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  1. bwickson

    As a New Arrival

    Canadian government does indeed grab their 25% upfront! :-)
  2. bwickson

    Canada to costa rica with dog

    Best of luck with your move - fully understand the puppy must come with you. Can't leave a family member behind!
  3. Yes, my understanding is that if you show them more than required, you pay more to CAJA.
  4. $150,000 is a mistake. The package I just got from them says $60,000. If you belong and haven't received your paper copy of documents, they can send it electronically. Hope that helps.
  5. I can access it through Google Chrome but not with Explorer. Sent them an email to let them know.
  6. bwickson

    Banking Question

    Thanks! Fully clarified.
  7. bwickson

    Banking Question

    I understand the need to convert money monthly based on the different ways you legally enter Costa Rica. I'm confused about how that happens. I have been told ATM cash withdrawals from your North American account don't count, so I think you must have to go to a bank. Not sure what the procedure is at the bank. If you don't have a bank account yet, without a cedula, what can the bank do for you? Appreciate any insights. Thanks. Bill.
  8. I have been reading a lot of books, blogs and websites to garner information on Costa Rica. After reading a book review on the Blog, Costa Rica Curious, I purchased “Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica” yesterday and read it cover-to-cover in one day! It is extremely well written, entertaining and thorough. This well thought out and researched book is a “must have” for those of us contemplating a move to Costa Rica and likely for many expats already in the country. I know I will refer back to this book over and over again in the coming months. I look forward to the App coming out in due course. The best reference book I've read on Costa Rica by far!! Regards, Bill
  9. Thanks all - name is Bill, Paul.
  10. I have a question about the $60,000 deposit to the Costa Rican banks. I realize you need to do this and then make a second deposit two years later. If you deposit the first $60,000 and leave that in an account and don't touch it, is there still a requirement to deposit another $60,000? Thanks

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