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  1. From the US we used an international moving company called Allied. They gave us a cheaper quote than the other companies and offered much better services for our needs. They do residential as well corporate to CR from nations around the world.
  2. I think the bottom line is to know your prices, just like in the US. Once a while we manage Pricesmart, but they are not always the cheapest. We like to shop the local feria which is on Friday and Saturday. Prices are lowered on Saturday----farmer wants to haul away as little as possible. We have several walkable pulperias----one highway robbery priced, but may have items I can't find at my preferred pulperia. In a desperate pinch (ie: food being prepared and am short one main ingredient I will pay the high price) My preferred pulperia has a little bit of everything and his prices are as good or better than the supermarkets in town. Again, know your prices.
  3. JudyKerr

    Receiving Mail

    We use Aerocasillas in Miami. Gives you 2 boxes-----1 for letters and another for packages. Then we also have one where we live, in the San Ramon area. We did not give a forwarding address to our local post office in the states since I did not want every piece of junk mail to be forwarded. I changed addresses via computer or sent snail mail. Almost all of our business is completed via computer accounts and automatic withdrawals.
  4. JudyKerr

    Screen door

    Glad I'm not the only one who remembers wood screen doors in a more simple time. Lots of good memories associated with those. Including Mom saying "make up your mind. In or out!"
  5. DONE - carry on bag that fit under the seat was used. US Security ask if I wanted a private screening - I said Yes. 2 of them escorted me & the carry on to a room off to the side to search the bag. No question asked in Costa Rica.
  6. Does anyone know of a store that sells wooden screen doors? I like to open my house doors, but want to keep my cats inside. The current doors are old and patched up. I had been told that no one sells wooden screen doors anymore in CR. Thanks for any ideas, suggestions.
  7. JudyKerr

    Member Gatherings/Clubs

    Sign up via email for any local newspapers you can find on the web such as The Tico Times, AM Costa Rica, Inside Costa Rica, Gringo Central, and anything else you can find. Sometimes there calendars of events you may be interested in. Volunteer opportunities are always a good option to meet people.
  8. While researching our move to CR, I was quite nervous about the potential crime rate, particularly B and E's. When out of town we have a terrific Tico gentleman check on our house. We also installed an ADT alarm system. Our Tico friend decided to try out our alarm system (we are stateside now, wrapping up some details). Wagner set off the alarm and the response phone call was within 1 minute from ADT (he is our contact when gone). Nice to know. The lady we bought the house from lived there for 3 years and never had a crime issue. There are some very good ideas presented on this forum re home security and personal protection. These suggestions hold true pretty much wherever you live. We lived for 34 years in what many would consider an upscale suburb and were robbed twice. Police gave us an A for home security effort-----but also noted if the bad guys want to get in bad enough, they will find a way.
  9. Do you have to be a resident to have a safe deposit box? Have safe deposit boxes become more plentiful at banks than in the past? Seems like a few years ago safe deposit boxes were kinda scarce. Just wondering if that has changed. Many thanks!
  10. We did not have this situation, but have used a fine attorney for a house purchase and who we are currently using for residency. His name is Carlos Umana. tacumaathome@yahoo.com phone: 506-2234-0100 Very bright man and his staff seems efficient also. Very good about answering emails. Think they are in Curridibat.
  11. Have been reading forum re homeowners insurance. Am getting the impression that it doesn't cover items like jewelry or electronics, or much at all for that matter. I do get the idea that catastrophic insurance for earthquakes, floods and such is worth the investment. We have ADT security on the house, but no bars on the windows. House is a Tico house in a Tico neighborhood on a dead end road just a short walk outside of San Ramon. I don't want to waste money on a homeowners policy if it is going to be worthless. Am fine with catastrophic. Any input would be appreciated. Many thanks!
  12. I checked AguaTrails website. The only requirement (besides money) needed was a passport. They pick up in LaFortuna on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Of course that's if their website is current.....
  13. We also use Carlos Umana. Speaks good English and is a very sharp man. We also purchased through him. Always felt he had our best interests in mind. Highly efficient office too.
  14. JudyKerr


    Is it common place for homes to be exterminated for termites on a yearly basis as a preventative? Is just the exterior treated? Is the interior also treated or is the interior only treated in case of termite infestation? Is the chemical toxicity harmful to pets? People? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  15. JudyKerr

    Cat vaccinations

    Called to make appointment for today for my cats to receive all their vaccinations. Seems like the vet office is on top of things. They informed me about the vet certificate and that I would have to take it to the USDA office for certification. Am close enough to drive it to our capital of Lansing. They also inquired about import permit. My first time doing all this (hopefully the last too), but apparently not theirs. Thanks to you all for the info and what to expect.

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