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  1. We had good luck with Craigslist for real estate. Checked every day for new listings, and particularly before the weekend. Mind you, some listings I found very overpriced, but if you scour often there seem to be some deals to be had. A friend of ours in CR speaks highly of a real estate company called CRvistarealestate.com, saying it was the only one she would trust. They seem to have some reasonably properties for rent and sale. Best of luck
  2. Is it worth the hassle to import a firearm? would purchasing a firearm in CR be more advantageous should one want to own a firearm upon becoming a legal resident? Would appreciate anyone sharing their experience.
  3. Have you been involved with buying or selling a property in Costa Rica via a Corporation and the Corporation books have been requested by the attorney? If the Corporation books are not provided then the sale cannot take place? That the only way to prove someone is the "Owner" (as opposed to the "Representative") is ONLY by seeing the Books (the Persioneria does not suffice)?
  4. Different house in San Pedro, next door to San Jose. Thank you
  5. Thinking of buying a house. Can anyone recommend a good home/building inspector? Many thanks
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