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  1. I am currently renting a two bd rm one ba condo in Santa Ana. nice place but pricy. $1,000 per mo. in dollars. on 2nd piso. But great security, nice pool, AC in sala, not in bd rm.s parking for two. This may be a pipe dream now but I want to find a condo or house on outskirts of central valley, w/ good security, AC in sala & bd. rooms, parking for at least one car if not two. pool would be nice but not required. and must accept a dog. every post i have read says one has to drive around areas they want to live, look for signs and stop and ask. well that is nice but this is a big area. I am "learning" spanish, but the hard part is understanding the answers one gets to my questions. it is hard to distinguish one word out of an answer much less actually understand it. sooo. I am wondering if there are gringos out there with properties that meet the above description who would like to rent a property to me. 63 yr old, responsible, honest and quiet lifestyle. thanks. sporto. ps. barring this dream, does anyone have recommendation based on THEIR experience where I should start looking? ( I started out in San Pedro but the traffic drove me away after one month. )
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