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  1. Posted on FB for Tamarindo. It is all about the money....an entire industry here in Tamarindo devoted to visa runs. There are hundreds of them in Tamarindo. Upcoming Visa Runs: February 7th - Departing Tamarindo at 7 am. February 21st - Departing Tamarindo at 7 am. Only $45 per person, round trip (including the CR border tax) Reserve your spot now at 2653-0501, visit us at our downtown office located next to EL Be Club in Tamarindo or send us an email at reservations@tamarindoshuttle.com
  2. Perpetual tourists are included in tourism totals by Costa Rica. Tourism is the largest income producer for this country. Money, and only money, is the reason why Costa Rica Immigration does not stop it.
  3. Money. Tourism brings in money. Tourism wins against Immigration.
  4. It reports the per diem rates for Costa Rica. The rates are 147 for lodging and 109 for meals. Total 256 per day.
  5. We applied in December of 2013 and were denied September of 2014.
  6. We were denied residency as Pensionados because my income is not from a government agency. We have reapplied under Rentistas and are back in the waiting game.
  7. My wife and I applied for residency before we ever came to Costa Rica. Once we sent the lawyer the documents, we boarded the plane and never looked back. Life is much simpler here. Food is better here as you do not need to buy processed food. Nature is beautiful here. Healthcare is sufficient. The Pacific Ocean is beautiful sunsets every evening. Residency will allow us to stay here until the end of our time. Comparing the cost of border runs vs residency costs over a long time span, it is more expensive to do quarterly border runs then pay for residency. Pura Vida.
  8. The only coverage I could get that would accept my doctor and pay for my meds was Platinum. Way too expensive. Even with subsidy. If I can get residency here, or anywhere else if denied here, I will never move back to the USA full time.
  9. Ramsey When I was put on LTD by my employer in 2010, I lost coverage provided by them. Cobra wanted over $1500 a month to continue coverage. We have gone without any insurance since that time. My doctor charged me $57 for a visit and I joined studies to get free drugs for my condition. I did not sign up for Obamacare since we have been in Costa Rica since Dec.2013. I go back and see my doctor and he still charges $57 for a visit and I get my drugs here for less than $100 a month.
  10. We lived in Texas, We are both in our 50's. I am disabled and need prescription drugs to live easier. Obamacare told us, in order to keep my doctor and be covered for the drugs I need, our premium would be $1150 a month. That is the reason we are seeking residency here.