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  1. Thanks costaricafinca for those links. I've met Trevor. I was informed of his past failure. We met and discussed MGO construction and mini houses. He is still building houses in Costa Rica. His work can be verified.
  2. Its all about doing your homework. Take your time. Study the following link. http://casasenescazu.com/
  3. Time flies. This is my last week here. Today, the bus driver told someone to give up their seat to an old lady. Someone did and the bus left the stop. There were a lot of people on the bus. Why! I had an old tica lady sit beside me and she found out what it was like being so close to a old gringo. From her smile, I gathered that she was not put off. I do think that everyone knew each other because they would give their parcels to someone to put into their lap as they maneuver into their own seat. If the lady had a child in her lap then the parcels would be retrieved at their disembarkat
  4. Talk to Trevor Chilton and decide. http://casasenescazu.com/
  5. I have only seen one set/installation of wind mills that does not appear to be running all the time. Today, Sat., was the second day in this month, that it was sunny all day. I mean, no clouds to hit you in the face and drenched you. I would estimate that Tilaran gets 50 per cent of the wetness that San Luis gets. We spent the day in Tilaran. On the week end there is reduced bus service. The posted bus schedules are not kept up to date. Checking with the regular bus users is the most accurate info. The bus driver known everyone on his route and knows where to stop to let them off. He ev
  6. I have learned a few more things about CR. Living in a cloud is wet, damp and cold. Fog is not like a cloud. Cloud are always moving, meaning its windy. Since the beginning of jan., everywhere that I have been, coco beach, Tilaran, to Quesada, it has been windy. Is that normal for CR? The strap of my pack exposed the skin on my shoulder and I got a sunburn on my shoulder. (An afternoon) The light switches are 12 in. lower than where I come from. I feel sorry for everyone trying to make a living from the mountainous terrain that I have seen. Could ants carry off the house
  7. Cut a plastic bottle in half. Poke a small hole in the cap. Take the top half and set it, upside down into the bottom half. If you think you will tip it over then tape both pieces together. The top half make a funnel that the flies cannot find the hole they came into the bottle. For bait, I use some wine, vinegar or even a small piece of something rotting like a piece of banana.
  8. There are many things that are taken for granted, due to familiarity. Here are some strange/different/unfamiliar/surprising items ... Tiles everywhere on everything No door sills Sweeping and mopping of tile floor made easier with no door sill Shinny tile floors are only achieved by repeated sweeping and mopping For some reason, I expected a lot more Bugs on windshields because its the tropics I also expected that I would be in a constant battle to keep the bugs out of the house. Sorry, not this house. I made a homemade fruit fly trap that work. There less fly here that my house in Can
  9. Thank you, everyone I am going slowly and discovering many different customs and ways of living. The rain ditches, on the highway, must be 2 meters wide and slopping down to a deeper channel and are made of cement. The older ditches are weed/grass covered. On a lighter note. Every family must have someone who can use a sewing machine because all the pants are skin tight. The ladies are not wearing their tops/blouses loose in an attempt to hide their roll of fat. The majority of women buy only the bottom half of their bra. Women seem to accept the way they look as natural. The
  10. Well, I made the exploratory trip to Quesada. Do you want to hear my opinion of experience? Okay We left took our first bus at 6:30 am . Our second at 7:00 am Our trip was on Hyw 142 The weather was cloudy with some sunshine. The scenery was great. I was surprised to find that Nuevo Arenal did not have a scenic view of the lake. The quantities of businesses catering to tourist increased and reach its peak at La Fortuna. The town is full of restaurants, sleeping accommodations, and tour operators. La Fortuna felt uncomfortably hotter than Tilaran. On our way to Quesada we had a
  11. It's okay Paul, google took me to the right place. I'm going to lookup how to get there from tilaran, by bus, and find a place to stay.
  12. Hello everyone, and thank you. If anyone want to get a free cup of coffee then set up a meet. :-) I went to canas by bus this morning. It was raining when I left but warm and sunny with a refreshing breeze in canas. It felt good to get the dampness out of our bones. I have had 2 locals tell me that the rains are lasting longer than usual. No bus ride for tomorrow, Sat. We will rest. Sunday is going to be spent at a farmers market. @ Paul M. I googled Ciudad Queada (aka San Carlos) and I liked what I read. If I can I'll make a trip. To all There will not be a buying of a house
  13. On google map, it is on highway 926 going east, from Canas. I spent 3 days in Liberia. It was very windy. From you previous info, I did find that highway 1 was under improvement and it made traffic difficult.
  14. Thanks. I Keep reading about the best place to live are the towns around SanJose. (weather wise) Would canas be a competitor? How would you rate Libano?
  15. Hello! I have arrived in cr and I am staying near San Luis. It has been windy, even on my trip to the blue zone. So far, the wind and the wet clouds have been drenching us every day. It did not stop us from going exploring to Tilaran. Our property mgr is sick and tired of this unusual wet weather. Everything feel damp. We keep the cellin fan running so that we don't feel so damp. Today, there was no wind and only some high clouds that could not scrap off their load of water and leave us drenched. A cottage at the lake for a permanent location would not be for us. I am going to explo
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