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  1. To answer my own question, so maybe others will not have to scratch their heads. According to a CR lawyer, there is no restrictions. They will accept any vehicle, and take your importation taxes. The Riteve is a separate thing, of course
  2. Wow, he must've loved it
  3. I am considering this process and am aware of high taxation rates. However, it still remains a mystery to me - what is maximum allowed age. I am seeing contradicting information, from "no limitations" to "no older than 2000" to "no older than 10 yo". Probably it wouldn't make much sense to import anything older than 2000 anyway, but I am trying to determine legal limitations, before I go any further. Can anybody shed some light for me, please?
  4. Even motion sensor-triggered recordings last 2-3-5 minutes, and during this time internet might become totally unusable. Besides, motion can be anything, including moving shadows while day progresses or from the wind, or animals. I guess what I was trying to say was that best solution would be to record locally via NVR (which will allow better quality stream and better image by virtue of better bandwidth), and use internet only for live monitoring of lower-quality substream. Obviously, NVR and recording hard drive must be in secure place and not easily found and accessible by would-be thieves
  5. Important point about cloud recording - each 720p camera generates about 2 mbps worth of traffic, 1080 - probably twice that much. All this traffic must go through your internet uplink, and unless you have a very good internet connection, it might clog up your internet pipe. I would suggest against clouds, but that's just me. There are some inexpensive so-called NVR (network video recorder), but connecting all things together (cameras, NVR, router) will require some tech expertise. As for the battery operated IP cams - I have seen a solar panel powered cameras on some house in our area, don't know any more details but I would speculate that the price for them is quite high.
  6. I second that. No cedula, but have the token, and can do online transfers with no problems. (well, other then having to go through all the hurdles each time I login to online banking). However, email and phone # must be added in the branch, not possible to do online, and this info is essential while adding a cuenta favorita
  7. there is a number of VOIP apps for your smart phone (fongo is one of them, which I have been using for a while). You sign up and choose whatever area code you want. I guess you can't grab your existing old number, but if you are intending to keep that old number - you can forward all your incoming calls to your fongo #, all incomings will be free for your callers and familiar old number. your outgoing calls will be free for your as long as you call North American numbers.
  8. I'm a big believer in "ain't broke-don't fix" policy. Unless you have a big problem with your current OS version - stick with what you have and are comfortable with. Any new upgrade potentially introduces new bugs and new problems, especially as big as new version of the operating system. Even if MS calls your version EOSL and stops supporting it and issuing patches - still not the end of the world, you can go unsupported for a long time. By then maybe you'll have a new computer anyway
  9. kriket

    Construction with COVINTEC

    Missy, Our house was built by this very builder. First phase - covintec, a few years later addition - cinder blocks. Covintec is about 30% (IIRC now) more expensive, but holds heat a bit better. IMHO more important is to properly design your house to allow natural ventilation. In our case sleeping in block-and-mortar bedroom is more comfortable than covintec, due to windows configuration. And - yes, make sure you have enough roof overhead to protect your windows from direct sunlight, especially at PM
  10. Can't pre-pago be paid online? I keep buying new SIMS each time we go to CR, and everchanging phone number is annoying, would love to be able to drop a dollar or two to refill the card and maintain our old number, while we are away
  11. kriket

    Packing a 32" TV in Your Suitcase

    A while back I brought 32" TV as checked baggage. Just to be on a safe side, I inserted 2 pieces of thin plywood into the box and lined them with bubble wrap. Didn't even have the receipt with me, customs asked its price, stamped my passport and let me through.
  12. kriket

    Transportation options from LIR

    Yes, I am well aware of this rule. But thanks for the reminder, I will make sure to convey it
  13. kriket

    Transportation options from LIR

    Thank you Ron. Looks like public bus is quite a viable option
  14. Hello everyone. Can anybody help me figure out transportation options from Liberia airport to Los Pargos, Playa Negro? My son and his GF are visiting that area and there is nothing I can help him with as I've never been to that region. Airport taxi seems overpriced at $109 one way. I'll have them check EasyRider, but I am not seeing their destination on ER schedule. Public bus takes about 3.5 hrs. They are not going to rent a car. I figure a cab would cost them about $100? They are arriving shortly after noon, so plenty of time to get to the destination Gracias
  15. I was able to open an account in BN last year, with no residency and no intention for such, as of yet. Not much of a problem here. They asked for a letter of good standing from my home bank and a reference from 1 costa rican resident. It took us about 1 hour.

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