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  1. We are having the same problem! What code are people using when you only have a home in a Corporation? It looks like this question was never answered.
  2. Riverjop

    Wanting to move

    I do notice that when a girl is walking down the side of just about any road, street, calle etc... When cars, trucks even motorcycles drive by they honk! I used to think that the girls must know a lot of people, but when I saw it happen three times to the same poor girl I knew what was up.
  3. Here's some natural pools http://www.tripadvisor.com/TripNews-a_ctr.natpoolsEN
  4. If you had an I-pad and get something else, I'll bet you won't be happy! Good luck
  5. Riverjop

    Drivers license renewal

    Thanks! I think I'm good tell 2021! If I don't know Spanish well enough to take the test by then, I shouldn't be here in the first place!
  6. Riverjop


    I'm speechless?
  7. Riverjop

    Drivers license renewal

    For a first timer, what is the written test like?
  8. Riverjop

    Seed and plant swap anyone?

    There is a "first" ever seed swap in Tinamaste Sunday July 19th. Classes, organics and more!
  9. Tarik, I would have to say Ducks will ruin it!
  10. Riverjop

    Ants, ants, everywhere . . . .

    Those tiny ants can get into a closed Pringles can with the lid SNAPED on! They did it to us while living in the jungle on the carribean, we just wiped them off the chips and ate them.............it was a very long walk out to the nearest road. By the way many indigenous people welcome army ants when they come into there huts, as when there gone there is no living spiders, scorpions or anything! Natures clean-up crew!
  11. Riverjop

    Ants, ants, everywhere . . . .

    We don't even bother with trying to remove them, just keep the table as clean as we can, and since then we fired our maid when we found out how efficient they are at cleaning! J/K
  12. The other day my wife and I sat down at our little square table for breakfast and all of a sudden my wife said " what happened to all those little ants", you know the tenny tiny little ants that seem to run around aimlessly at 100 mph! I looked down couldn't see a one and said "huh.....that's odd, I don't see any?" And she said "that's weird!" Now those of you who live here know what I'm talking about. But not to worry, the next day they were back, crawling over the fruit and everything! Ahhhh life was back to normal!
  13. If it gonna be on the road you will need a license.
  14. "You mentioned Panama, I know there is a growing expat population there. I enjoyed my visit to Panama, but I didn't feel much of a connection to the place. A couple of times restaurants attempted overcharging, another time a store charged me a definite gringo price for a bottle of rum ("the price on the bottle is old senor"). All of this occurred in Panama City, which many told me is where it tends to happen, I was assured that Panamanians in smaller places aren't like that. While I realize ripoffs can happen anywhere, including America, it did put a bad taste in my mouth." I totally agree! We spent several weeks in Bocas, Boquette and David and although we had a wonderful time and met some great people, there is something that is hard to explain about Panama! We definataly like Costa Rica better than Panama, I think it's something you just have to experiance and I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there who would reverse what I said!

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