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  1. Nothin's perfect - got that right! Good thing we don't expect perfection We're on the other side of the tracks, David - on S. George Mason between Four Mile Run and Leesburg Pike. Maybe we got the short end of the stick here LOL. When we go to the grocery store, it takes us almost 15 minutes now to get where we could in about 3 minutes, as the crow flies. I suppose I've become a little bitter, as traffic here has become some of the worst in the US - the congestion in just the last several years is unreal, the construction of condos and apartment buildings is taking over every bit of spare space the area has. Several roads have either been diverted in other directions or simply removed. It's quite sad, actually.
  2. Make a visit to Arlington, VA, where we enjoy those lovely streets and roads that begin, then abruptly stop, making you turn left or right and then poof, they're seemingly gone. Another half mile down the road, the road picks up again out of nowhere. The joke (or maybe not so much) of those that live here is that it's impossible to make a straight line here to get from Point A to Point B, and that's not an exaggeration. A destination that is only one mile down the road might take you 15 minutes to get to, just because there's simply no straight shot there. Terribly irritating! Don't forget Glebe Rd., which turns into Glebe Road West, which turns into Old Glebe Road which then turns into Old Glebe Road West. Seriously? LOL David - I grew up in a small town in Minnesota. Lived there until 8 years ago. My entire family had mail delivered to us at one time or another that simply had our name on it, with nothing else. Ahhh, the good old days.
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