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  1. if the property has no assets (i.e. it's non-profit) how do they get money out of it if you're sued and lose?...............If the property is worthless, it is not an asset. If it has value, it is an asset. If you are sued and lose, they can take the property.
  2. Thanks for making my point. Assume they are criminals.
  3. Yet if you stay as a tourist for 20 years, they make you eligible for citizenship. I know of no other activity that is not illegal, but not legal! Chinese law? People often assume a tourist is doing something illegal.
  4. but it takes only once to get caught and be deported. For being a tourist. Go ahead and boot now.
  5. This from Mario Zamora Cordero, security minister Oct. 2012: "If a person leaves the country within the visa period and has the correct documentation, immigration agents will not bar them from returning. A perpetual tourist is a foreigner who lives here and renews a tourist visa, usually every 90 days, by traveling outside the country. “If you want to keep leaving and coming back, that's your decision,” he said. His comments were perhaps the most clear ever uttered on the subject by an immigration official."
  6. caused for example by a PT being charged with serial child sexual abuse (using underaged prostitutes), could make perpetual tourism a real issue, which won't be to the advantage of PTs. This has already happened to a child molester in Jaco. Nothing changed.
  7. V.-Que el contenido de dicho Informe Nº DFOE-FEC-12-2004 fue ampliado y aclarado vía consultiva por la Contraloría General de la República mediante el informe FOE-ED-247 del 26 de marzo del 2007, mismo que estableció que los contratos turísticos para todas las actividades turísticas deben tener un plazo de vigencia dado que los incentivos fiscales no deben ser perpetuos y que tal vigencia se equipara al plazo de consolidación del proyecto, el cual debe ser definido técnicamente por el Instituto Costarricense de Turismo en cada contrato, según la variabilidad técnica de cada actividad incentivada y en respeto a los diferentes incentivos establecidos por el artículo 7 de la Ley. I believe this is in reference to taxes.
  8. We are not talking about "tourism" -- we are talking about "the perpetual tourist." The person who lives and works illegally in Costa Rica without having any residency status and just renews their tourist visa every 90 days (or not) by leaving the country. You are right Eleanor. But, I am not talking about people working as tourist. That is not an apples to apples comparison. I am talking about the people that for some reason or another don't qualify for residence. Explain to me why the so called "perpetual tourist" only contributes a minuscule amount to the economy. They probably have to eat and sleep. Are you saying they don't pay for that? Buy clothes, go to the movies, eat out, all the things normal residences do. BTW I live in Costa Rica, and have for the past 11 years.
  9. If Costa Rica did not what perpetual tourist (made up name not in Costa Rica Law), they could easily pass a law. But they never seem to. Why is that?
  10. Doesn't say it's legal, so it must be illegal. Funny stuff.
  11. Toilet Paper

    Very nice of you to refer to Tico as uncivilized. A little a$$wipe in the trash does not make all these people monkeys.
  12. Toilet Paper

    Millions of rural Americans have septic systems. Many of them do not flush tp. How do you account for that?