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  1. Jeffery

    Moving cats

    Our vet orders Royal Canin Kitten food for our cat. It is the only thing he will eat. Auto Mercado carries Fresh Step litter. They used to carry tidy cats but stopped. Our cat is indoors always and loves cat tv, watching all the wildlife outside our screen door and windows. Birds, skunks, iguanas, raccoons, langostas and much more. Our cat was 12 months old when we came here. He fit under the seat in a soft sided carrier. When the plane started the engines, he quit meowing and went to sleep. No sedation. I would say he adjusted to life here easily. 4 years later he is a happy boy. We do order replacement scratchpads and have them shipped to a USA address and pick them up when we go back for a visit. We have no problem finding someone to cat sit if needed.
  2. Jeffery

    television or online tv

    You can try this website. I use it in Costa Rica and in the USA. https://www.couchtuner.rocks/watch/ct-online-the-blacklist-free/
  3. Round two. I emailed Santa Cruz to ask them why our email was not included when they registered us. They referred me to the Ebais to have our email included.
  4. After a month of trying to register with the Ebais, the worker told us to escalate the issue with their boss, who is in Santa Cruz. We went to Santa Cruz and found said Boss sitting at his desk. We explained our situation and he took all our paperwork and said come back in 1 1/2 hours. We went to lunch and when we returned, he explained that the computer system in this office has trouble connecting with the Ebais and handed us paperwork showing we are now registered. 4 years and 3 months after we first sent in our paperwork for residency, it is done. Now to prepare for the renewal. I hope renewal is much easier. Thank you everyone for your help..
  5. SteveJ, Does this link help? http://forums.arcr.net/index.php?/topic/10606-getting-our-permanent-cedulas/&
  6. We have been to the Ebais 4 times now and still trying to get registered with Caja. We went on a Thursday only to be told we can only get the paperwork done on Monday or Tuesday. We went Tuesday to be told to come back Thursday at 2 pm. We went Thursday to be told to come back "manana".
  7. We have our Dimex since September and have been paying into Caja since May. The Ebais initially told us we needed a marriage certificate and to fill out the Solicitud De Beneficio Familiar for me , as I am registered with Caja and one for my wife, who is not registered. The document I do not understand is called Declaracion Jurada. I have not found anyone who understands it.
  8. We tried to register with Ebais today and was not successful. We did not complete the expenses part or the written explanation for sworn statement. We were told to come back Martes, <Monday>. They were not interested in receipts or cedulas or passports just paperwork is not right. I tried to google translate the document but I can still not understand what kind of paragraph I need to write. It was suggested I contact a lawyer. I laughed. This is the English Translation converted back into Spanish. Can someone explain this document? I have a dimex and have been paying caja for months. el ______ suscrito de las cualidades indicadas en la APLICACIÓN DE BENEFICIOS FAMILIARES en nombre de _________, se presenta al Fondo de Seguridad Social, en mi condición de: () posible beneficiario familiar asegurado directo (): o, en mi condición de: () testigo, mayor de edad, de nacionalidad ______ estado civil_____, de profesión o comercio _____, portador del documento de identificación: cedula o dimex o passporte numbero ______ y vecino de ______ en pleno disfrute de mis capacidades físicas y mentales, advierto que el artículo 318 del Código Penal establece que "se impondrá prisión de tres meses a dos personas que se refieran a la verdad cuando la ley imponga bajo juramento o declaración jurada, la obligación de decir en relación con sus propios eventos ", en este acto declaro bajo la FE DEL JURADO que la información proporcionada al Fondo de Seguridad Social de Costa Rica en la APLICACIÓN PARA BENEFICIO FAMILIAR o se describe a continuación como un testigo, Como corresponde con mi rendimiento, Es cierto y exacto:
  9. Thank you very much for the explanation. I will give them copies of our cedulas.
  10. We went the Ebais and the very nice lady wrote us the following note. We need the following per her.... 1. Resolucion de Migracion 2. Pago entero hacienda para dimex 3. Constencia matrimonio apostillada por consulacto 4. Copies de pasaportes 5. Recibo con direccion exacta agua or luz or contracto de amendamiento 1. Copies of our resolution. 2. I have no idea 3. Marriage certififcate 4. Copies of passports 5. Water, light or official paperwork with exact address. I have all of this plus the caja paperwork ready except number 2.
  11. Pago entero de hacienda para dimex Can someone explain exactly what this means now that I have a cedula? It is a written requirement to sign up for caja.
  12. Jeffery

    Memory foam matress

    http://www.proursa.net/index.php?route=common/home We bought a 4 inch memory foam topper and had it delivered from here.
  13. Last year, many people got married in San Jose by a respectable lawyer. All to satisfy Caja. For a fee. My immigration lawyer said he would "marry us" for a fee. The wedding lawyer will "register our marriage" for a fee. If three different Costa Rica lawyers will "marry" foreigners here for Caja, they all must recognize a problem. I do not believe that 3 different respectful lawyers would do something illegal. I do not speak conversational Spanish. I am not an expert in Costa Rica Law. I will use and trust Costa Rica Lawyers who do both. For a fee. Then I can rest easy that everything will be accepted by the Costa Rica Government. Maybe this approach did not/will not work for you, but it has worked for me so I am sticking with it,
  14. The immigration route worked for you but my lawyer said it would not work for us. I have no reason to disregard him. I am sorry my experience is not like yours. There is a wealth of information from you and others but it does not all apply to me in my situation.
  15. The next step: Fulfilling CCSS requirement for a marriage certificate. I found a wedding specialist. I called them about getting married in Costa Rica. I filled out forms with all the required information. The form asks are you single, divorced or widowed? We picked single. We send in the information. The wedding planner refers us to a lawyer. I talked to the lawyer for 5 minutes. He starts by saying we have the same last name. I agree. He asks if we are married in the USA and I reply yes. He says marking single is fraud but no one will probably complain. I say we already submitted a marriage certificate, notarized, apostilled and translated to immigration for our residency and CCSS will not accept it because it is too old. I ask if we really were single and you married us here, you would give us paperwork to register the marriage in the USA, right? Lawyer say yes. I tell him I was married in the USA and I want to register my marriage here for CCSS requirements. He says he understands and he can register our marriage in Costa Rica. I ask him what is the process for registering our marriage in Costa Rica and the lawyer responds. same as getting married. We have appointment to sign paperwork next week. I can not wait to see how the paperwork is marked and worded.

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