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  1. Its been a year this month since I applied for residency. Online it says "RESOLUCION NOTIFICADA" in November 2016, which according to their site means...there is a response from immigration and that I should wait for a fax. However, when I email my lawyer they say they haven't received a response. Should I go to Migracion in person or just keep waiting? Thanks!
  2. I requested my police clearance letter in Miami-Dade County. It sounds like my best bet is to go to the police station in person. Thank you for your responses!!
  3. Hello all! I received this letter in the mail and I'm confused about what I'm supposed to do next. As you know, the police clearance letter was supposed to be notarized, which I did try get by the way.. but the notary told me that they couldn't notarize that type of document and I ended up sending in to get apostilled anyway. I'm confused by the message in this letter. Whose signature needs to be notarized ?? My signature? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    I got some tea tree oil spray from the vet as repellent. I spray it on his bed and I think it sticks to his fur, so when we go out it keeps them away. Our dog had a major tick infestation and it seems to have helped so far. It's also all natural repellent, which is a plus.

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