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  1. Thanks to all re the firearms issue. I had thought that only citizens could qualify but apparently not. Thanks again.
  2. So, just what are the advantages of permanent vs. temp.?
  3. Why do presumably popular, desirable products become unavailable here? Item in question, TUMS antacid. Over the past few years first disappeared from Auto Mercado, then Farmacia la Bomba, now Walmart. WTF? Thanks in advance for any knowledgeable replies.
  4. First time this has happened in the three years I have had a Claro pre-paid cell. Even though I had plenty of time/money on my account I was unable to send text messages. Voice was unaffected. I put more $ on my account (I am credited prior account balance plus the new amount I paid) and text is working again. I imagine I exceeded some kind of text limitation even though I still had plenty of $ on the account. Can anyone educate me on what Claro's policy is with text limitations? Thanks in advance.
  5. I think I remember hearing that one can check on the status of a residency renewal (pensionado in my case) on-line. I have been all over the migracion web site (and also the forum) but do not see an area to enter relevant numbers. Can someone provide a link to that section please? Thanks in advance.
  6. einar

    flu shots

    I went to my local Ebais last week and was told to come back in June. Anyone else have the same experience or has gotten their shot this month?
  7. I would prefer to renew my temporary pensionado residency through BCR but, having led a sheltered life (never felt the urge to call the Psychic Friends Network) it has now dawned on me that the 900 BCR # for setting up an appointment is a "premium pay" # and can get quite pricey. Have already gone to a BCR office that preforms renewal service but was given the 900# and told I must call to set -up an appt. Has anyone used this number recently and can tell me how long their call lasted and what it cost. (I realize that my mileage may vary). Also, is an English speaker available? I will be using a KOLBI prepago cell. Also, welcome any other suggestions, strategies to avoid using migracion and having to travel to Uruca (I live in eastern San Jose) and dealing with that mayhem. Many thanks in advance!
  8. Is it best to deal directly with MigraciĆ³n or is BCR (might be more convenient for me) okay? If BCR: is there a non-900 # (doesn't connect from my CR # cell phone) where is the BCR office for this service located? Also, can't seem to find the amount for renewal. Thanks in advance.
  9. How complicated/hassle is it to import medically related items not available in CR? I know that the first step would be to get a CR doctor to sign off on the necessity and then what are the next steps? Thanks in advance.
  10. I obtained my pensiondo residency last year (2015) so of course up for renewal next year (2017). Are there some kind of required annual fees I need to make this year (2016)?
  11. Recommendations for schools located in the eastern end of San Jose and/or feedback re New Learning Academy and/or Maximo Nivel. Thanks in advance.
  12. einar


    Yes, Fritos. I have not seen them in the stores I go to in the San Pedro area (Super Mercado, Price Smart). Does anyone know if importing a box of 64 individual packs would present a problem? Thanks in advance!
  13. How does this happen? I thought that, except for incremental yearly increases, the original assessment was permanent.
  14. Is there an agency that would deal with a wild, dangerous animal (some kind of feline the size of a medium dog?) in a residential area in San Jose? Thanks in advance.

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