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  1. I am currently renting a two bd rm one ba condo in Santa Ana. nice place but pricy. $1,000 per mo. in dollars. on 2nd piso. But great security, nice pool, AC in sala, not in bd rm.s parking for two. This may be a pipe dream now but I want to find a condo or house on outskirts of central valley, w/ good security, AC in sala & bd. rooms, parking for at least one car if not two. pool would be nice but not required. and must accept a dog. every post i have read says one has to drive around areas they want to live, look for signs and stop and ask. well that is nice but this is a big area. I am "learning" spanish, but the hard part is understanding the answers one gets to my questions. it is hard to distinguish one word out of an answer much less actually understand it. sooo. I am wondering if there are gringos out there with properties that meet the above description who would like to rent a property to me. 63 yr old, responsible, honest and quiet lifestyle. thanks. sporto. ps. barring this dream, does anyone have recommendation based on THEIR experience where I should start looking? ( I started out in San Pedro but the traffic drove me away after one month. )
  2. so as a rank novice to summarize these issues I would conclude : 1) residency is more a state of mind than an enforced legal mandate. If one does not mind the 90 day long weekends to coin a term, then live free. If one likes security, sureness of rules, and compliance, then apply for residency. If one drives a car, the same results apply, unless one wants to split hairs. Lets ignore for the moment, tickets. we agree they happen.
  3. I need an appointment w/ legal at ARCR to start residency. I started by calling. twice. I was told I had to talk to Carla. Then I was told I did not have to talk to Carla, just send an email requesting a legal appointment. So I have now sent two emails to legal@arcr.com and cannot get a response. I for sure have heard all about tico time, but did not realize is began with customer service at arcr. Would someone please give me some suggestions ? I even requested an personal appointment at their office. but of course was told this was not how it was done and to send an email to legal. how do you spell frustration? this is like dealing w/ amazon.com customer service