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  1. This is a great thread for me. I particularly enjoyed Fred's journey! I have recently contacted 2 'travel agents' to get me from the airport to areas north and west of the GMA of SJ here in a few months. I feel this is the best part of the country for me to start exploring. I am only 41 and need to supplement the meager rental income that I will be preventing me from going broke eventually if I don't 'pick up the pace' in CR. I currently distribute small custom electronics and plan on trying to continue that by importing 7 tiny parts and exporting them after assembly in batches of around 50. I have heard it takes awhile to get an apdo (PO box) and so I am working with existing ex-pats to get ingrained quicker than just wandering around on my own (or following a gringo RE guide - WORSE). The consistent good advice, which correlates to my travels in their entirety, is that you find good deals by being integrated into a community. Getting that amazing deal on rent in CR seems like going to your neighbor's garage sale -- if you know the people, they are way less likely to take you for everything you are worth. I feel for families that live on poverty income wherever they are and understand their motivations. Better yet, speaking their language (even through an interpreter if required) in person is going to get you a WAY different deal that trying to pick off a 'bargain' from "on-the-line" (online). Ideally, I would enjoy eventually stumbling into house-sitting for a deep-pocket as the service you provide (by living in a great house) is your discount to your rent. First, I have to get on the ground. << This seems to be the key to getting deals on things (anywhere). thanks for reading (anyone need a house-sitter for their empty haci?), -ROn
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