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    For those of us outside CR and spanish impaired (such as myself) may find this link useful for donations https://www.ammado.com/community/172938 Best wishes to all in CR!
  2. I am not a paid shill for this legal service, but I find a lot of great info on the blog at outlierlegal.com He recently posted a couple of articles on this subject that seem very well researched and written, as should be for a lawyer.
  3. Bob205

    Moving from Nebraska Where do we Start?

    Try therealcostarica.com and outlierleagal.com to start. They both have a lot of good info. This forum has an unimaginable amount of info from "what bacon to buy" to "what is the best place to rent/buy". I am taking a while to understand what is involved in making this kind of move. This is a big choice. Best of Luck, or as they say, buenas suerte!
  4. I hesitated to mention it. They had quite a bit of coverage. Granted, I take it with a grana de areana.
  5. I saw an article in amcostarica a couple of days ago saying/ implying that it had to do with the return of an expat that was imprisoned in the US. He had supposedly been involved with smuggling, but had also built up one of the beach towns ( can't remember the name) and was now in a property possession dispute with people that camped on "his" property while he was in prison.
  6. Bob205

    ¬°Felices Pascuas!

    Happy Easter All!
  7. Thanks for the link. From briefly reading his blog it seems to confirm all the great info I get from the forums. I would consider his business in the future.
  8. In the US some people from the north can't understand people from the south. I used to have people that worked for me from many spanish speaking countries. Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic and others. Sometimes they would get mad at each other because they didn't speak the "same" launguage. The same thing with asian language people. I was taught Castillian Spanish years ago. The little I remember seems very different from Costa Rican spanish. I will try to use the basic words in the local 'accents' until I learn better. I learn so much. Part of the journey. Thank you all.
  9. Just saw this on FOX13 Tampa, FL. Maybe some awareness here will help. Paul, did you see the topic? No mention of how to help. Any ideas?
  10. I would love to help with my limited means, if there is a way. As for the US gov't, can you imagine the FLOOD of people that would come if they provided transport from CR? I have no problem with these people coming to the US, but there has to be a better way. The immediate problem is how to help people stuck at the border, keep them fed and healthy. I love how both native and immigrants pull together to help. MY kind of country!
  11. The car they show is a SMALL fully enclosed vehicle. They do sell mostly golf cart style types. I just am interested in something for local transport, about 5 miles. We will take the buses for longer trips. Just askin'.

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