabin on Jetblue. I read on the Jetblue website that since I am traveling with a dog that I should check in at the full service counter at airport. In New York City - Kennedy airport , I was shocked that my travel documents for Chloe were not reviewed or checked in anyway. I told the person at the counter twice that I am traveling with a dog and she simply said "I know". They did not check her weight, check the carrier or vaccination and travel documents. The only time Chloe was observed was when her carrier went through X-ray and I walked through security carrying her in my arms. The did swipe my hands for explosives (I was told at the airport that they do this anytime someone travels with a pet). I was relieved but also worried that my papers for Chloe may not be completely accurate and then what would I do in Costa Rica? I wanted to stay longer than the 30 days but found the vet in Costa Rica to be somewhat unreliable and didn't want to chance a mishap so I went back to New York within 30 days. On the plane I thought Jetblue was very lenient - her bag didn't stay all all under the seat and at one point from the encouragement of another passenger I put her carrier on the seat next to me which was empty. She gave out a bark and a cry during the first take off but with comforting and time she settled in an slept most of the time. Leaving Costa Rica - Jetblue was a different story - they checked her weight in the carrier, put a tag on her carrier and carefully examined her papers. Then as I went through security, I was asked again for her travel documents. Fortunately everything was in order. The return trip was very stressful for Chloe as we did have a 2 hour layover in Florida so our trip was at least 11 hours long. She was a different dog at the farm - running free and eating bananas everyday. I will definitely feel more relaxed about our next plane trip together.
  4. Newbie here

    Hi BC gal! Thanks so much for sharing your experience at the airport and in flight! It is very reassuring - I am anxious about this trip - your post definitely eases my mind a great deal. I too have been rehearsing with Chloe - she is no stranger to carriers as she travels a great deal by car and actually likes carriers. Thanks!
  5. Newbie here

    Pura Vida! The adventure inn gives you a discount if you book directly with them. They are pet friendly as well. After I travel with Chloe, I will post my experience. I am anxious about the process - I must admit! I have her travel certificate from my vet in New York and got it approved at a USDA office. I paid $120 for the international travel certificate and $38 dollars for the USDA approval stamp. She is up to date on Costa Rica's required vaccines. I researched pet carriers online and pray I won't have any problems. I am flying with Jetblue - so far I have only had very positive experiences with Jetblue air travel. They do charge more than someone previously posted. $100 each way for Chloe to sit under the seat in front of me! Dog in cabin requirements are that the carrier and dog together can not weigh more than 20 lbs. So a 6 lb. dog should be a breeze! I read somewhere that you should make sure you have a receipt that proves that you paid for you dogs travel - so I made sure that I do have a print out that specifically and clearly states what I paid for Chloe's passage. The travel certificates are good for 30 days. After a 30 day stay I would have to get another travel certificate in Costa Rica for Chloe to return to the USA. Thanks to the website Puravidaconnections.com, I found a vet in the southern zone in San Isidro who does issue travel certificates.
  6. Newbie here

    Hi Dee, I too am a newbie to this site and to Costa Rica. My name is Nancy. My husband Robert and I have been living in Brooklyn New York for a few years. He is Costa Rican and since I retired in January 2015 he wants to move us back home to his Finca in the Southern Zone - San Isidro Perez Zeledon. I agree with Paul - you won't realize until you experience it but there is a lot of mountainous driving from point A to point B. This can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours (or more) depending on your destination. So not overbooking is a good idea. A few years ago I did a tour with Ticogrande who writes the blog you mentioned. It was definitely very educational. He recommended a few places to stay- I stayed at the Adventure Inn and still go back there. It is a very cozy, clean, well run small hotel. Eric Robinson, the owner is extremely helpful. They also have a selection of tours that they will book for you. They will arrange a free shuttle from airport to hotel and visa versa. It isn't a "luxury", super fancy place but it is quite lovely and has a delicious breakfast buffet included in the reasonable room rate. I would like to say hello to all the other forum members as well! I return to Costa Rica with my small dog (her first time on an airplane) on May 5th for three weeks. I look forward to learning from and communicating with fellow forum members! Pura Vida! Nancy