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  1. Responses from ARCR

    Just wanted to follow up to Paul M and others that noted that email could be the issue. As it turns our Karla Quiros did respond in a very timely manner, but her email went into Cyber space, never making it to Canada. She kindly followed up recently to ensure I got the response and answered my questions. Thanks to all for the advice.
  2. Responses from ARCR

    Thanks for the input about the phone call. I did email legal by the way - they are not responding. I mistakenly didn't realize the organization I joined was run by Costa Ricans - I thought it was a gringo thing - hence I was surpised by the delay in sending a response. Thanks again Bill.
  3. Responses from ARCR

    Yes, I am underwhelmed. I put my membership number in the subject line and they sent me back a note saying I would have to join. When I pointed out I had and provided the membership number they said they would send it off to legal for a response. Notta.
  4. I joined ARCR but seem to be experiencing difficulty getting responses from them. The last question was acknowledged and they said they would get back shortly and then nothing. Is that the typical level of service? I thought for the fee charged they would be a bit more attentive to questions from members. Perhaps I made a mistake in joining. Any insights appreciated. Thanks. Bill.
  5. Looking for some advice - I signed up and paid up via PayPal for a membership in ARCR. I've never paid for anything on PayPal that I didn't get an immediate acknowledgement of some sort, but got nothing. I emailed twice to ask if this was the norm or if I should have received something. I don't have a membership number or explanation of how to make inquiries. Just checking to see if there is no automation and this process will just take a while. Regards, Bill