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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a fixed number that people could use to evaluate when opting to seek residency and the required CAJA affiliation! All just a little too fluid and subjective in my mind. But then again after being forced into a failing social retirement and healthcare system in the US why would I want to voluntarily join another that seems to make up the rules and rates as they go along! LOL
  2. Refugees?.... a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.
  3. imxploring

    No SS C.O.L.A. for 2016

    Interesting that the bulk of those impacted will be those 65 and older that opted not to collect SS benefits and instead wait for the promised higher payment by delaying collecting. Apparently folks that are collecting their SS benefits and have their Medicare premiums deducted from their payment will be held harmless! Best advise... collect your SS benefits as soon as you can. Seems the MSM has been bought and paid for by Uncle Sam and does their best to convince folks to wait as long as possible before collecting your SS benefits. You have to wonder how many folks lose the death gamble and collect NOTHING? LOL
  4. And the real shame it that you have to invest the time, money, and effort in completing your residency application before you find out what one of your most important fixed monthly cost (CAJA) will be! That to me makes the process a total farce. I guess perhaps the folks running the show in CR follow the logic.... "If you have to ask what it cost you can't afford it" to screen out marginal residency applicants.
  5. Yes.... anchor babies.... It's not just for folks looking to backdoor their way into the US anymore.... now it's a means by which US citizens can escape the US! LOL It's a crazy world out there my friends....
  6. imxploring

    WILLS in Costa Rica

    As you guessed I'm sure the folks in CR will find a way to reinstate the annual corporation tax, just too much tax money to give up. As for a tax expert, can't say I know one. I rely on myself and information I find myself and confirm. Groups and forums like this one are a great source of working ideas that you can research and confirm.
  7. You can start your reading here https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/322/kw/coins/related/1/~/importing-gold-coins%2C-medals%2C-and-bullion and take it from there. Note they mention importing..... not exporting.... and even when they cover monitary instruments they seem to be vague. They seem to make the case that.... if in doubt declare it. I guess they don't even feel that the rules are uniformly applied by government employees! You'll see that even these "rules" seem to leave much in doubt, add to that conflicting regulations from other government agencies and it's very confusing. My route is to have a better working knowledge of the conflicting regulations than the uniform asking me questions. Letting them know you have a working knowledge of the rules will stop some zealous uniform from taking advantage of you and ruining your day. When in doubt the $10,000 threshold seems to be the best way to avoid an issue. Hence staying under that level no matter how the value is arrived at (face or market value) is the best defense. As far as collectible value... that's a whole other issue. That being the case I guess an issue could be made at customs/TSA with ANY object (not just coins) be it a Baseball card, Watch, Ming Vase, or a Beenie Baby. One would have to wonder if throwing a $20,000,000 Van Gogh in your carry on to transport it out of the country might raise issues at the TSA screening area. Collectible value is completely subjective and subject to wild swings in valuation. If financial security from an economic meltdown is your goal collectibles might not be the best route. P.S. The IRS doesn't require you let them know about many things you own (ie collectible coins/objects, precious metals, real estate, etc.) it's when you sell them at a profit that they want you to let them in on the good news.... and pay them what they think is their share.
  8. imxploring

    Bank preventing use of money

    Good luck with that fence.... duty calls me to.... laundry and grass to be cut before that rain! Have a wonderful day and put some of those bananas to use.... would I be bad if I whipped up some Bananas Foster for breakfast? :-)
  9. imxploring

    Bank preventing use of money

    Respect is one thing.... a capitulation and acceptance of things (and history) that are completely wrong is another. CR isn't perfect, no place is, but must we simply accept that which is wrong and look at it as a fact of life? It's difficult to respect any institution, person, or government that is inconsistent in it's application of rules and laws. Throw in some good old fashion thievery and it's darn near impossible. Is respect to be freely given to such entities no matter what their conduct is? Your prior statement "Corruption exists in every government so you can just get over that one." sums up the difference in our views. You may choose to remain silent and accept that which is wrong as a fact of life and wear those rosy glasses.... others don't share that same view of the world. And advising others to "get over" it doesn't play well with many. We can agree to disagree. Perhaps you're at a place in your life where you've found it easier to simply accept that which your feel is beyond changing, I'm not there yet.... but it's only Tuesday..... there's a lot of days left in this week!!! LOL At least we agree on the Bananas Foster!
  10. imxploring

    Bank preventing use of money

    Or we could just use this definition. "Banana Republic - Is a clothing and accessories retailer owned by American multinational corporation, Gap Inc. It was founded in 1978 by Mel and Patricia Ziegler with a safari theme; in 1983, Gap purchased the company and gave it a more upscale image." How fitting.... purchased by a big multi million dollar corporation that gave it a "upscale image". Now that's some parallel! Not looking to offend... once again... I like my little slice of paradise.... just unwilling to be told I must keep the rose colored glasses on 24/7.
  11. imxploring

    Bank preventing use of money

    CR is no worse or better than any other place in the world right now... the reason I've invested in the country and call it my part time home is because I feel that when the big fall comes the folks in CR will have a little bit of an easier time adjusting to the new world reality... unlike the masses in the US that will be rioting and looting in the streets. I call it my lifeboat, I've been able to hedge my bet maintaining a foothold in two places enjoying the best of both until one clearly outshines the other. Any doubts about that eventual reality this world is headed for should have been resolved after witnessing recent events in major US cities that resulted from weather and perceived social injustice issues. Greece will be the next example for the world to witness.... should be quite a show! Besides I very much like my home in CR.... where else can you walk out in the yard and be treated to all the trappings of a exotic animal zoo and botanical garden all withing 50 feet of your front door! I like my home in the US as well... just not happy with the path either country is set on. I don't fall into the drinking and bitching gig... most of those types are so ill informed they can't make a reasonable argument for the positions they take without bringing up the Illuminati or alien invaders! My comments were in response to your defense of CR not being a Banana Republic run by folks "on the take" (your words)....and we're based on FACTS.... not emotion. No dig intended... but sometimes the facts get in the way of what we perceive as reality. We all have our feelings and opinions and I'm more than happy to enjoy yours and expand my knowledge. And I'm pleased to see we can both agree on being prepared and vigilant in protecting our personal sovereignty... no matter where you hang your hat... I'm also quite partial to Bananas Foster! :-)
  12. imxploring

    Bank preventing use of money

    Come now... do you really think the politicians in CR, or the courts for that matter, will stand up to the US when they demand your assets be frozen or seized for some "allegation" of wrong doing or other nonsense? Uncle Sam still has a lot of clout (for now) with these Banana Republics! LOL If you believe you'll get some kind of due process via the courts in CR when Uncle Sam comes knocking you're sadly mistaken. I don't think the polictians in CR care about being in "a better position with world-wide statistics.".... all they care about is keeping the money and investment flowing into the country to feed off. Unfortunately as we've witnessed lately they are losing that base (for many reasons not just the world economy) and having problems attracting new blood. I found this definition quite fitting for CR. "Banana Republic- a small nation, especially in Central America, dependent on one crop or the influx of foreign capital." Let's apply that to CR since Intel closed up shop... SO perhaps it's not just bananas any more.... we'll add pineapples and coffee.... so it's more like a Fruit and Java Republic. Sound much more hip! :-) As for foreign capital.... that's all the tourist dollars coming in and being spent. CR's major "export" these days are tans and vacation photos. As for the leadership of the country being "on the take"... you can judge that for yourself... or look up recent history.... two former presidents of CR charged.... another investigated but not charged because he was smart enough to wait to get his "consulting" fees from a telecom that was awarded a multi-million dollar deal (while he was president) until after he left office and relocated to Europe. And recent history has some bumps too... Don Oscar having a slush run of walking around money he dolled out at his discretion to get his way... or perhaps Princess Laura's air travel and other issues.... lots of interesting tidbits to make you wonder who's on the take. Or how about the current president's people attempting an end around with the freedom of the press and attempting to put laws in place like Hugo did in Venezuela... such a transparent attempt they almost copied them verbatim. One thing we can and must agree on is being diligent in watching those that are allegedly watch out for us.... although I really don't believe that they are...
  13. imxploring

    Bank preventing use of money

    Glad to hear things finally worked out for you. I know how much of a hassle it can be these days. As I said in an earlier post, it's best to avoid the banking system if possible as the U.S. has made us pariahs when it comes to moving money or investing abroad in financial instruments. I have no doubt that soon it will become more difficult to invest in physical investments (ie Real Estate, metals, and other tangible assets) as they have become the choice for many. With Ones and Zeros in a bank or investment account Uncle Sam can simply push a button, or force your bank in CR to do so, and take what you have. Physical assets present more of an issue. Be smart and stay diligent in protecting your personal sovereignty!
  14. Or you could use the decoy approach.... have the big old safe in the house for the bandits to spend their time and energy working on defeating but only store some minor things of value within..... like an old broken laptop and some costume jewelry. LOL
  15. I've had more issues leaving the US then ever entering CR. But your point is well taken and folks should take the needed steps as you have pointed out to avoid problems. I do so each trip. Since CR applies the same threshold in financial reporting it's best to stay below that level (market value, not face value) in transporting ANYTHING that might be considered a financial instrument by even the most liberal of interpretations.

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