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  1. Don't believe for a minute that the Obama Health Care is affordable. My husband and I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole. It's a big lie.
  2. Where is San Vito de Coto Brus ? And what does GAM stand for ?
  3. When are you wanting to return to U.S. for your next shopping trip. You said last time stayed 3 weeks. Don't mean to be nosy, but do you stay in hotels? We are planning to be in CR 2 weeks in Sept and have renters for Jan & Feb 2015. Think that we will not sell our house for probably a year or until get pensionado. Husband going to Spanish institute in CR in January. we live in Pompano Beach Florida. Great for shopping. Live 1.7 miles to one of the most beautiful beaches around. Our Jet Blue fare was only $300 for September. Spirit claims to be lower but by the time they charge out of the kazoo for your suitcases etc etc from what I heard won't be cheaper. But Jet Blue is great. Get a carry-on free for each of you and checked in suitcase under 50 lbs I think for each of you free. If interested in a place to stay while in Florida that would be cheaper than a hotel - and if we are in CR at the time maybe can save in that way and then shop til you drop and enjoy our beautiful beach that they renovated a couple of years ago. linlewhammond3@yahoo.com
  4. Whoever said that you can live on $1200/month near the coast in South Florida does not live there. Safety nets ? Perhaps the rescue mission or begging on the streets. Just my husband and I, and we only eat out rarely, home and vehicles paid for. We are not overweight. The price of food is LOCO. Cost of auto insurance nuts for two 2001 vehicles. A hole in the wall rental is about $600 a month. A microwave and a toilet and yucky for that price. We spend about $140 A WEEK for food, and we do not drink alcohol, smoke, or eat caviar or lobster. You are wrong in your calculations regarding Florida. Would love to personally talk to the person starting this blog that is moving Jan 2015 if you live near us in Pompano Beach. linlewhammond3@yahoo.com
  5. My husband and I are doing the same as you in Jan 2015. But he is going taking intensive language course for 7 weeks. We also live near coast in Florida right now - Pompano Beach. Do you live near us? I am on soc security but my husband doesn't reach 62 for 3 years. In process of getting pensionado status. We are going to live in the valley though. Like it a bit cooler. We can always visit the beach in Florida which I walk along most every day. If you live near us, would love to get together to talk about our January plans. Also taking a 2 week trip in Sept to try to get the pensionado papers in the hat. Have been to CR many times and stay with a CR family, but may in the future want to rent our own place - not sure where yet. Linda H
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