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  1. Just a FYI I think is new. Maxipali has a website that shows prices for groceries and common household items. maxipali.co.cr. HTH Bob
  2. Congrats!! I hope Robert is available when I hope to go through that process some years from now. Due diligence first. Again, Congrats!

    I still think CR has many positives for the day to day life we are seeking. I refuse to get into personal arguments between some members. Newman has his point of view. Ticogrande, Elaerorcr, and others have theirs. I am sure ALL have valid points. I am trying to sort it all out. I generally try to have a POSITIVE outlook. If I didn't, what is the point of trying to make our life better? But I do understand everything is not all covered with roses. I thank everyone for their input, but I will no longer add to this thread.

    The more I learn about CR and the people of that country the more I want to visit and find out for sure it will be for us. I believe it will be. NO country is without problems. NEWMAN, what's the problem? What is so bad? Is there some reason I should not consider moving there? The US has financial issues also. Can you suggest a better place? And to the rest of you, THANK YOU all for the advice and info. It is invaluable to have an idea how things work and how to deal with them when they don't go the (Gringo) way I am used to.
  5. Agreed. I think Intel closing has a lot to do with this.
  6. Newbie here

    WOW! This is all super great news. I thought I would have to put my wife in the kennel with the dog. She was very concerned. I had no idea they let any pets in cabin. Thanks for the info. Just one more reason I read the forums! Great group! Thanks!
  7. Newbie here

    Hi Nancy, I have a small (6lb) Chihuahua. Do they let you take them in the passenger cabin? We have never traveled with a pet. Just one of a million questions. Thanks. Bob and Vicki
  8. Dice- I'm right there with you. I lurk to learn as I have not visited CR yet, so can't add anything meaningful. My wife and I can't wait to leave for a more simple lifestyle. I have about 8 yrs. to go, but since it will be a major move there is no limit to what we need to learn about the culture and the way things are done. We plan to make several visits to CR to make sure it is right for us, because the trip will probably be one way. Good Luck to you and yours. Pura Vida!! Bob
  9. Wish we could be there. Seems like a good time and a good cause. Made a small donation anyway. If you can't attend, please try to help!
  10. I have read many of your posts (both helpful and amusing) that I feel I can wish you a very Happy Birthday!